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I am addicted to Spasmo Proxyvon for the last 10 years and I have been taking a minimum of 18 Capsules in a Day. I have tried to stop taking it but couldn't do that as whenever i try to stop, I go into Depression which doesnot allows me to take interest in my work, feel muscular pain, could not sleep the whole night. Ans when I start taking it again I feel like enjoying my work, feel good like in a normal life, though I get irritated with people for small reasons. I got married recently and feel that I am not taking my responsibilities seriously. Though I give enough time to work but cannot get good results. I have got a lot of good oppurtuinities to grab but couldnot hold on to them. Now I am into my own business which has a great potential and needs attention. But due to this habbit i have been forgetting important things that are imporatnt for my business. I don't want to lose this oppurtuinity and want to stop taking Spasmo Proxyvon and get deaddicted to it. Also, I have been taking Spasmo Proxyvon in combination with a Bottle of Corex Cough Syrup on a daily basis. Is there any other medical way like an antidote, any other medicine to get De-addicted. Please help.

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Verwon Says:

Spasmo Proxyvon contains Acetaminophen, Dicyclomine and Propoxyphene.

Propoxyphene has now been removed from the market in many countries, due to the severe risk is causes of cardiac dangers. An addiction to it can be very serious, because it is a narcotic.


Since I am not sure what country you are in, I don't know what treatment options are available to you.

Can you post back with more information?

Have you tried consulting a doctor for assistance?

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Bruce Says:

Propoxyphene has mild addictive properties. It was a scheduled IV controlled substance here in the USA. It has been removed from sale here due to the reason expressed by Verwon. Good Luck.

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megha Says:

my husband is taking smp proxy 1 since a long time i just want to know what are the long term side effects of this pill

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Verwon Says:

Megha, as I stated in my original post, this medication contains Propoxyphene, which is a mild narcotic and in the U.S., Canada and quite a few other countries, it was removed from the market due to the risks it causes of cardiotoxicity.

The longer someone uses it, the greater their danger of developing a problem with their heart, such as having a heart attack.


Are there any other questions?

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Ash Says:

I've been addicted to proxyvon for four years when I was in college in Amritsar.its been 6 years now since I stop taking them and i can totally understand how it feels when you stop taking them..I use to stay up all night try to focus my mind to something else and cry in pain sometimes...took me 3 weeks before I
had a drug free good sleep but it did come tO an end.

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Bobby Says:

Seriously m in big trouble.....I really don't know where to start from. Touching SP was one of da biggest mistake of ma life.....

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Prashant sharma Says:

I am taking Spasmocip capsules and Pravon-spas capsules too, from last 5 years, Presently i consume 18-20 capsules per day, Now, I realize it's a mistake and I want to stop it by any means.
Sir, i tried to stop but i feel tired, my back aches, my feet feels restless, my head aches too much and it makes me impossible to stop taking these drugs, Plz help me , Plz save my life ?

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Verwon Says:

There are 2 possible solutions available for anyone with these severe addiction problems, who wants to get off of the medication they are abusing.

The first would be medical intervention, see your doctor and get help. They can help you find ways to prevent the withdrawals and beat your addiction. It may involve other medications, such as Methadone or Suboxone.



The second would be to do it yourself, by gradually tapering off. However, you have to be very strong willed and able to deal with the symptoms you may experience in order to do it on your own.

Trying to stop all at once, when you've been taking that much for a long period of time could be dangerous and may put your life in danger, due to severe withdrawal symptoms.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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seema Says:

my brother is taking spasmaproxyvon capsules from last 7-8 years . he is 36 and married. he became very weak . he says he want but couldn't stop it. Should we go for rehab centre to admit him. we live in delhi. please help me.

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nidhi Says:

My husband is taking Spasmo Proxyvon from past 18 year . He started taking it at the age of 17 and now he is 35. Initially his daily intake was 20-30 pills and now his daily intake is of 12-15 pills. He is not willing to go to de-addiction center and there is no family support in this regard.In the married life of 4 years we don't even have kids. Whats the future of husband if he don't stop taking these pills?

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Jen Says:

You seem to have drug dependence/ addiction. Need to go to a deaddiction centre/ Rehab . Please consult a good psychiatrist. You may be having some depression/ mood swings. They can suggest CBT ( cognitive behavioral therapy.)They may give you
Some anti depressants. You have to motivate yourself .

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Jen Says:

There are so many drug deaddiction and rehab centers in Delhi. To name a few 1. AIIMS. 2. Ram manohar lohia hospital 3. Lady hardinge etc and a lot more.
Drug addiction can ruin the person and families. But definitely if you seek help with the right people like Rehabs and psychiatrists it will help the problem/ person and their families.

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viplove Says:

hi i m viplove from amritsar .. i am addicted to xanax i take 8 mg daily... how to get de addict

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Experienced1 Says:

I used to take about 8 spasmo's a day, 10 years ago. I was on them for about 3 years. One day, a few minutes after I popped, I vomited a blob of blood. There were 2 tablets left in the strip, I threw them out and never touched them again. And Yes, After I stopped, I got an erection as well :D

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Chandan Says:

Hi I'm Chandan I have addicted to spasmo proxyvon since from 3 years, I had lost interest in everything, because of this I lost my education n my life gonna irritated if i don't consume atleast 10tabs a day, day by day my health getting worse. Is there any solution to come out of this?

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rahul m. Says:

hello all

i am rahul from kolkata.. i addicted of spasmo proxivon.... my 2 friends r died only for this spasmo is vry bad for mental and phsycal health..i am trying to leave this habbit.. bt its not so easy... i will suggest to al addicted of this drug ...that at first strong mentaly that u hav to leave this s***..if u cant stop suddenly thn try step by step first 2 days dnt take spasmo..after this 2 days u will feel headche and other pain..sleepless. in this time u can take only 1 or 2 piece of spasmo for stop this pain and sleepless stage.. then again stop 3 day s thne if u feel bad again(u will feel ) take 1 or 2 pic spasmo.. thne stop again for 4 days . after that stop spasmo totaly and take other thing like alchol, bt not too much .. only 2 or 3 peg..

2> keep busy ur self at any work which 1 u love..
3>do yoga ,pranayam coz this will give u strentgh for fighting in this stage.
4>drink water 4 to 5 liter in a day...and take healthy food.(milk,nut,oily fish , meat,soya,banana,,e.t.c). coz this time ur body need vitamins, minarels ,protine for rebuild ur health and fighting against bad effect of spasmo .
remember nothing is impossible ...willing power is main in this case, so u have to decide tht u love urself or not... dnt think tht u r an addicted. think u r normal.. mentaly strenth is vry important for this ... hope u can lev this bad habbit... pray to god n blv at urself... thts al. sry for my bad english... god blees u :)

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Experienced1 Says:

This helps shed some light on your problems:

Please contact a doctor.. Any doctor, it does not matter, they will be the best people to help you out.. In lower doses, detox can help, but a lot of you posting on this forum are beyond verbal counsel.. Please get help, or watch your liver develop puss and eventually kill.

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MOMO Says:


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Experienced1 Says:

Maysay, Your physical withdrawal symptoms will disappear in 7 days max, that is the time for proxyvon to leave your body. Post that, only psychological dependencies will remain and that requires a loving environment to overcome. I have seen 2 people in the last month, who have quit completely without any medication and both users were longtime users with high amounts of tablets on a daily basis.

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