Restoril Why Doesnt It Work

Tammie in TN Says:

I have had a hard time sleeping as a child. Now that I am 43 it is very bothersome to me. I don't drink or take any drugs besides my thyroid medicine. I have tried Ambiem and lunesta. Neither worked. I am lucky if I get 12 to 14 hours of sleep a week. So now I have been on Restoril 30mg for about a week now and I still can't sleep. I am about to loose it. Why isn't these meds that the doctors say should knock me out, not working. Please I need some advice from people who have severe insomnia? Any advice would be welcome.

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Verwon Says:

Have you tried any of the natural remedies, such as just taking a Melatonin supplement at night?

Learn more Melatonin details here.

After having problems with insomnia for years and trying many medications, it's what I've found works best for me. If it's okay for you try it, you may want to give it a go, it's available over the counter in most grocery and drug stores.

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Gale Wessels Says:

make sure you not geting qualitest pills

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Jackie Says:

I understand what you are experiencing. I did take Melatonin for some weeks but then it stopped working. I find wonderful results from taking L-Triyptophan 500 mg. It works like a charm. I take 3 tablets (recommended dosage ) at bedtime and before long zzzzz. Another wonderful thing about it is that you sleep at least 7 hours without interruption. Safe to take and often I will take one during the day for stress and it also helps for depression as well.
I think you will be glad you tried it. Good luck and Sweet Dreams. Can be purchased at local health food store or Vitamin shop.

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insomniac Says:

Midazolam is helpful for sivere insomnia if you can get them prescribed..

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Matthew Says:

Restoril works fine, take some benadryl with it. That natural crap is crap don't wast your money on that. Do you drink coffee before bed? Ask you doctor for a barbiturate as a last resort. If that don't help you will have to go to a sleep clinic.

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steve Says:

Restoril does not work because someone deemed it too strong for people (use ambien instead) and it is a benzo. From what I hear mylan 5050 might be available again within the year!

The 123 pills where from novel labs; a novel 123 is 30 mg same as mylan 5050. They both work _excellent_ !

I was told by my pharmacy that they don't have the brand name restoril now, instead the generic temazepam; a benzo like xanax.

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steve Says:

restoril was taken off the market because someone got stung by a bee and our fearless leaders decided that mylan was required to give out their epi drug for free.

Also, many people do not remember how strong restoril can be. There is a new drug by MERK call belsomera. It seems to work ok, not restoril.

You can actually exceed 60mg. If your doctor writes down on the prescription form. Some tips:

novel 121
7.5mg novel 120.

I think they have run out of the novel 123 (I think that is 60mg - can't remeber).

This might still work. The 7.5mg doses are very helpful. Also do not ask the pharmacy for restoril - they will give you Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals crap. These new capsules cost over $1,000.00 a bottle and they do not work at all for me.

The older novel bottles are less than $50.00. Ridiculous!

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steveg Says:

Re: insomniac (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

not long enough... Midazolam is a liquid and probably not legal in usa.

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steveg Says:

Re: Jackie (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

i have never taken Melatonin. my doc suggested 5HTP - it seems to be very effective especially with the benzo. several people i know say it works better than the melatonin when benzos are involved.

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steveg Says:

ambien, like restoril, does not work anymore is usa, sorry.

if you are about to lose it maybe 25/75mg seroquel at night. BELSOMRA is working very well for me.

otherwise split a mirtazapine - that is to say take one 15mg tablet and split along score and take both halves.

the oldest trick in the book would be trazadone. nobody ever falls for that one twice :)

if you want a "natural" approach; 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) .

yes i have combined these drugs and i am still alive.

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