What Is The Difference Between Oxycodone And Oxycontin

Candy Says:

I am taking 30 mgs. Oxycodone up to 3 pills per day for severe back pain. Years ago I was on Oxycontin and don't remember the mgs. What is the difference between these two medications. I believe Oxycontin is stronger if they are the same dosage, is that correct?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Candy! How are you?

Oxycodone is the active ingredient in Oxycontin, it's just in a time released formulation that's designed to slowly release the medication over a period of 12 hours. So no, neither is stronger. It's just that the regular Oxycodone that you're taking now is released all at once, within 15 to 20 minutes of your taking it.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Candy Says:

Thank you, Verwon, for the second time in about a week! That is probably why when I took the Oxycontin, I slept all day. Now I try not to take the 3 pills so I am not sleeping a lot. With my depression, etc. It makes me more depressed if I'm not awake for a lot of the day. Even if I have to wear my TENS Unit and switch it on and off a lot. Sounds like I'm falling apart, but I'm not. I'm a tough cookie!

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Pong Goo Says:

As you have read, oxycontin is a 12 hour timed release tablet - however, a couple years ago I tried the generic form of oxycontin (60mg X 2), it was a roller-coaster ride of pain and pain relief. I'll never try a generic oxycontin again - generic instant relief oxycodone is fine=no difference between generic instant relief oxycodone and brand name. Now when it comes to pain medicine, I got more relief from an 8 mg dilaudid (hydromorphone) than I did from a 30 mg oxycodone. I definitely recommend trying it.

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ruby lake Says:

What can i do to get my oxycodone 30mg and oxycotten 20mg filled. In manatee county Florida the pharmacist won't fill script if it's out of the county. I have been seeing the Dr for about 7 yr and been taking the drugs for 15 yr till my other dr died. I have fybromyalgis, lupus, ra, have all sorts of problems and illness to many to write. I am 70 yr old and own 2 homes in manatee county. It's so degrading to be treated like a drug addict. I have allso overheard pharmacist bargain over price with customers. My 52yr old son had 4th stage cancer and he had the same problem. The laws have just made legal drug dealers out of the pharmacist I know civil rights come in here someplace but I'm to old and tired to fight. I believe I should be allowed to fill my script where I live and to go to the Dr of my choice. I have 5 manatee drs refer me to get pain relief including the cancer dr I was seeing for iron infusions. What can be done. One pharmacist I went to forever said he don't take medicare advantage plans so I ask to pay cash and he said he's not allowed to do that. People retire to this paradise to
Be put through hell if they get sick.

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Bobby Says:

Try Wallgreens that's where I've been getting mine filled for a couple of years here in Leesburg Florida

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Bobby Says:

Sorry didn't noticed at first it was from another country can't help u there. Your most likely going to have to find a doctor here in Florida . good luck

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Mrcap1 Says:

Oxycontin does not come in generic. If your bottle says OxyContin then that's the name brand. Ask your pharmacist. Either way generic pills aren't weaker. It's a state of mind. Like saying Payless shoes over footlocker shoes. Your gonna want footlocker shoes before you wear Payless shoes. That's it.

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Mama Says:

I use to take oxycontin 80mg 3xs a day and oxycodone 30mg 5xs a day. Last week he said that he was changing my mgs on both the oxycontin 60mg doesn't seem to last as long and doesn't take the pain away like the 80s did, same on the oxycodone 20s. I don't feel good on these like I did the other ones I could do things cuz pain was under control. I've been on meds for 17 yrs and 8 back surgeries. What should I do??

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Desperate for relief Says:

I am only 36 and i have hidradenitis (which i have had since i was 7) and osteoarthritis i have had a total of 50 major and minor surgeries for my hidradenitis between 2011and the last surgery I had at the end of June of 2016 and I am on 15mg oxycodone for my pain every 8 hours but it's really not enough for all the pain I deal with on a daily basis what's another pain medicine I could ask my doc for that works well along with the oxycodone I have a 1 year old son and can hardly play with him because my pain is so bad

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Guys, HELP!!!! I have fibromyalgia, ruptured discs, pinched nerved, degenerative disc disease, nerve root lesions, OA, and spinal stenosis. My pain is constant. Have taken shots, and percocet and soma. Nothing helps when it rains, or gets cold. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I've tried just about everything as I've been told I'm not a good candidate for surgery.

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Bill Says:

I can argue your point simply - Nikes last me 6 - 8 years a pair and still comfortable while a pair of cheap payless or Walmart shoes wear out in less than a year and are not very comfortable ..... sometimes you get what you pay for....

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Bill Says:

The last post got out of order - it was directed at the person who used the shoe analogy.

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Sheri Says:

Recently the pharmacist changed the generic Percocet pills from the 512 to the ip203 pills which are doing nothing for my fibromyalgia pain. He said that he does not carry the 512 pills anymore. Does this mean that they do not make the 512 pills anymore. I was in the 5/325 pills with the 512 on them for 20 yrs. this change has caused havoc in my pain management. The IP 203 pills seem like they have a hard coating on them and do not relieve any pain! I have an appointment with my doctor Jan 9th and want to ask for a change in pain meds and want to know what other pain med would be comparable to those 512's. I am also very tired of being treated like an addict when I ask about pain meds but I need them for chronic pain to function daily and NEVER experience a high!

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Penny Says:

It most certainly does. Nothing worse then giving someone false information to confuse them even more.

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Roro Says:

Use a different drug store inform dr if you had to sign cotract

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Roro Says:

Generic pain medication has a swing of 20% either way so yes they can be weaker but can also be stronger this means fda is somewhat responsible for some of the opiod overdose problem

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Roro Says:

No it means they have new supplier. Look at label by where the name and strength are shown and there will be a few letters; that is the maker of the enclosed med. Look on an old bottle and call around for stores that carry that maker.

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Jimmy Joe Says:

I feel your pain, literally. I've had arthritis beyond my years since I was in my late 20's. I had a 3 level laminectomy 4 years ago which made things much worse. This was for spinal stenosis and my lower lumbar fused itself all together to where I couldn't lay flat or stand up straight. Shortly after I got blood clots in both legs and was on Xerelto for 15 months. A month before I was to see my surgeon to look at some surgical options, the blood clots recurred, making me a non candidate for surgery. I have severe degenerative disc disease and just for good measure, in 2015, I got very sick and spent 18 days in the hospital on Vancomycin. So they found I also have an immune disease which requires me to give myself an infusion of Hizentra (Immunoglobulin therapy), about $6,000 per month. Sorry for my sob story, but it helps to just get it out sometimes. The worst of all of these problems is, in the middle of all of this, my wife of 35 years and the mother of our 3 kids decided she didn't want to be with her husband anymore. So she divorced me and took all she could get her hands on. I was in no condition physically or mentally to deal with a divorce. Your not even supposed to be making legal decisions on all the medications I was on. She used that to her advantage and she knew I didn't want a divorce and still love her very much. I know, I'm stupid!

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Jimmy Joe Says:

Once my deductible is filled, all my Meds are paid 100%. My insurance company does not pay for whatever I want and some are not covered at all. My Dr. occasionally has to come up with alternatives and usually they want you to use generics.

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Bill Says:

Oxycodone is the active ingredient in OxyContin. OxyContin is the extended release version - same active ingredient as Percocet/Roxicodone.

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