Sinutab - Where Is It?

Marie Says:

I have been trying to find Sinutab, have they quit making it? Why? It was the best allergy relief I found.

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Verwon Says:

No, the manufacturer still lists a page for it and it being available.

It contains Acetaminophen and Phenylephrine.

There are actually many products on the market that contain this combination, both generic, store and name brands.

Have you tried perhaps asking your pharmacist what else might have the same stuff in it?



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Rosie Says:

I have, also, been trying to find Sinutab sinus caplets. I called the manufacturer and they said it is no longer sold in New York. There is a K-Mart store in Trenton, New Jersey still carrying it.No help to me.

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Jane Baker Says:

I have been looking for Sinutabs in Columbus, Ohio. I also have been trying to order them on line, but no luck.

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Bill Says:

I called the manufacturer on Jan. 12 and was informed that Sinutab has been discontinued and it was a marketing decision.

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Noreen from NYC Says:

Sinutab was the best sinus medicine I have tried and I'm very disappointed to hear it has been discontinued due to a marketing decision. I have been searching all over for it. When I'm sick, I want something that I know works.

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Sarrah Says:

How stupid a decision to discontinue Sinutab! It is the only OTC sinus pill that relieves headache, congestion and sinus pain. In other words it did what it was supposed to do. Bring it back!!!

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Doug Says:

What's the name of the manufacturer ? Contacting them may help.

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Garreth Says:

In Ireland the manufacturers McNeil have re-branded Sinutab as Sudaplus. Exact same ingredients, tablet size, box size. The only difference is the packaging.

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guest Says:

Active ingredients are in generic form at Walgreens called Walfinite-D. No tylenol so you need to add your own if you also have pain. Im glad to find it without the analgesic.

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angel60 Says:

I took an empty box of Sinutab to Walgreen's a long time ago to see if they had anything that would replace it when it was no longer available. (I did the same thing at Bartell's). Both brought out their pharmaceutical books and stated that I would require at least 4 different products OTC to match Sinutab. Unfortunately I no longer have the box an certainly wish I did as I am some what skeptical of Walfinite-D. But, will try a small box of it along with some acetaminophen. Their Aller-Tec certainly isn't working!

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Ceb Says:

SUDAFED PE Pressure Plus Pain is the same company....But i use the Walmart brand "Equate" equivalent to Sudafed! Hope this helps you as much as it does me!

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shariwart Says:

Yes me too its the only allergy pill that works love sinutab

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Helen Says:

SINUTAB was the Only sinus Med that relieved my blinding sinus migraine and didn't make me sleepy, like Sudafed did. That "marketing decision" was clearly a STUPID one!

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Carolyn Says:

I agree with everyone else that Sinutab WAS THE BEST OTC out there!!!!! I am suffering this season for sure, and have been using store generics the past couple of seasons, "OK" but not the total relief I used to get. Sudafed doesn't agree with me, so I'm just trying to get lucky with others I try. Too bad marketing companies don't survey first before taking things off shelves, I always thought marketing had a lot to do "with us...the public"...just sayin'!

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imdondlg Says:

My Doctor recommend MucinexD and I am trying the Maximum Strength tablet. The first tablet I tried seemed to make feel better.

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RuAnn Says:

I used the pink Sinutab round pill, in the 70's, it ALWAYS gave me quick relief from migraines, I really wish they would bring that product back, I suffer everyday!!! Most days I can barely function.

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Utah Says:

I just came back from Portugsl, where I was recommended Sinutab 2. It was awesome
One pill every 24 hours, and I felt grest. It opened my sinuses like nothing else. And it was only about 4 euros ($4.50) for a box of 15. I wish I had brought more home.

The U.S. medical industry ( laws) are far behind those of europe.

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Leo Says:

The sinutab pink pill works very good for me , I missed a lot

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Sally Says:

Does anyone know where to purchase sinutab tablets?

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Cherbonne Says:

You can only now buy it in Canada and Canada won't let americans purchase.

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