Xarelto And Weight Gain

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Glenys Says:

I have been on 15mg of Xarelto along with 40mg of Crestor for approximatley 8 months and have suffered through a distended abdomen and burning and aching in my hips, legs and feet. After blood tests and scans ruled out anything sinister I chose to stop taking Crestor altogether. Within a week my abdomen was no longer distented and much of the pain in my hips and legs reduced to a point where I actually got some sleep. I have now started back doing my walking and concentrating on eating everything right but my weight inexplicably is going up and up. I have also noticed my tension type headache and tinnitus which I have had both for 11 years has intensified and difficult to ignore. I can only think the weight gain can be caused by Xarelto...there seems to be no other explanation and I have asked my doctor to put me back to Warfarin. The increase to my tension headache and tinnitus may have been caused by Crestor although it has not diminished since stopping that medication 3 weeks ago. Has anybody else noticed these side effects taking Xarelto?

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Laine Says:

Glenys, I just started Xarelto 2 weeks ago and although my portion sizes have reduced substantially, my weight continues to climb. Going to my primary care doc tomorrow to see about changing meds.

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Jerell Says:

Wow I thought it was just me!! I'm a 38 year old male, athletic type but experienced two DVT's within the last 6 years and a Pulmonary Embolism in Jan 2013 with no explaination. I was put back on Warfarin after the PE but once again developed another DVT. From there I was put on Arixtra injections. From the moment I started taking Arixtra I noticed my weight has been steadily climbing and every morning I wake up with my stomach feeling extremely hard as if I have to have a major bowel movement but I dont. After 6 months of injections we switched to Xarelto. And while I appreciate not having to inject my stomach each morning, I've noticed the weight gain continues to climb. As I mentioned, I'm athletic, I work out alot and have never had any issues with losing weight on command whenever I felt like it. But over the past 18 months I have gained about 20 pounds and cant seem to lose any of it no matter how much I work out and eat right.

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David Says:

Despite weight gain not being listed as a possible side effect, I've actually been seeing quite a few posts here tracing it back to Xarelto.

Unfortunately, I find that in these types of cases where exercise and dieting do little good, it seems like the only other options are to live with it or stop taking what's triggering it to begin with.

This is where you really just have to weigh out the benefits vs risks (no pun intended), and decide if Xarelto is really right for you...

How often are you exercising each week?

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curtis Says:

i have been on warfarin for 12 years. 3 dvt's and one pe. just got another dvt with an inr at 2.5. hospital doc moved me to xarelto and now from reading i am worried about weight gain. are you all still gaining weight?

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Dale Says:

I have been on Xarelto for 7 mos because of bouts of A-Fib. I Dr. told me to remain on it. I too have gained over 20 lbs since I have been on it. At the time I was hospitalized back in Dec. 2013, I told the Dr's at the time I didn't want to go on a blood thinner. They put me on it anyway! I am tired all the time. I have no energy & my ankles are swollen & my joints very painful. They have got me on Lisinipril also. Plus Atenolol twice daily. They also had me on a statin drug. This is a GP that did all of this. And he knows I have had awful reactions to meds. My Erythema Nodosum has returned in my lower legs also. I am so discouraged at this point. I am a 77 y.o. female. I have spoken to my GP but he just screams at me ans says "Do you want a stroke?" I have also had a catherization done & a eco cardiogram. My heart is perfect. I hope you can help with my concerns.

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judithcorey59 Says:

I have been on Xarelto for just over a week, following dvt and bi lateral pe's and I cannot help but notice my breath and body odor are simply rancid! At first I thought it was just in my head, or a combination of the meds I was on, but now I am only on this one and even right out of the shower, I stink! I mean BADLY, is anyone else having this problem?

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candy Says:
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I experienced weight gain with xarelto also. I've stopped taking it but continue to gain. Is there any way to stop/reset my body to prevent xarelto days?

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Dale Says:

Yes, I am still gaining weight. Now I have gained more weight! I just don't have a good feeling about Xarelto . The Dr's want us on it because pharmasuetical (sp) co's send them on expensive vacations. The drug hasn't even been on the market for 10 yrs yet. I hardly eat & yet I am still gaining weight. And all of my joints hurt so badly. I want of this drug....So, I either die from a stroke or bleed to death & end up gaining more weight. It just pisses me off that these Dr's don't listen to their patients. I have always had severe side effects with meds. The Dr's are going to drug us to death anyway... THE DRUG IS SCARING THE HELL RIGHT OUT OF ME. And my gut feeling is telling me to get the hell off of it. Now that I have been on it for just over a year. I want to know how dangerous it is to get off it. Why is it that if a person is going to have surgery. They take you right off the blood thinner. If that is the case, then why in God's name can't i go off it for a month to see if I feel any better. Oh, & something knew has happened. I was having swells ankles. Now I fluid in my upper legs & so ungodly painful to the touch. And I also am short of breath. I had the catherization & they told me my arteries & heart was perfect. Has anyone else had these symptoms. I also stopped taking 2 Atenolol because I couldn't stay away. Now I only take one & its working fine. My BP is usually 118/70 And it sometimes goes lower then that. I was on it yrs ago because it got too low. 50/40 And yet when I told my Dr. that i really shouldn't be on it, he said "go on it anyway" And at one point her wanted me to take prednisone, which i have a dangerous side effects. I told him flat out, I was not going to go on it. I had to get off of the Lisinopril( I could not stop coughing, & after I took myself off of it, I coughed for over 8 mos. He also had me on Lipitor. I took myself off of that too. I don't have a heart cond. I have anxiety. It makes my heart race. I guess the new hosp. needed money that week I was in there. I hope this has helped someone else. The Dr's are trying to scare me into keep taking it. I'm at the point I don't know what to do. I just want to feel good again. My legs are so swollen & painful I can hardly walk.

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PunyDeb Says:

The Atenolol is what takes all your energy.

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candy Says:
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I went back on warfin and have not lost the weight gain from xarelto. It seems as though xarelto has changed something with my metabolism. I was experiencing shortness of breath and irritability while on xarelto. Those two side effects have gone away.

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candy Says:
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Yes weight gain persists are you still taking xarelto

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candy Says:
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Yes weight gain persists are you still taking xarelto I would suggest a new doctor

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Mari Says:

I switched from Coumadin to Xarelto after taking coumadin for 7 years (for a protein S deficiency) and generally being sick of it. To my surprise I started to swell almost right away and in about 6 months I gained 20 pounds. I went from 119 lbs to 138.8 lbs (and let me tell you that when you're 5'1 it shows) for no reason even if I ate better and watched my portions. To give a concrete exemple, in the space of two days while barely eating anything aside from healthy meals I gained 2 1/2 pounds

I'm a healthy 25 years old and now I'm stuck with that weight gain. What is weird is that it isn't exactly fat, I don't fit in some of my pants anymore and my breats are bigger/swollen, but then again I don't have love handles, it is very weird.

I've been off Xarelto for a almost a week now, going back to Coumadin, and I'm not losing weight. The first couple of days I peed A LOT and lost about 3 pounds of liquid but it stopped after that and my weight is not fluctuating anymore even though I eat even less than I did while on Xarelto.

Did anybody manage to lose the weight after they stopped taking Xarelto?

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Dale Says:

I have been on Xarelto for nearly 2 yrs. And I hate it. My muscles & joints ache. I have problems with my lower legs. I have a heck of a time with edema. And I too have gained a huge amount of weight. At least 25 lbs. And my belly is unbelievable. Never had this before. I told my Dr. I wanted off this new drug. He just keeps telling me if i go off it I will have a stroke. I have nose bleeds(never had them before) lots of bruising. My skin on my legs seem to compress ; looks like dents in my legs. And very painful. I asked again today to please get me off this drug. They always make an excuse. I thought the patient had some rights in my choices. I want off them now! I had 2 bouts of A-Fib (so they told me) I have anxiety attacks & woke up from a nightmare, so naturally my pulse was racing. And a friend's niece had a stroke from taking Xarelto. I have a choice: bleed to death or have a stroke. Wow! There is not a thing wrong with my heart. My gut feeling is telling me to get the hell of it. But, it has to be gradual...And the Dr' isn't backing me up in my decision. Has anyone else had a problem with their Dr's to get off of Xarelto??

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Ritz Says:

I have also experienced weight gain and severe bruising when I was taking Xarelto. I stopped taking Xarelto over two months ago but I'm still experiencing the bruising and swelling in my hip, calf, ankle and foot. How long will this swelling occur? Compression hose don't seem to help at all. All this was because of a total hip replacement and several revisions because of dislocation and infection.

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Emily Says:

Yes i am trying a more natural way to get off of it. Every dr i have been to are saying i could switch to a different blood thinner but i want off of it all together. Every time i try to mention going natural they laugh at me. I don't want to be on this the rest of my life. :(

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Mari Says:

I would listen to your doctors Emily. Clotting disorders are no jokes and they can be fatal or cause loss of limbs without medication to control the situation. I'm on Warafarin (Coumadin) and there are a few undesirable effects but it's nowhere near the ones I experienced on Xarelto. I've been taking Warfarin for 7 years (since I was 18) and it's not so bad really. If i hadn't I would be dead and missing a part of my right arm (hand and lower arm). It depends on if you want children right away because it's not recommended at all on this medication, a different course is suggested as soon as you start thinking of trying for a baby until after you give birth.

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Germangirl Says:

I took Xarelto for 3 months, 2 years ago and I instantly began to gain weight. It's all water but these oedema are no usual ones. I have really struggled to get off this weight although I am a really active person who doesn't eat junk food and always ate healthy. Nothing really helped until about 4 months ago, I started wearing compression tights and tried a diuretic again, additionally to all the sports I did and suddenly I lost 10 lbs and after fasting again I am 18 lbs down. 14 - 18 lbs still to go but I am so grateful because I fit in almost all of my old things again.
But Xarelto caused problems that my body couldn't cope with for a long, long time!
We wrote to Bayer as well but they won't do nothing about it!

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Red Says:
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I thought I would post for all those who read these forums filled with posts with folks who have issues that may or may not be correlated to being on xarelto.

I have been on 20mg a day for 4months. I had pulminary embolisms with unknown origin. I was in good health but slightly overweight.

I have exercised everyday and w as the what I ate and I have had no problem losing weight over the 4 months. No different than had I been on or off xarelto.

I am a 53 yr old male. Purposely dropped 5lbs a month since being on xarelto. I have had no side effects either.

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Bri Says:

I have ringing in my ears, but I've had it for several years before taking Xarelto, but sometimes it does seem a little worse. I'd like to get off of it, I believe if I take fish oil and vitamin e and other things I'll be ok. I'm 65yr old and took these things for years and had good health. But recently now I'm on all these meds for my heart and is it safe to continue with them.
I try my best just to ignore the ringing, but also have back pain with numbness and pain down my legs at times, for many years, but other than that problem my health has been good. It's not too much of a problem since I'm retired and try not to sit a lot in front of the computer.

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