Titanium Dioxide Poisoning?

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Nikto Says:

I have been unsuccessful as yet in finding information about titanium dioxide overload. I have been taking a variety of medications that contain T.D. And seem to have become "overloaded" with it. Med's that previously were not of bother now mysteriously cause a variety of disturbing & dangerous side effects. When taking anything containing T. D. I become lethargic (To the point of waiting until the last minute to do basic life-needs), experience body-wide excruciating aches & pains & generally feel like I am dying. Last winter I began to feel like this increasingly without knowing the problem. One day I watched a report on Oxycontin, which I was taking for chronic pain, where the mother of a young man taking it for pain described his deterioration as if she were talking about me. unfortunately this led to his death. Of course I called my doc immediately to discontinue. As I began trying other long-acting options, I would improve for a week or 2 and then decline in the same manner. I decided to look into the common ingredients of all these meds & found it to be T.D. Once I found that my break-thru meds did not contain T.D. I began using those as my primary pain-killers & discontinued all others containing T.D. Magically, I began to feel human again & all of the side-effects have disappeared. In addition, the horrendous acne, bloating, etc has also alleviated plus I have lost 20 of the 50 pounds gained without changing anything but the meds. I must add that I have an allergy to metal, which could be the reason for my sensitivity (although i took the same meds for years, I believe it became built-up in my system). My doc put me on the Fentanyl patch when trying alternative options, which resulted in the same negative reaction experienced with the Oxy, in a matter if minutes...unfortunately the side-effects continued to escalate for 22 hrs despite removing the patch after 8 hrs. After digging deeply on the net I discovered that the metal on the inside of the patch packaging can leech into the patch & cause negative effects for those allergic to metal. If there is anyone out there who has had the same experience or can confirm these side-effects as relating to T.D. Please post. I have scoured the net for months but can only find info on negative effects if T.D. In relation to inhalation. Any response is a welcome one, thank-you for providing a site for which to post my query.

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sandy Says:

Hi Nikto-I have had some similar problems which i believe are related to TD.vitamins that contain it made me feel wierd .But I can eat m&ms- So Im not sure whats going on.Sometimes toxicity seems to build up in my body.When i 1st started taking ambien-no prob.but that changed.Ambien and Gabapentin both have TD and it feels like a toxic metallic feeling on the right part of my brain some meds make me ill right away- like clenching muscles.tramadol does that. .I was just reading that Nickel can be found in TD also.i havent been tested for metal allergies.Did you use Melissa test?

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sandy Says:

this talks about side affects
muscle pain-fatigue
and mentions meds


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Verwon Says:

Yes, it is always possible for someone to be allergic to, or become sensitive to any given substance that they are exposed to on a regular basis and to start experiencing problems with it, even if they never had before.

These problems can occur from a natural allergic or sensitivity reaction, or from over exposure.


Has anyone else experienced these types of problems?

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gridly1 Says:


I suffer from Fibromyalgia, (ME) Chronic Fatigue, and Multiple chemical sensitivities. I was formally diagnosed with Titanium Dioxide Sensitivity quite a bit after I suspected it. I practice Applied Kinesiology. When i have an unexplained symptom I ask God for wisdom about the cause, and almost without fail, I receive inspiration. Than I muscle test everything, and sure enough it's established. This time god gave me wisdom that my constant abdominal pain was caused by something I was ingesting, and something in my medications. The common denominator was Titanium Dioxide. It' was an additive en every one of my meeds. Then I visited a Naturopathic physician who used a CEDS (Computerized Electro Dermal Screening)machine. I told him nothing, but he found it right away.
It seams that when Pharmaceutical Companies were coming out with such a glut of medications flooding the market, the PDA set up guidelines so they could distinguish them apart from each other by color and shape. TD is used as a color brightener for medications. So you see, if you take medications, it's hard to get away from TD. Most people who suffer from any kind of auto immune decease like CFS (ME)or FM have, of will develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
For me it was extremely difficult, and took several months to get my docs to agree to give me TD free medications. I eventually got all liquids. Than I got wise and arranged to have a Compounding Pharmacy formulate them for me. Wish I had thought of that first! Hope this can save someone the headaches (LITERALLY) I had to go Through.
By the way Have you had your Dopamine level checked. Opioids only work in the body to the extent that you have Dopamine. Since they deplete Dopamine, it becomes a vicious cycle.

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piners Says:

I had the same experience on generic Lexapro, but quite taking it shortly after the muscle and joint pain begwhn. I was recently on a run of Amoxicillin and had the same reaction. Again, I stopped taking the med. Last week I ate a large portion of instant mashed potatoes and was up all night with stomach pain and shakes. I discovered that many processed foods contain TD, also make-up and body lotions, and especially sunscreen. Ask your pharmacist to print a list of inactive ingredients in all meds, and to flag your account with an allergy notice. Read ingredients on all foods! Do not drink skim milk, it is loaded with TD!

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Richard Says:

Yes, it is totally real. It took me 25 years to learn it because it's very difficult to put together.

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Roro Says:

Your medicine should be reactors to the chemical. Ex. A load of iron in the stream can react little by little with al the td you have, basic chemistry, because no acid under natural tempratures react the td, but active metals does the trick.

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Tom f Says:

Two years ago I broke my leg they used titanium plates and screws to repair my leg. Within 48 hours I'll developed severe skin rashes all over my body. I initially attributed the skin rashes to possibly not being able to Bathe property and not rinsing off the soap completely. multiple trips to the dermatologist. Two different doctors specializing in allergies the rash was persistent.
Five months ago I had the titanium plates and screws removed, 95% of my skin problems and rashes have cleared up.
I cannot use conventional toothpaste I cannot eat any foods that contain titanium dioxide, M&Ms, skittles ,good and plenty's Blister the inside of my mouth.
New research has shown titanium dioxide can and does collect in your organs, in your brain, causes oxidative cellular damage,
The scariest part of all my research is 95% of everything we eat that is processed contains titanium dioxide,candies,puddings,yogurt,cottage cheese,cheeses, skim milk. Powdered sugar donuts, Surprisingly to me even some cereals and oatmeal. Almost all formulated medications, vitamins,and supplements in pill form contain titanium dioxide.
Thousands of tons of titanium dioxide are used in our food supply every year as fillers and coloring agents.
It's time to reassess the safety of titanium oxide in our food supply

Sent from my iPad
Thank you
Tom Fales

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TheKindPotSmoker Says:

I am a common stoner and I like to indulge in all forms of cannabis especial BHO (butane hash oil). To smoke BHO you heat up a titanium pad/nail and vaporize the hash on the pad/nail. Usually the pad gets dirty pretty fast and to clean it you heat it up and dunk it in water. I recently found out that this method of cleaning is not good because of the fact that steam from the water reacts with the titanium forming toxic titanium dioxide. I have been doing a lot of research on the compound because I have inhaled a good amount of it. After I stopped cleaning the pad that way I realized my acne was getting better and I just felt like a better parson. Please STAY AWAY from titanium dioxide it is toxic and a carcinogen. I would suggest smoking cannabis instead of pain meds too.

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Tom f Says:

I posted on this forum before, I broke my leg and have since become very allergic to Tio2, three weeks ago developed a UT infection .... Was prescribed two-week regimen of Bactrim,
Many of my skin rashes have returned, I have been having problems with cold chills, diarrhea, and nausea. Guess what??? Bactrim is formulated with TIO 2
Where did you get your testing done on the computerized electronic machine? I live in North Carolina and would like to contact your physician for a referral in my area.

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Michelle Says:
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Have experienced same issues. Rash, aches pains total allergic reaction to Iron and its derivatives. No help anywhere. Frustrated beyond belief. Black iron core is used in medications to extend, time release or as non active ingredients. Scary out there!!!

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Dan Says:

well if you don't know it is in food consumables, just remember the two guys sent to prison for 25 years for selling the secret to Oreo Cookies white center to the Chinese for 20 million $$$ it is Titanium dioxide. Invented by E.I. DuPont for a whitening agent in paper and glues. So much for our good old American trust in the Oreo cookie.

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Eve Says:

Am seeing my primary care doctor tomorrow to demand blood work. Was put on Invokana 100 mg., 1 in A.M.. Researched it when I started aching, hair started shedding, my blood sugars were higher, acne, sore throat, painful liver pulsing, ringing in ears ( tinitus), smelled chemically when I was sweating, cold hands, dark yellow urine, blood pressure went up. The shell coating on the pill contains ferric oxide, common rust which is insoluble and titanium dioxide. I was also given 500 mg. Naproxen, take 1 twice a day as needed for headaches, threw up and discovered that it too has titanium dioxide in it. They put this in paint to make it shinier, to gleam and sparkle. It has been flagged by the FDA as a potential carcinogenic. I have a severe adverse reaction to oral steroids and Naproxen is an NSAID, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

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Tony Hernandez Says:
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Hi, I am also suffering with allergies from Titanium Dioxide but as some of you said.. is everywhere. Since I found out this myself and a visit to my allergist is still do to get test I would appreciate from those already
know,, how to live and what steps to take once you know for sure you are allergic to TD and is everywhere from medications to food.
Can somebody give a clue where to find products with no TD.
Your help will be much appreciated

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Sandra Says:

Hi, I am currently doubled over with intestinal pain and bloating from using a nondairy creamer with titanium dioxide as an ingredient. I already have gluten intolerance issues, but have never felt this much pain from eating anything! I had also taken a medication with it as an ingredient and had developed hives. I never figured out which filler ingredient was the culprit until now. Ugh.

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MSallergic Says:

I was diagnosed with a titanium allergy by my dermatologist after developing horrible skin problems due to titanium in my glasses. I have had many food and med related problems which now can be traced back to the titanium dioxide in foods and meds. As my husband says, " the world is out to kill you with titanium". I now feel like I must investigate every thing I put in my mouth to make sure there is not titanium dioxide. How can the public get the FDA to make sure all nano products are put on the labels of food, meds, and any other products to help allergic citizens. How could we get titanium dioxide eliminated from products.

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Arco Sante Says:
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Hi, I have had a variety of symptoms from titanium dioxide. Developed hives from a thyroid med. Have had severe stomach and intestinal pain if I eat a 'food' that contains it, non-dairy 'cheese' products often contain it. I think you're right about the overall 'load' that accumulates over time causing more severe reactions. My hair is falling out too. I just discovered another med I've been taking for years changed their formula to include it. Ugh. Best wishes!

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Betty Says:
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T D is a mental and when oxidized such as in dioxide the chemical reaction causes titanium to become a heavy toxic mental! I almost died from taking lyrica for my fms and it caused (sle) systemic lupus erythematosus, being that I was in my 60's and Lupus does not run in my family I was told I had prescription induced (sle) and have been suffering for the last decade! Note of interest: Plaquenil. Somtimes administered for lupus patients for joint pain had the exact same reactions as lyrica,after taking it for five days had life threatening reactions just like lyrica.Why? It has td as well as other mentals(aluminum ) not naturally found in the human body and in natural foods! Ceftin the antbiotic sent me to the er almost died! Why? You guessed it! Titanium Dioxide! Why??? Do pharmaceutical companies continue to use these toxic inactive ingredients??? Perhaps $$$! Now it's no meds! If a med does not contain titanium dioxide or silicon oxide I'm good to go! However,they are rare!

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PJG Says:

I agree that TD as you call it, was the cause of my polymyalga rhumatica.Joints and mussel groups go to hell and back .It's a two year event that DR.s call it a spontaneous event. I don't belive in the Easter Rabbit but they do. !0 pills perday times 365 day times 15 years is a lot of TD. I have removed all traces of Titanium Dioxide From my Meds and my diet . The cause in my book is TD. All my cells got saturated and my auto immune system went to work by killing those cells.Hence my issues.40mg of prednisone per day to begin with, I'm now down to 2.5 mg per day.There is NO DOUBT that TD was the cause.March 6th 2015 was my begining of hell. I'm on the tail end of it all.God love you going through your ordeal.

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Yoopergirl Says:
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I have been questioning whether I am allergic or at sensitive to Titanium Dioxide as well! In the past few months my doctor has prescribed 3 different medications for me of which are only in capsule form. And to my surprise, I have had allergic reactions to all of them! After researching their ingredients I am fining the one thing in common is this Titanium Oxide! First it caused severe sinus allergies, congestion, fluid behind my ears, coughing and fatigue, so of course I stopped taking the medications. Then I had the flu and shortly after started taking a new supplement to help my immune system, but for a week n half have been sick to my stomach, just not feeling well, bloated, gas in stomach, nauseated, very tired. I thought just out of curiosity to check the ingredients on the new supplement and found Titanium Dioxide as an added ingredient!!! So I stopped taking it and immediately started to feel better! I totally believe there is something bad with T D at least for my body and obviously for some others. There should be more studies done and information available about this product!!

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