Suboxone 8mg/2mg And Roxy 30's

Comments Submitted Says:

I am currently taking Roxicodone 30's each day. I have suboxone 8mg/2mg to help get off of these. I know the suboxones are the best pill made to help with the withdrawals but I'm wondering if for the firsrt 3 to 5 days when I'm having trouble sleeping and feeling clammy, if i should take like half of a Roxicodone 30 (which i have done in the past), as it helps me to sleep and takes away the clammy feeling? Any other suggestions that you may have? Thanks to anyone answering this for me.

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Verwon Says:

Taking the Oxycodone pills with the Suboxone will do you no good, it contains a substance that neutralizes opiates to prevent their abuse during treatment, that is why it throws you into withdrawals.

Suboxone should really not be used without a doctor's supervision, as the dosage and usage is carefully monitored for your health, safety and to minimize the withdrawals as much as possible.


Have you tried consulting a doctor for assistance?

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imdone Says:

i was taking 90 mg a day of oxy for about a year,, im now taking sub, Im just taking enough to make the wd's go away, i dont wat to get hooked on the subs,, will this work, Im suppose to take 2-5mg of subs a day but im breaking them into small peices and only taking the when the wd's get bad

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KC Says:

I'm taking 2 roxy 30 mg /day . Doing it for about two months .I take 1mg of xanax to sleep at night but i sometimes feel paralysed and cant move in the middle of the night. What is this a Coma state? Will i die from it?

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Taylor Says:

If you're taking the Suboxone and still having withdrawals then your Suboxone dose is not high enough. I'm surprised they started you on a low dose like that, normally with suboxone a doctor will start you on a dose of about 16-24 mgs a day. So if you still feel sh!tty after you take an 8mg, take another 2-4mg and see how it makes you feel. You definitely won't get sick from taking too much suboxone, just NOT enough. Great thing about suboxone is that since it is so quick acting (10-40 minutes from ingestion) you can tell if it has helped or not, good luck with getting off the opiates, they screwed up my life for about 6 years and I am only 22 years old and finally clean, good luck and you CAN do it, believe it or not most of it is in your head. I know that sounds insensitive to people having withdrawal, i know it sucks, but no one can tell me about a bad withdrawal, i went cold turkey off of 120mg of METHADONE!!! Worst couple weeks of my life, no joke, harder withdrawal than heroin. Good luck and stay clean, you will start to see life in a whole new light!

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drksalo Says:

Taking any other narcotic at the same time as suboxone is useless, you will not feel a thing, because the suboxone is a real pig for those opiate receptors. They hang on and don't let anything else near them for about 2 days. This could present a problem if you are on suboxone and ever need pain control for an emergency operation. Your'e stuck with either Nsaid's like advil, or high doses of iv fentanyl that needs to be closely monitorred

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Painful Says:

I'm currently on Oxycontin 80 mg 4 times per day and 1 Roxy every 6 hours as needed. The problem is everything has become needed and more. I have severe back pain issues and I need a serious surgery but I don't have the time to do it my dilema is I've become tremendously opioid tolerant and the relief from these meds has required me to go above the normal doses I also know that I'm physically addicted to the meds and I'm sure mentally. I'm trying to scale back to as prescribed on these meds. I recently consulted with a doctor to reduce my tolerance and she suggested that I need to get off these meds and start taking Suboxon. I'm curios how much relief does Suboxon give from pain? I can't be in physical pain daily and distract me from my profession. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Nichole Says:

I have been on Suboxone now for 2/3 weeks. I too am having trouble finding a dose that is suitable for me. I was started on 12mg a day, I then after phone conversations with the doctor, bumped that to 16mg a day. There are times when I take 20mg a day, also. I just dont know where I need to be. I am having severe, skull-splitting headaches they dont occur after taking the Suboxone like I read about, they usually occur first thing in the morning and go away after taking my Suboxone and a little Excedrin. I do have some through the day but not like that morning headache! IT IS EVERY MORNING TOO!!! I also have started having what I guess you would say is indigestion or heartburn, a pain just right in the pit of my stomach. I have been seriously constipated and thought maybe that pain in my stomach is related to that? I have also had nausea off and on as well. I just dont know if this is due to taking too much Suboxone or not enough? I usually take 8mg in the morning, 4mg in the afternoon, and 4 mg in the evening and have at times taken another 4mg later at night. My story is, Im sure just like everyone else's....It started with back pain and prescriptions from a doctor and escaladed from there!!! Before my decision to go to the doctor I was or could take 20/10mg lortabs or percocet a day if thats what I could find or up to 4/80mg oxy ( that was my fav ) I could have even taken more than those doses but that was a norm, i tried to space what I had out to try and make it last b/c of fear of withdrawl. I never went more than 1 day without anything!!!! I started taking pills at a young age but didnt really become addicted until I was about 21 years old, it really got bad just over the last 2 years though, I am 28 now. I just need help!!! My doc doesnt really seem to understand or help much! I need advise from someone that has felt this way that has experience taking Suboxone. Should I try a little more, a little less, change up the routine??? Please, please help!!! I just want to get it right!!!! This has been a miracle for me and I want it to follow through!!!!

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jayme Says:

You can become addicted to the subs unfortunately, like all other medications it is short term use only anything more than a week (this is in my experience) can cause a new addiction. I have found with myself that I only need a quarter of the pill or film at a time. Good luck to u, I too am living the nightmare. Just remember that u CANNOT mix an opiate with this as u would only waste ur drug, the sub wont allow the opiate to work for a couple days after discontinuing use of suboxone.

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jayme Says:

U can become addicted to the subs unfortunately, like all other medications it is short term use only anything more than a week (this is in my experience) can cause a new addiction. I have found with myself that I only need a quarter of the pill or film at a time. Good luck to u, I too am living the nightmare. Just remember that u CANNOT mix an opiate with this as u would only waste ur drug, the sub wont allow the opiate to work for a couple days after discontinuing use of suboxone.

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SuzyQ Says:

Nichole - I have just began taking sub - Monday the 2nd to be exact. My doc explained that if your metabolism is fast that it may take a lil more sub to help your opiate withdrawels completely subside. All those symptoms you are explaining sound just like wd's. I feel blessed to have found this stuff and found a doc. I was killing my body and my mind. I'm taking two 8mg/2,mg films in the morning and might move up to a thrid but I believe that is the cutoff becuase of the ceiling affect. It wouldn't do any good after three. Good Luck and God Bless Everyone fighting this addiction!

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addict4fouryrs Says:

swim has been battling with roxys for about 4 years now going back and forth between them and the subs. swIm have also been very deep into them taking 10 or a day. I find it odd that dr's Px so much sub per day. swim only needed 1-2 mg per day. no restlestness, sleeplessness or creepy crawly type irritation. The idea is to take as little as possible, therefore reducing the chances of addiction to another Px drug.

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Pleasehelp Says:

I've been doing 3 roxys a day (total of 90mg) for about 5-6 months now. I want to stop so badly but the one time i didnt have (about a month ago) and went into withdrawls it was the worst feeling of my life and i got so panicked and felt so sick that i ended up in a hospital. (they couldn't help me aside from give me some very low prescription xanax which didnt help at ALL) so of course as soon as i was able to get more roxys (about 24 hours after i started withdrawing) i got back onto the roxys. I am now full commited to getting off. it's the only drug i've ever done and i don't know alot about these things. can anybody please help me? i have 5 suboxone 8/2mg and i can get more (ironicaly from the same person i got the roxys from).
does anyone have advice they can give me like exactly with details what i should do and how i should do it to get off of the roxys? like how long to wait after last roxy and first suboxone , and how many suboxone to start with and then how to take less till i dont need any more suboxone? thank you so so so much i hope someone can help me.

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jayme Says:

Don't take the suboxone til u wake up, u want about 12 hours from the time u last took a roxy. Don't do it too soon, as it could make u feel horrible also. If I were u, and I have been before, I would start with about a quarter of the suboxone, if its too much, ull know as ur stomach will become upset, at which point break a quarter in half and take an 8th. Trust me this suboxone is incredibly strong, and unless ur doing hard drugs 24/7 u wont need much. Take it sublingually (under ur tongue) til it disolves, suboxone is long lasting, u shouldn't have to do this more than 2x a day. I wish u luck, its a hard road, but once ur past it, ull realize it was worth it.

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the ghost Says:

the xanax is giving u the sleep paralasys....s*** is scary your up and u cant move or open your eyes..cut down on the zanies.....take half

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jason Says:

sub are GREAT!! just got them yesterday, I was taking 150+mg of roxys a day, two 8mg subs n da morn works ed for me, BIG TIME. TRUST IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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annaperez Says:

Roxys are hard to kick I been on them for a year six 30s per day... I am now down to one 30 a day. Forget the suboxone... Ween yourself off them .. Take xanex or soma to sleep maybe a 60mg morphine.. It does get better. Day 1-4 sux but u just take enough of ur blue not to be sick... You can control it. Force yourself to walk it sux but blood flow promotes healing.....

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Subhelp Says:

Today is my first day taking suboxone. So far it seems to be helping with the wd symptoms. They gave me the 8 mg film. I really hope this stuff does the trick. I was taking about 2-3 roxy 30's daily for about 6 months- 1 yr.
Good luck to everyone fighting this battle!

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Subhelp Says:

@ Jason: This is my first day taking the meds as well. So the sub seems to be helping you?

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pleasehelp Says:

PLEASE READ IF U NEED HELP! ...I am the one with the screen name "please help" if u scroll down u will see the msg that I wrote in the end of May, when I was just starting to go off roxys (I had been taking 3 roxys 30mg each per day for over a year). It is now November. I have been clean for about 6 months and never looked back. SUBOXOBE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I am not saying its easy but its not as hard as some people will make u think or feel. Even if ur on way more than I was and for many more years - Not only does suboxone work by keeping away withdrawl symptoms but it stays in your system for many days at a time (every 37 hrs it goes down by half so itd be daaays until you could take an opiate like roxys/oxys or whatever else and for it to work and get u high...and usually sometime in between those days u get a reality check, slap urself and quickly take ur suboxone so that u don't ever slip back into ur old ways/habits and suboxone ALSO keeps ur cravings away. U don't think about it or feel like u even want or need it. I could have a suitcase full of roxys right now for free sitting right in front of me and I wouldn't be tempted to do even a drop) guys this isn't as hard as some of u make it sound. I was addicted for over a year. Please I beg you, I want to help anyone I can. If you have any questions or if I can help anyone even in the smallest way it would be my pleasure!! Email any question big or small. NO I am NOT a doctor but I've been thru this JUST LIKE U, and I've done TONS of research both online and thru a great team of doctors. I know what I'm talking about and I can and will help u.I have answers to any possible question u could come up with about suboxone, about opiates about withdrawls, about how/when and I know these answers from doctors and extensive research. So please REACH OUT. That's all u have to do. I wish I had someone like me back in May when I was struggling with addicition, I wish I had someone to help me thru it or answer my questions. I promised myself I would be that person for as many people as possible.

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DirtyCleanDirtyClean-cycle of life Says:

yo mannnn... i def. need some help and your post opened my eyes to that. please give me an email where i can reach you to talk on a more regular basis. if you are still willing to help. would be muchhhhhhhhh appreciated. lifes going down hill slowly

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