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Ephedra is a medicinal preparation from the plant Ephedra sinica.[1] Several additional species belonging to the genus Ephedra have traditionally been used for a variety of medicinal purposes, and are a possible candidate for the soma plant of Indo-Iranian religion.[2] It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.[3][4] Native Americans and Mormon pioneers drank a tea brewed from other Ephedra speci...

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Orange And Black Pill

i found an orange and black pill (capsule) in my son's room with what looks to be a white 'D' on it ## Unfortunately, after trying several searches I haven't been able to locate a match in any of the U.S. prescription drug databases, nor any related possibilities on google. It very likely that it could be a party drug, a fake pill, or possibly manufactured outside of the U.S. depending on who your son obtained the pill from. If you're able to, I would consider taking the pill over to your local pharmacy and having it analyzed by their team to see if they can come up with anything. Also double check the marking if you think there's more to it than what you stated. Some of the results I found had a "D" as well as another marking; however none were orange an...

Small Round White Pill Cross On One Side

The other side has what appears to be a maze line labrinith possably a p in the middle of cicular lines ## Hi, George! Where did you find it? Some products are regional, so knowing the general location may help to narrow it down. I've been searching for this off and on ever since I first saw your post, but I've had no luck so far and I was sure that such an unusual imprint would result in something turning up. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## Did you ever find out what type of pill it was? ## I have what sounds exactly what you've described. i refilled my script of diazepam/valium 10mg when i ran out in tj bc (mexico) they put them in my old bottle out of a box that contains 20 witch are packaged in square foil like sheets witch you have to push hard to get each pi...


yellow and with3 black stripes ## I found this pill in my daughters dance bag. Any ideas what it is? ## This pill is an over the counter energy and weightloss supplement, sometimes referred to as Bee's, due to the color. ## It is basically an energy pill. You take them and they keep you awake. The are ephedra free i think. Called Yellow Swarm. you can get them at gas stations. there is one called Yellow Jacket too, but i think that one has ephedra. ## Also known as yellow jacket, otc energy capsule containing: Caffeine 300 mg, Green Tea Extract, Mat, Guarana, Capsicum, Kola Nut, Siberian Ginseng

gray and purple pill

ST-3EFF on gray side 224 ovceer 3850 on purple side ## This is an over the counter product, Stacker 2 Ephedra Free, it is available in most drug stores, and wellness shops. It is commonly used for energy, and weight loss. It is classified as a nutritional supplement. The FDA warns that it should be used only as directed, and only in the recommended dosages. Is there anything I can help with?

Myers Squibb Co energy pills with ephedra

Would like to buy several bottles if possible. ## I'm sorry to inform you, but medschat is an information-only site and does not manufacture, sell, nor promote the illegal sales of prescription drugs among these forums. Any effort to contact individuals for their medications is promptly taken down upon notice and could possibly result in being banned if not adhered to. If you need help locating a doctor that will prescribe you the pills you might need, then please post back with that intention and I, along with other users, may be of help to you. ## I wondered if anyone was ever going to say something! This site is helpful to so many and I'd hate to see it shut down for the wrong reasons :-(

OTC energy pill gray purple ST3EF 224 3850

Gray purple capsule with ST EF 22 on one side 224 3850 on other side. ## Just to add some details on this... This is one of the over the counter Stacker products that's used for energy and weight loss, though I have to be honest and say that I have lost track of their imprints and can't find details on which specific one this is. With the EF on there, however, I do believe it's one of the later ones that is Ephedra free, since its safety has come under question in recent years. You can learn more Ephedra details and why it's used is questionable here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I found a round white pill with 224 3850 2 imrinted on one side with a cross on the other. Can u tell me what it is? ## Type the numbers and letters and shape and color into you...

White Cross EPHEDRA

I am looking for Ephedra. I use it for weight loss and as a bronchial expectorant. Do you sell this? Many sites claim to have ephedra but you can tell once you take it because there is no increase in energy, nor is your appetite suppressed. ## this site does not manufacture, nor sell any products, this is an information only website. Ephedra has actually been banned for sale in the U.S. since 2004, because of the serious side effects it caused that included elevated blood pressure and heart rate. This resulted in many deaths and thus, its removal from the market. Learn more: Are there any other comments or questions?

orange pill with a ef imprint

ORANGE PILL WITH EF IMPRINTED ON IT ## It matches a product from the makers of Stacker, called Yellow Swarm, the EF stands for Ephedra free. It is an over the counter supplement claimed to help with weight loss. It has, however, been discontinued and I cannot find information on all of the ingredients, except that one of them was caffeine. Is there anything else I can help you with?

identify pill with picture

purple/gray capsule, marked ST-3EF on purple side ## This is an over the counter supplement sold for energy and weight loss called Stacker 3, the EF stands for Ephedra Free. It contains: Kola Nut (seeds)(4mg caffeine group alkaloids) cactus extract 12:1 (whole plant), white willow bark, grapefruit extract (fruit), chitosan (shellfish) 225mg Caffeine(anhydrous) 250mg Tri-Guarcinia3 Complex green tea (leaves)(<1mg caffeine group alkaloids), guarana (seeds), garcinia (fruit) Was there anything else I could help you with? ## Thank you so much for your information, it was TREMENDOUSLY helpful!!!! ## small white R 1on one side,janssen on the other ,oblong


half purple half grey capsule with st3ef on the purple side and 224 over 3850 on the grey side ## This is an over the counter supplement called Stacker 3, Ephedra Free, it is sold to help with energy and weight loss. YOu can find it in most pharmacies. Is there anything else I can help you with?


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