Autoimmune Disorders Linked To Accutane?

freddy Says:

I took accutane in the early 90's when I was in my 20's. I took all but the last "phase" of the prescription. I had no problems with it at the time. The only warning from my dermatologist was don't get pregnant. In 2009 I developed a blood disorder and autoimmune disorder. I have pain in my joints and fatigue. My husband is convinced that it is from accutane. I have had many stays in the hospital because of this. Has anyone else developed these or similar symptoms?

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aneczka Says:

Hi, yes, I have been diagnosed with multifocal motor neuropathy recently, which is believed to be autoimmune and currently has no cure. I dont know how to stop the damage. My diagnosis means the disease is progressive, and will cause severe disability.

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David Says:

Sorry to hear about both your experiences coming down with auto immune disorders. I truly wish that someone could definitively link it to Accutane for "proof" so they could take this dangerous drug off the market. Although at this point in time I have to wonder if there's anyway of knowing for sure if something you did 20 years ago has caused a recently developing condition? Based on Accutane's track record I for one have no reason to doubt that it could very well be a culprit. However with people living typical American lifestyles the way they have been it's no wonder that several diseases are consuming so many individuals in our country. Not to say that your lifestyle fits such a description, but medically how do you know whether any other factors could've played a significant role in the onset of an autoimmune disorder? Things such as air pollution, less than healthy diets, depressed mental states, and numerous other environmental stressors can also lower one's immune system to the point where it becomes vulnerable and susceptible to diseases.

I took accutane over 10 years ago and also didn't finish the last phase/box that was prescribed. By my own grace I have been fortunate enough to not experience many of the horrific side effects people have mentioned on here. But until you have diagnostics proving the cause of your symptoms, I'd still encourage anyone battling them to also consider their lifestyle as a potential reason for developing it to begin with and not solely on a medication that's no longer active in your body. That's just my opinion though. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Dimpy Says:

I took this drug in the early 80's, over 25 years ago. I have had on going long term side effects ever since. The most severe are joint pain, stiff muscles, dry/itchy skin, dehydration, stomach pain. Blood work continues to come back negative (thankfully) but I've been told by rheumatologist that I may have the onset of an autoimmune disease not clearly identifiable yet. I know others who were on this drug that have since developed various autoimmune diseases. My best advice, take care of your body by eating well, see a naturopath or functional medicine doctor. We need people to know what happened to us and to research help for those left with these life altering side effects. Please keep helpful information flowing.

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aneczka Says:

My neurologist told me there is no link between accutane and immune-mediated neuro-muscular illness. But maybe he has no idea about that one.

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for me the best way to treat an disase is to identify the cause of this ,modern medicine is treating only the symptoms of disease and not the origin
this can hapend from any other reasons ,if not a Hereditary diseases ,or heavy metals
or side effects from any other chemical componet ,many drugs where used at normal cases is risky for example statins cause fibromyalgia

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Helen Says:

I also took roacutane in the 90s and now have an auto immune disorder.? Slerodoma.tired, achy,always blood shot eyes that limit me with ability to read for long without strain and headaches. I was never told to have regular blood tests.I lasted 5 months on it till my doctor said I need to go off it.Wish I had never gone on it.I feel sure it is the cause of my health problems now

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Peter Carnall Says:

Hi All....
I took Roacutane in the 90's for acne.
Since I was 21 I have been suffering with Ankylosing spondylitis.
An auto immune disorder in the spine.

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Nettles Says:

My daughter and son both took Roaccutanne for acne . I wish I could turn back time . It has ruined their lives . Both have joint pain as well as anxiety and depression . They cannot hold down a job and there is nothing I can do about it . There should be some sort of compensation available for them but even if there were , I fear the process may do more harm than good .

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Theodore Says:

How sure are you that is from the substance, as your husband says? Immune is genetic pass over from one to another. I have the HLAB27 Gene and developed ankylosis spondylitis when I was 24. Now i am 60 and the immune system attacks the body, eyes and everything out of the blue. I was on ENBREL 50 weekly. This works but eventually the body gets use to it. Now I ask for HUMIRA 40. I'm doing some blood work with my Rheumatologist CRS ESR CRP. If inflammation exist it's genetic and is not from the substance your husband thinks it is, he is wrong. Blood disorders are genetically inherited. Most disorders are due to an inherited blood type etc. We all have some. I have taken many medications to experiment over the years. None of this caused blood disorders. Yes there is no cure, but having control is the cure.

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Mart Says:

Re: Dimpy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I too developed immune diseases after using roacutane... sjogrens which is my moisture glands....its a known side effect that it makes you dry... if I had known this was going to happen I wud never have touched the drug

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Doctor Nadine Vanmaele Says:

Re: Peter Carnall (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience. How much time went between the ending of the medication and the onset of the first symptoms? For me, the symptoms started about one year or less after I quit the treatment.

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Elize Says:

As far as I know it causes vitamin A toxicity and there's a diet one can do to lower levels by eating food for at least 3 months that contains zero vitamin A. The detox can be heavy but I bear with it as it will pass

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