Replacement For Former Teva/barr Dextrostat 10 Mg I/r

Ridgerunner007 Says:

Shire US discontinued the mfg of DextroStat, at the end of the year 2007. Another bought out the license to produce DextroStat, but, it was also discontinued by Phys Total Care at the end of 2008, only available in 2008 in 5 mg, as the 10 mg was discontinued. I believe the license/patent, had expired, as well, as "Dextrostat" was a patented license by Richwood Pharmaceuticals of Kentucky beginning in the year 1994, and, ShireUS bought the patent rights, and, merged Richwood into ShireUS, with headquarters, in, Wayne PA 19087 soon after 9/11/2001. As we all know who are very used to Orange Book FDA ratings, the rare AA rated Dexedrine by Glaxo Smith Kline in 5mg I/R doses, and, DextroStat, was also AA rated by Orange Book out of 17 categories, but, both vanished from the shelves, by late Spring of the year 2009. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have struggled, but have now settled with the Mallinckrodt generic version of pure Dextroamphetamine Sulfate instant release, in 10 mg white embossed tabs, since January of 2014, and I am pleased, very pleased finally. Between 2008 and 2014, I tried about every mfg of instant release generic Adderall, and, I settled on Barr Labs, a division of Teva of Israel for about 6 years, until my insurance company and, Teva, the parent raised the price, about 2.5 times overnight, during the Adderall shortage years of 2012 and 2013. My insurance firm dropped Adderall Instant release from my formulary as well. Trials with Core Phara, Ranbaxy Pharma, and, Wilshire Pharma were "very unsettling to me, as was even the Mallinckrodt generic form of Adderall mixed amphetamine salts. My Psychiatrist, worked with me to get a Rite Aid who actually special ordered the Mallinckrodt, and, it is slower to kick in, but it is worth is because I no longer have the Adderall crash on instant release, or the Ritalin crash on methlyphenidate, and i am a happy camper now! Thank god my insurance company so far, still, has dextroamphetamine immediate release 5mg and 10 mg on their formulary !!!. I wish you well in your search for the right stimulant, for you. My 2nd choice was Barr labs, (Teva) Adderall generic I/R 10mg, after the loss of Dexedrine E-19 orange heart 5 mg added to Dexedrine Spansules, both by SKF, the former mfg since 1937, the latter mfg since 1952. Glaxo Smith Kline sold all of the patent rights in USA, Canada, and UK the last quarter of 2010 on the famous Dexedrine Spansules, and also pulled the plug on Dexedrine 5 mg I/R in March of 2009, and totally got out of the stimulant business. If you live in Canada, brand name Dexedrine and Dexedrine Spansules were available for Canadian citizens by, another smaller pharma firm, called I think, Marathon Pharma. In the USA Dexedrine Spansules patent is now held by Amedra Pharma, and, no one stocks this med in USA pharmacies anymore due to their outrageous price increase, it is nearly $10.00 per 15 mg Spansule, and, I have never seen one since December of 2010, when GSK made the Spansules, for a retail price of about $US 90.00 for 60 of the 15 mg tapered end famous Spansules IMHO, the secret to USA generics is the bio-availability, as some stimulants only have 4 buffers, and other stimulants C-II have as many as 10 buffers and filler agents in the FDA so called equal "bioequilvalence" they are so defensive about. The 80/120 ratio spread can make a lot of difference in our bodies, I have been on CII stimulants as a late (now) middle aged adult for 22.5 years!! Best wishes!! If Teva of Israel who has Barr still manufacturing the very similar extended release 15 mg or 10 mg extended release capsules, it, is a was once very close to the smooth 7 to 8 hour time it lasted, "for me" as the original Brand Dexedrine Spansule, it used to costs about, $295.56 Average Wholesale Price in the year 2010, for 100 capsules of the beaded brown and white capsules, that were once acceptable to me, I do not know if Barr labs still makes this product anymore or not. Barr Labs nor Teva never, made the 5 mg or 10 mg Instant release generic version of Dextroamphetamine Sulfate, after, Dextrostat faded away in 2008. Good luck to you in your journey!

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Mandy Says:

Ok, I've got a question I am very sensitive to medications and growing up I was always on brand name dexadrine or dextrostat the past ten years (I'm now 32) I've tried every generic possible of dextrostat which is what I'm being told is closest to what I started on, is this true? The best generic I've found is the pinkish round pill "b" on one side ? Is there a better?? I can not take adderll or generic it makes me ill

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: Mandy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Dextrostat as already stated brand name has been gone for now years....... The generic for 5mg Dextrostat, is available from several manufacturer's...... as well as the 10 mg Dextrostat, (only in generic versions).

Mandy, from the info you stated you take the pill with a "b" on one side, this the "b" is for "Barr Labs division of Teva the parent pharmaceutical company" The NDC number for 5 mg of Barr (Teva) generic is 00555-0952-02 with a Orange Book rating of AA and the NDC number for Barr (Teva) for the 10 mg tablet, with a embossed "b" is 00555-0053-02. They made once a excellent
generic but that was 7 years ago, in the year 2010, who knows what is going on in the year 2017??(I do not know). I am referring to the popular generic when ShireUS stopped making the brand Dextrostat.

If you can make it to the ADDA +CHAAD convention in November of 2017 it is held in the Atlanta Hilton check the website for more info as I have attended these conferences for info (not the pills) but accurate info from med professionals. That is Atlanta Georgia for the year 2017.

I have been on stimulants from the year 1969, until the year 1976, I re-started C-II stimulants in the year 1994 and continue my 23rd year in a row taking stimulants for my big case of ADD inattentive type, and refractory depression.

IMHO, the highest quality of USA stimulants are in the very long ago past! Such as Abbott Desbutal 5,10, 15 mg (methamphetamine with sodium pentobarbital) in a I/R and a E/R version, as well, as RJS/Pennwalt/Fisons Biphetamine 20 mg, and, of course the gold standard, the SKF pink/orange 5 mg SKF E19 embossed 5 mg Dextroamphetamine, by brand name called simply "Dexedrine" from 1937 until the year 2009, as, well as Dexedrine Spansules, 5 mg, 10 mg 15 mg made from 1952
until 2010!!! "Brand name only and relatively cheap as chips" (until the last 3 years of production).

My troubles began seriously during the huge USA late 2011 Adderall shortage, and later all amphetamine and dextroamphetamine shortages, due to a combination of USA very negative press, such as NY Times January 2012, and the DEA, placing intense pressure on all USA manufacturers of production quotas.

The problems were two fold+, both radical price increases, and price gouging, on old school formulas, and new age "branded stimulants" as well.

The 2nd huge problem that continues IMHO since at least the year 2012, has been the true inconsistency and availability of any generic, form of Adderall, Instant Release and the much harder to mfg and duplicate the Adderall XR, and Dex pure Extended-Release Capsules (especially)

Again the 2nd huge problem continues to even affect the consistency meaning in pharm terms the "bioavailability" (how our bodies metabolize the active component with many ways to manipulate the fillers) in both generic Adderall and in generic Dextrostat, and even in Extended Release Dextroamphetamine!

Thus, IMHO, I am old enough to re-experience the "Stigma" from the 1970's that caused the downfall of "Diet pills" and after nearly 20 years of damn near total market abstinence, the discovery of Attention Deficit Disorder, made, the nearly defunct stimulant pharma business flourish from around 1994 until at least around late 2011!

It is very sadly all downhill even since the severe late 2011 and 2012 Adderall shortage was stabilized by 2013. The problems are complex and I see no short-term relief in the year 2017:

NO FDA "bioavailability" controls only "loose bioequivalence controls". No DEA or government authority to cap the industry for "price gouging". The attitude of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants on those who seek ethical pharma meds such as C-II stimulants and C-II pain meds we are all often unfortunately seen as those with "drug seeking behavior" and if we ask any questions a red flag goes up (thanks to the bashing of the DEA) who have a agenda to educate the new age pharmacists to "profile" the consumer!

A part of the blame like in the early 1970's was, too many age range 18 to 24, were borrowing "stimulants" around college campuses and high school kids to cram for exams, or, who did NOT have ADD or ADHD or Narcolepsy, and the drug did get abused, even tho it is a Felony to pass along to a friend a Dexedrine or an Adderall, this is "part of what started the problem in the USA" but not 100% of the problem. Add in legal Booze and partying, to the mix and one has increased ER admissions due to polysubstance abuse from DAWN reports. No Ph.D needed to figure out this. Same thing happened with the opiates being allegedly "overprescribed" prior to around the year 2010.

the affordable care act had some loopholes in it and the greedy pharmacy companies have raised the price to ungodly figures on many many ethical pharmaceuticals, "not just on ADD meds only".

The insurance companies I'd say by 2017 have further restricted or outright banned the coverage of ADD meds such as many brand and many forms of stimulants even in generic class. and.or co-pays are much higher in 2017!

Finally it is true the quality has gone to hell. As I have been a lab rat trying out many forms of adderall and dextroamphetamine in separate and in combined forms and, the choices out there in 2017 are IMHO dismal. (poor) unless you have the money to burn!

Barr Labs, have been going thru many changes the past 2 to 3 years and I have lost my trust in that once fine generic pharma firm. The lists goes on for new comers, and I for sure stay away from Wilshire, or any stimulant made out of Atlanta Ga and
of, AuroBindo products for sure!

I currently settle with 60 count of 10 mg of generic version of old DextroStat called Dextroamphetamine Sulfate by Mallinckrodt of St Louis Mo I rate a B class med.

Why? I am worn out of the new age changes and just settle with what my insurance formulary will approve, and, thus so far the product I list is on my formulary.

Beware of Core, Sandoz, Ranbaxy, and Teva, which have the divisions of Barr.

The licensing out and subcontracting of the pharma licensee is the wild wild west since especially the past 10 to 12 years in a row!

I hate the word "backordered" as it is often abused, just like the word in the 1990's "codependent" was overused. Everyone seems to get a kick in using the disease model concept of using psycho pathology, to describe in one large group the bona fide real honest compliant patients, and the recreational abusers, IMHO, the latter, are the extreme minority.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

UPDATE to my Oct 3, 2017 post!! on year 24 taking stimulants for my ADHD. I just got my C-II for the generic for non existent brand DextroStat 10 mg x 60 tabs filled at "my neighborhood pharmacy" who "most unfortunately was bought out by "Walgreen's" and is no longer a Rite Aid, and no longer stocks my 3 solid years of using MALLINCKRODT Generic dextroamphetamine 10 mg (for former DextroStat) and I was given the new Walgreen's substitute generic made by KVK Tech BIG MISTAKE I MADE!! the pink round pill embossed k underscore 66 is at least 50% "weaker" KVK Tech Inc than the MALLINCKRODT white oval pills I still have that are 10 mg generic Dextroamphetamine. The Mallies have 6 fillers in them and the KVK Tech I understand have at least 10+ fillers in them. IDK for sure, but the difference is unmistakeable!! Why? I compare the new bottle of KVK to my other bottle of Mallinckrodt, exact same dose size, different pharma mfg, yes, there is a GENERIC DIFFERENCE why? it is the "bioavailabity" that is not regulated by the FDA!!

Thanks to big pharma the price is not regulated "either" IMHO due to loopholes in Obama Care.

KVK Tech NDC 10702-0066-01. Once you leave pharmacy you are stuck ! (with your new bag of pharmacy prescription pills) Next time I will have my MD write DAW (dispense as written) for mfg Mallinckrodt and will shop my entire state!!

Mallinckrodt NDC #00406-8959-01 (I still have thirty (30) x 10 mg left from my last February 2018 prescription, and, the white oval shaped Mallie with a "M" on one side and a 10 on the other side are TWICE AS STRONG as these extremely cheap, and very "poor bioavailability" that is NOT regulated by the FDA, IMHO the KVR Tech Suck!! Please do not accept this very poor substitute generic for DextroStat, in either 5 mg or 10 mg!!!

I have done my research, now, it is too late, the "scam" has been completed!! On this harm reduction board there are dozens of angry people who are using KVR Tech generics from other families of controlled substances, such as the generic for oxycodone, either for Roxicodone or for Percocet. (both linked to KVK TECH INC and the following USA drug store chains):

Walgreen's, Kroger, Walmart - just to name a few national pharmacy chains in the USA!!

I am not a MD but I have taken stimulants since 1969 !!, I have taken either 10mg methylphenidate (Ritalin) Brand, Novartis, to, original former SKF/Smith Kline Beecham/Glaxo Smith Kline Dexedrine "E-19" brand dextroamphetamine sulfate, 5 mg, (made from 1937 until 2009) and or the former brand name of DextroStat, made by former, Richwood Phamaceuticals, (Florence Kentucky) or ShireUS who merged with Richwood in calender year 2001, and continued making brand name DextroStat, (pale yellow round pill embossed side 1 RP side 2 with a "52" and 4 mini scorelines. (1994 until 2008) with each 10 mg tablet containing.

Dextroamphetamine sulfate brand name by either Richwood or ShireUS pharma:

-corn starch
-lactose monohydrate
-magnesium stearate
-sodium starch glycolate

Both brand name Dexedrine and DextroStat both had a Orange Book rating of AA the final step up out of 17 categories, of lesser quality!! (bioequivalence)

I rate the "hard to find" Mallinckrodt, St Louis Missouri, USA in my book as a acceptable "B" grade generic!! but these KVR Tech I rate a "D" which I mean like in public grade school is one notch from a F for Failure, a very very poor generic I will never ever try again!!!

I am sorry for my venting, but, I do know how my body processes a ADHD stimulant, have been down this road before!!! Went to hxll and back in the year 2014 with the "new generation of instant release Adderall brand or generic, especially "generic", thus I dropped Adderall generics after trying.

many, poor generic versions......Barr Labs/ for generic Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) I/R were acceptable for me 2007 until 2014. The Duramed division for Brand Adderall 2007+ were also acceptable to me as well, but very expensive! Barr and Duramed have both been a divison of Teva of Israel since December of 2008.

Back on topic for "dextroamphetamine sulfate" PURE, different from Adderall Instant Release or Adderall XR, brand or generic !! Barr Labs used to be good generic dextroamphetamine PURE 2009 to 2015, NDC 00555-0953--02 for 10mg Instant release version of brand DextroStat. (last year of mfg was year 2009) NDC 54092-452-01 ten mg tablet mfg ShireUS Inc Wayne, Pennsylvania USA.

The latter printed was the brand name DextroStat, long gone with the wind! Just like brand name Dexedrine, no longer manufactured, by SKF, SKB GSK!

Teva is in serious trouble with over one hundred lawsuits inside the USA, with Attorney General's from all 50 states in the USA and from more cities and county governments, and, from Kroger Corporation, (Fortune 500 company) who all have filed lawsuits against TEVA for serious improprieties, such as price fixing, poor quality.......the list goes on.........CEO for Teva and more big shots have abandoned Teva, who have lost Billions of dollars in the years 2016 + 2017!! Many layoffs, by the thousands, USA and other countries.

Source: fiercepharma and bloomberg

No wonder Teva has backorders, no wonder all adderall products are on "backorder" or unavailable in much of USA, and, more generic Adderall by Wilshire, to Sandoz, to Global, to "you name it generic company" everyone is complaining, (unhappy consumers, poor quality, or, not in stock, blah blah blah). Teva also had a national callback on all Adderall, in the calendar year 2016, a separate issue!! IMHO there is no outstanding quality left of any Adderall, and, the future for PURE dextroamphetamine is becoming more grim!

Yes there has been a DEA quota cut back 25% from year 2016., and cut back another 20% for year 2018, for this year!!!

Only one of many problems in stimulant industry in USA!!! Sorry for my wall of text, there is more, but it is posted in another stimulant topic, under "Adderall" or "mixed amphetamine salts" on this very Medchat! (data from this very year 2018).

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steve Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for sharing.

I did some work for spectrum labs some years ago. Managed to talk around and get a lab manual :) I lost my mind and ended up in another psych facility. I'll enclose my document for Hyperkinesis.

A proposed treatment plan for hyperkinesis

Adderall is a marketing brand name of a pharmaceutical psycho-stimulant composed of mixed amphetamine salts. The brand name for ADDERALL is written as ADDERALL. The “generic name” for ADDERALL is written as AMPHETAMINE MIXED SALTS. The Adderall mixture of amines contains a racemic mixture of d,l-benzedrine sulfate (C18H18N2·H2O4S) which can be ordered from Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products as catalogue number 2043 costing $90 per gram. The drug formulation of Adderall contains:

¼ racemic (d,l-)amphetamine aspartate monohydrate
¼ dextroamphetamine sacharide
¼ dextroamphetamine sulfate
¼ racemic (d,l-)amphetamine sulfate.

Amphetamine sulfate is not (±)-alpha-methylphenethylamine sulfate. The pharmacist does not understand this so it is important that the Medical Doctor write down on a piece of magical paper the very speci?c medication instead of fancy names. D-amphetamine sulfate is listed in Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products catalogue as number 2041 costing $90 per gram.

To further simplify things one could write Dexedrine™ as dexedrine; being that there is no generic substitute for Dexedrine™ outside of d-amphetamine sulfate, which can be written as d-amphetamine sulfate. While it is very confusing that the word phrase d-amphetamine salts can be written as d-amphetamine salts to indicate that d-amphetamine salts should be used as the “generic”, as would there be suspect that writing d,l-amphetamine salts as d,l-amphetamine salts would su?ce as indicator for “generic Adderall”.

I believe that anxiety when expressed as a catecholamine reaction may interfere with reality testing and cause a state of psychosis, to wit, “The onset of amphetamine-induced anxiety disorder can occur during amphetamine use or withdrawal, according to best-selling psychiatry text, Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry citing American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”[1] being that these chemicals are hormonal in nature any failure to maintain ego function could be classified as an organ neuroses.[2]

[1]. Source: "Adderall XR Side Effects and Warnings". Web. April 6th, 2018

[2]. The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis: The disturbed chemistry of the unsatisfied person (page 238).

For the glory of Christ, I pray for your souls. The chemically unbalanced and very unsatisfied customer.

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Joe Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

My thoughts exactly about the crap KVK Tech dextroamphetamine. I too take Mallinkrodt 10 mg dextroamphetamine. It is the best I have found, Giant Pharmacy special ordered it for me. Then one day the pharmacist told me they can't order it any more and half of my Rx for the month was filled with KVK Tech. It was so bad I filed an adverse events report with the FDA. I felt I'll after taking it due to a substantial dose reduction.

So I started visiting the local pharmacies (this was about February this year) looking for Mallinkrodt Dextroamphetamine, and get this, Walgreens is special ordering it for me. Like you said, KVK tech is their preferred supplier, but Mallinkrodt Dextroamphetamine is carried by Walgreen's distributor, AmerisourseBergen. I told the Walgreen's pharmacist I was terribly allergic to KVK Tech dextroamphetamine and that is all it took to get Mallinkrodt.

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pgl Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message
Thank you so much for your posts--your experience and research is sound(very). Intelligent, robust, and rare (not the usual professional and pharm bias,ignorance and greed)My experience includes a few months on Dexedrine ER(excellent) and then consistent prescription of Dextrostat 10 mg shire for 12pluse years, also excellent. Since then dextrostat generic
(I did not assess generic and know there was variable--so thanks for your astute tracking. Then, vyvanse and this worked well, but too expensive, without insurance, so then adderall IR for cost control, but now, realized in past months, clearly problem for me to find sound generic. Main point--your posts, the best. And it is upsetting (very) to endure the decline of quality and the rise of price and searching. And most of it due to corporate and legal factors that care zip about patient input. Amen, anyway, thank you. pgl

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Ban Aurobindo Now Says:

Warning to everyone, do not consume Aurobindo 10mg dextroamphetamine tablets! Over the last 2 years I started having random months of horrible breakouts on my face and bouts of extreme anxiety and other ailments. All of the symptoms would appear and disappear almost overnight. We traced all my visits to specialist and appearance of symptoms to the exact days in which I had taken the Aurobindo generic dextroamphetamine. The FDA has been provided a report.

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Rcma Says:

There is in accurate information in this post. Check current NDCs on DailyMed or NDCLIST. Also, Aurobindo is rated AA and they're crap. FYI, Actavis And Teva are synonymous wrt Dextroamphetamine Sulfate ER. You can also check their product list. Teva/ACTAVIS, Amneal/Impax and Mallinkrodt are on the market now.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There is in accurate information in this post. Check current NDCs on DailyMed or NDCLIST. Also, Aurobindo is rated AA and they're crap. FYI, Actavis And Teva are synonymous wrt Dextroamphetamine Sulfate ER. You can also check their product list. Teva/ACTAVIS, Amneal/Impax and Mallinkrodt are on the market now.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Whatever you're taking is working because I can't even make it through your epic posts. They're like essays.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Update: Ref: ADHD + Narcolepsy ethical meds: to posts by @mandy 3 Oct 17, @Steve 3 Oct 2017, @Joe 18 July 18, @pgl 10 Feb 20, Rcma 1 Sep 20, * any others I have missed!

Sources: I highly recommend: (a Div. of Martindale, the Complete Pharmcopoeia, (Pharmaceutical Press, London, UK) book form published since 1883 to 2017. (approx. 4,596 pages) Edt 2014 38th EDT. (that covers 43 countries of the modern westernized world (proprietary protected ethical meds only) i.e. no generics. 2014 edt ISBN: 978-0-85711-139-5 note: "medicines complete" is published online only, and is not inexpensive.

2. Truven Analytics (online only) for USA.

3. Kaplan and Saddocks's "Synopsis of Psychiatry" 7th edt. (Kaplan/Saddock/Grebb) all Medical Doctors (for authors), published in book form by Williams & Wilkins, (1994) Baltimore, MD. 7th edt. 1,257 pages: ISBN 0-683-04530-X

4. REDBOOK (Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference) published in book form for 114 yrs, (until last edition yr 2010); by PDR Network Healthcare, Inc. Montvale, NJ 07645 (USA) switched in 2011 to online edition only, as Redbook Database Services, (warning: the price of the traditional book (deleted by end of 2010, the price of online services had risen "dramatically"( by yrs 2011 to 2012) includes Orange Book ratings, AWP, and NDC numbers, & list of wholesalers for the entire USA. + dictionary of nomenclature, plus all USA name brand ethical pharmaceuticals, and all generic manufacturers.

5. (optional) imho. DEF (for) Diccionario de Especialidades Farmaceuticals (Mexico PLM) published by Medical Economics, Montvale NJ 07645 USA (includes Groupo I, II, III, IV, (a/k/a Groupo A, B, C, D) + prescription products (not in Groupo A,B,C,D). Important note: printed in Spanish only. Also, formatted like the (now) antiquated USA Physicians Desk Reference. (formerly the imo the bible of medical physicians in USA)

6. (optional ) imho (on the internet search engine of your choice)

7. (optional) the long running informal,

8. For ADHD patients (adolescents to adults) with Narcolepsy, or ADD inattentive type, and/or co-morbid Bipolar dx's, Treatment Resistant Depression, or Tics, or Oppositional Defiant Behavior, OCD, etc, etc. imho, I recommend a group support meeting, IMHO, such as, these organizations:

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
P.O. Box 543, Pottsdown, PA 19464
Ph: (484) 945-2101 (national clearing house for info, support, advocacy, for ADHD adults)

Attention Deficit Disorder Resources
223 Tacoma Ave. #100, Tacoma WA 98402
ph (253) 739-759-5085

Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD)
8181 Professional Place, Suite 150, Landover, MD. 20785
ph (301) 306- 7070

Final comment: imo, in the last 8 to 10 yrs, many webinars from licensed professionals conduct seminars a/k/a "webinars" from the privacy of your home, on subjects for patients with the spectrum of A.D.D. !!!

Coaching Resources: IMO, I needed one (in addition to the appropriate meds) 20 yrs ago. (as my simple "med checks" did not provide me enough, nor did a dozens of high quality books, to "read my way into a quality of life) helped (yes) but imo I needed more.

ADDA Coach Register
Listing of coaches throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

ADD Resources around the globe.
Canada: Chilliwack, British Columbia, (ADDSA) AC (604) 793-9311
e-mail [email protected]

England (London UK)
ADDISA ph. (020) 8906-9068
e-mail: [email protected]

Resources: Delivered From Distraction author Edward M Halloween M.D & John J. Ratley, M.D. (both trained at Harvard Medical School, USA) Ballentine Books NY NY copyright (2005) also authors of best selling "Driven to Distraction" (1994) IBSN for the 2005 book ISBN: 0-345-44230-x.

Sorry, not edited for errors, + my "wall of text" reputation.

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Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Your posts are almost a miracle, information that I have spent hours trying to find and with no success. Well written and expert organization and information regarding generics makes your work so valuable. Thank you.

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WFMomOf2 Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Where were you able to find NDC# 00406-8959-01 Dextroamphetamine sulfate? I am looking all over for it?

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: WFMomOf2 (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, Ref your question on where did I get the NDC # for Dextroamphetamine 10 mg tab was from multiple RITE AID print outs, I received during 2015, and 2016 for NDC # 00406-8959-01 for MALLINCKRODT of St. Louis Missouri (hdqtrs) printed by the pharmacy in Charlotte North Carolina for a price for sixty (60 x 10 mg of Dextroamphetamine Sulfate instant release) retail consumer price was $149.99 every time for 2015, and 2016 and 2017. The truth is my Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC + my part D of Medicare, and my BCBS Medicare PPO ENCANCED "medigap" optional ins card for a bottom line price of US six dollars for 60 x 10 mg Dex by Mallinckrodt Yes I only paid US 6.00 for 60 x 10 mg for 3 years 2015 / 2016/ 2017 for the Mallinckrodt.

The Mallinckrodt toll free number is 1-800-778-7898 or 1-800-8555 for customer service, that is the phone number I used in 2017. Address is 675 McDowell Blvd. St. Louis MO 63042 + their non toll free number is area code 314-654-2000.

UPDATE: the truth is I got my PCP to fax in to a independent pharmacy where I know the owner/ pharmacist, personally, who I inquired BEFORE I ask my Medical Doctor, to fax the C-II script to this party. I knew up front I would pay a big price for 180 tabs of 10 mg of Dextroamphetamine I/R by Mallinckrodt whjy? the owner/pharmacist told me face to face "I do not stock from my drug wholesaler, but AUROBINDER, imho back when it came out it did not meet my needs is putting it mildly, if not the bottom of the barrel of the worst stimulant I have ever had, vs. old Ranbaxy 2009 version of Adderall I/R 10 mg. Both sucked to me.

The truth is we agreed on a price for my independent pharmacy for me to pay in advance imho a gafted or, very inflated price, to I quote my pharmacist, "I do not like this other drug wholesaler" but I will order 180 tabs for you, but it is all cash money for a total of US $342.60 & when you present the C-II prescription to me I will have it in 48 hours flown in Express Delivery Overnight, and he did that for me. on December 8, 2020 !!!

Thus he also told me he also did NOT like the "other drug wholesaler, who also stocked TEVA/BARR embossment version of generic DEXTROSTAT 10 mg , but he would if I would pay the same price for super fast delivery !!! Of course TEVA is NOT the actually MFG, as millions of dollars were paid by the US Attorneys office and a lawsuit, with the Sherman Act to basically call TEVA crooks, and they were "forced to give up the rights to manufacture TEVA generics in both Dextroamphetamine (pure) and the mixed amphetamine salts, the infamous ADDERALL generics, as the BRAND ADDERALL Instant Release in no longer made.

Sources: REDBOOK (pharmacy's fundamental reference) for the 120th year. Thomson Reuters Truven Analytics a fee based online service (usually only used for proffessionals in the medical field. (lists all ethical pharmaceuticals in the USA generic and brand names) and NDC codes and AWP. and much data not always 100% available to the public.

I am not a rich man, but, that is what imho it has come down to. Some Brand names for only 90 Dexedrine Spansules 15 mg will cost me as much with the inflated prices of my independent pharmacy and combined compounding pharmacy in my home town will cost me cash out of pocket about $1,800.00 for only 60 of those, (I used to take them from this young lad when he worked as a common employee pharmacist in the year 2005 for only $86.0 cash in fist, with a C-II script for 60 x 15 mg of GSK Dexedrine Spansules, (made from 1952 to 2010) by SKF/ SKB/ and GSK.

IMHO the so called highly advertised GOODRX is not worth the paper it is printed on with ADHD target specific meds, and I know of NO USA insurance company that will pay one penny on the meds I discussed, at the prices I quoted you. But if use my BLUE CROSS FORMULARY I can get poor bioavailability imo of whatever any retail drug store carries, I just cannot be specific, as to the mfg.

UNLESS I get lucky and or you get lucky and my or your pharmacy stocks in regular inventory the target specific mfg of the ADHD C-II meds you want. Just my 2 cents worth. The future looks like you can get nearly anything you want if you pay the MOON for it. At pushing 71 yrs old, I have no choice.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

"typo correction needed" Reference "Conversation Starter" Tues March 14, 2017, "last two (2) sentences" that I printed from my "Wall of Text"

#1 Barr Labs, (TEVA of Sellersville, PA 18960) did mfg the "generic" to "former Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg (GSK, or Smith Kline Beecham, embossed SB 3514 on the now deleted version by GSK yr 2010 for 15 mg, former NDC # 00007-3514-15 or #00007-3514-20. Barr Labs (TEVA) used the generic version, called Dextroamphetamine and/or D-Amphetamine 15 mg. Cap SA with this NDC # 00555-0956-02 from at least early 2006 until sometime during the year 2016 ! Orange Book rated "AB". The former brown & clear capsule (with all white beads was embossed barr 956.

#2 Also "DextroStat" Brand Name imho has rather conflicted history. The name "DextroStat" 10mg was imho was originally marketed and manufactured by "Richwood Pharma of Florence, KY, from 1994/1995 as NDC #58521-0451-01 as a five mg. (5 mg) tablet. Within a few yrs, this same mfg, began producing both a 5 mg and 10 mg Brand Name of "DextroStat" both were beige in color, if not light brown, embossed for the 5 mg, as, 51 scoreline and blank side one side two, had a "RP" also, for the 10 mg, same color, but side one was embossed with in the center of the 10 mg round pill, a "52" with 4 mini scorelines, and on side two, a "RP". Source: PDR 1998, page 332. of 3,332 pages, 52nd edt of Physicians Desk Reference.

The "DextroStrat" name was also made for about one year 1994/1995, as a generic, by the actual founder of this med, REXAR 5mg NDC # 00478-5451-05 for five mg, Also, REXAR 10 mg NDC # 00478-5452-05. Rexar Pharmal Corp. 396 Rockaway Ave. Valley Stream NY 11582 under division Obetrol Pharmaceuticals, 382 Schenk Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11207, marketed & mfg this product, under "Obetrol" US Patent # is 2,748052 for the five and ten milligram tablets & formulation from at least 1965, if not before, until the mid 1980's. My source shows a pic + product description PDR 1986.

From the late 1980's until the mid 1990's, Rexar, the parent of the Obetrol division, began marketing and manufacturing the generic versions "only", until, Richwood Pharma of Florence KY, made a "deal" with the founder firms, and, by 1994/1995 it was now again marketed as, "DextroStat", from 1995 until the year 2001. By 2002, Richwood had merged with the larger pharma firm ShireUS. ShireUS continued to market, brand name DextroStat until the middle 2000's, both in 5 mg and in 10 mg. Finally, by the end of yr 2007, the only mfg to produce the med, was, as described above, for one year, (2008) was Physicians Total Care. Orange Book rating "AA". NDC # 54868-4549-00 for #20 tabs, and, NDC # 54868-4549-01 for #60 tabs "both only in 5 mg tablet sizes only".

The revisions for my post "conversation starter" are now complete.

The only problem for my current choice of dextroamphetamine I/R 1en mg tabs, manufactured by Mallinckrodt, St. Louis MO, is a report from that Mallinckrodt were filing for bankruptcy, for "just re-organization" in very late Oct of 2020 ! That NDC # 00406-8959-01 is still valid ! My brand new Psychiatrist, wrote me a new prescription for #60 x 10 mg of Dextroamphetamine DAW Mallinckrodt but, it is being held in a safe, at my local independent pharmacy, since, January 19, 2021 for safe keeping, because, I also just got my PCP to write, #180 x 10 mg of the exact same C-II med, in early December of 2019. I will only add my new Psychiatrist, who is in the age range of 70+ yrs old, told me, my desire to "avoid" the generic mfg for ADD or Narcolepsy,, being the manufacturer, "Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc of Dayton Ohio was most valid, as most of his ADD or ADHD patients did NOT like this stimulant !!!

sorry, not edited for new typo errors...

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Rcma Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

What's the point?

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Ridgerunner Says:

Re: Rcma (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

This is my point. I suggest this recent book, "BOTTLE OF LIES" author is Katherine Eban, a Fortune magazine contributor, Educated at Brown University, and Oxford (UK), where K.Eban was a Rhode Scholar. ISBN 978-0-06-233878-5 (Harper Collins New York USA) yr 2019 482 pages subtitled: "The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom: Dangerous Doses: A TRUE STORY of Cops, Counterfeiters, & the Contamination of America's Drug Supply" quote/unquote. IMO "heavily documented" especially on the the Fraud and Conviction in USA courts of RANBAXY of India !!!

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Marianne Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

So how do I get the malunkroft detrostrat the pharmacies claim they cannot order a specific brand

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Marianne Says:

Re: Joe (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Thankyou very much for that information

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