Prolia & Hair Loss

Gracie Says:

I've just recently had my second Prolia shot. So far so good...a little back pain. I continually have stress fractures on my feet and have also taken fosamax. My current problem is hair loss & I wondered if anyone else was having that problem?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Gracie! How are you?

No, this isn't listed from what I can find, but I'll check a couple more sources to be sure and post back.

Are you on any other medications? How old are you?

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Gracie Says:

I'm 57. On no other meds except evista and a pill for reflux. A friend sent me a website that stated that there was a study with some hair loss

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Patricia Says:

Yes, after my second shot of Prolea, I had two UTIs, fatigue, huge bumps under the skin on my face and all over my scalp, an array of unexplained symptoms like peripheral neuropathy (not diabetic), and my hair is falling out to the point where I am getting bald spots. Horrendous drug-never again. Can 'to wait for it to leave my system!

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Gracie Says:

I'm going to start Forteo in November because I'm having so many fractures. I'm a little worried about side effects. Anybody have any input??

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Barbra Says:

I have had my first Prolia injection about 6 weeks ago. I am 60. I also have some hair loss but I attributed it to a new hair dye I used. But thinking about it, it may well be from the Prolia. I also have chronic minor headaches each day. I will be weighing all the pluses and minuses to determine if I will take my 2nd dose in January.

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Poodle Says:

I am shedding like a dog. I hate to shampoo my hair because it looks like I am a chemo patient with what comes out. I did have lovely hair before Prolia but not now. Not listed as a side effect but it is true.

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philipsmom94 Says:

I am starting the 5th month after my first injection, wont do it again. Loosing lots of hair, glad to know I'm not the only one. Wonder how long it will take to leave my system.

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Mimi Says:

Hi Gracie, I had my Prolia injection April 23rd 2014, three years later I'm still experiencing hair loss, terrible jaw pain with infection in my gums. Unfortunately I spent alot of time getting to know my dentist and now my periodontist. I now have to invest in invisaligns to correct my teeth so as to eat without pain. I lost approx. 45 lbs. I wish you and everyone on this forum all the best.

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Poodle Says:

Are you feeling better in the 5th month? Amgen told me that I should start feeling a lot better at the end of the 5th month which is Sept. 22 for me. I can tolerate this with a lot of narcotics for 6 months but at the end of six months I want my life back. I don't know if it is possible as some people here are still having immune system problems 18 months after.

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Barbra Says:

I have had my 2nd Prolia shot. Someone recommended an antihistimine the morning of the injection and drinking a lot of water. This may have helped because I did not have all the itching I had with the first injection nor did I get the headaches. I still have some hair loss but I am very careful when I wash it, trying not to pull on the hair as I wash. So far, so good!

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Elie May Says:

I've had 3 prolia injections and I am experiencing hairloss.
I don't think I'll go for the 4th injections. I don't feel comfortable
being a guinea pig in the last phase of prolia's drug trial.

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Poodle Says:

Hi Gracie, when you look at the active ingredient in Prolia it is the exact same as in Xgeva. Xgeva is for chemotherapy. Hair falls out completely during chemo. We are receiving lower doses but still getting many of the same problems. Does that help answer your question? When you stop the Prolia, your hair will return to normal as it does with chemo patients. I'm not happy about it either and am definitely refusing the next dose on October 22. It has tinkered so much with my immune system that I now have an autoimmune disease. Be well~Pood

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Barbra Says:

It's the end of August and my hair is falling out despite being careful! I love not having the backaches but I may have to stop this drug by not getting my third injection!

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Denise Says:

I had my second injection in June of 2015 and I didn't connect the dots until now that my hair loss is due to these injections. I've been trying to figure out what was causing it, thinking my hormones were the problem. I turned 53 in June when I had the second injection, and my hair was coming out in amounts I'd never seen before. I've been trying all kinds of different shampoos and conditioners, oils, vitamins and supplements, etc...and spending lots of time and money on this and I finally figured out it's the Prolia. My skin is itchy, my scalp is red, and I've had lots of breakouts on my face, too, and all of this wasn't happening before I started taking Prolia injections. I'll never take this drug again. I hope it's out of my system soon and my conditions return to normal.

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Poodle Says:

Amgen, the manufacturer of Prolia, states that at the 6th month mark it should be all but gone in our bodies; however, there are certain things that can apparently last 5 more months after we reach the 6th month mark. They don't state what 'they' are though. One would have to call the nurses at Amgen to find out if what you are experiencing after the 6th month mark is definitely from Prolia. I believe that it will take some time for our immune system to be working again 100%. My 6th month is this Nov. 5, 2015 so I'll be able to respond better after I get past that date even though I am close. I'm very impatient about this in my body! I want it gone NOW! Be well~Pood

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Poodle Says:

I am now about 2 months past the 'magic day'. Hair loss is finally letting up. I will still need dry needling to break up the muscle bands it has caused. First I had the cataract it caused removed and just got home from a total hip replacement. I still have the muscle pain and the autoimmune disease it caused. Seems as if I can tolerate more wheat than before so that one may be letting up some. There is life after Prolia. I have gone from 165 lbs. down to 108. BAD DRUG! Believe it or not the Prolia muscle pain is worse than a total hip replacement. Amgen is also now writing that one needs Prolia for TEN years for it to work. No Thank You!! Hope you all get better faster and remember to stay away from this poison. Be well all~Pood

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Shirley Says:

YES! I had one shot of Prolia and my hair fell out like crazy. It's time for my 2nd shot and Im not getting it until I see if my hair stops coming out.

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Marti Says:

I am having numerous and debilitating side effects after my second shot of Prolia. It has zapped all my energy, given me aches and pains and I was surprised to read about hair loss, because I have it big time. This is a horrible drug. Does anyone know if all these side effects wear off after the 6 month period.

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Anne Says:

Hair loss is a side effect of Prolia! Same thing happened to me so I got busy to find out why. The other why is: Why doesn't Amgen list it on their website? Look up National Cancer Institute, then cancer drugs of which it lists Prolia & Denosumab as CANCER DRUGS! You can search further & both are found in chemo drugs as well & as we're aware, chemo drugs cause hair loss. It says that it will grow back in 7 or 8 months @ 1/2 inch a month. Big deal, what do we do in the meantime - wear a wig - That's not my style. I took a print-out of the National Cancer Institute to my doc & believe me, from the look on his face he had no clue about it. Needless to say I just got a blank look. The docs should educate themselves first & foremost. If anyone is considering this inj. - do your homework before making such a critical decision. I did it once - but NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Anne Says:

I was reading the post on 11 Feb. 16 & was surprised to see it was my own, with the exception of some of my words rearranged. The hair loss is definitely from prolia as I stated. It is a shame that Amgen omits it from the side effect list. I am now @ 6 months, 3 weeks, & 3 days & the pain & hair loss have not let up. I again reported it to the FDA & plan on reporting it for the 2nd time to Amgen. My next step is placing a Warning ad to all women contemplating the prolia injection. Hopefully we can save some poor sole the misery.

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Kaye Says:

Re: Gloria (# 467) Expand Referenced Message

I found the same connection to cancer. You would not believe how badly I was talked to when I mentioned that! I’m so relieved to read that you found the same connection to cancer! Kaye

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Gloria Says:

Prolia caused my hair to thin, as I have stated many times, Prolia was a horrible drug for me. Back and joint pain, permanent damage to my whole body. I tolerated 7 shots and with each shot I got worse! I finally did research and found out that it is used for bone cancer patients. A form of Chemotherapy, yes. I will never take another Prolia shot, I suffered and still have permanent problems because of this horrible drug. A nightmare for me!!

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Sue Says:

Re: Viv (# 463) Expand Referenced Message

Same thing here!!! They should be telling us about the hair loss! I was shocked!

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Sue Says:

Re: Kaye (# 464) Expand Referenced Message

I only had one shot… tons of hair loss! That was it for me!!!

Also, ended up with TMJ!!! Never again!!!

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Kaye Says:

Yes, my hair really fell out after my second shot and I felt terrible all the time and my legs really hurt, especially when lying down!
My dr. said , when I asked about side effects, "not much of anything." Realy!!! I quit and feel back to 100%. All I take now is Vitamin D and B12. I should take calcium but cannot tolerate it if I want to be out of the bathroom. Also research everything now - but don't trust what the drug companies put out. Kaye

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Viv Says:

Re: Mustang (# 462) Expand Referenced Message

I was told the same thing about side effects. I did Forteo and then my doctor prescribed Prolia. It’s been several years and I have never felt good since, one issue after another. My biggest issue is hair lost it was so bad I needed a hair net when cooking. The last time I saw the doctor he wanted me to do Reclast Infusion. I haven’t been back that was 4 years ago. I take vitamins and do my best to not fall. One lesson I learned I research all my medications.

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Mustang Says:

Re: Dawn (# 436) Expand Referenced Message

That’s the way I felt about Forteo. I know these are not the same drug.
I thought the side effects would never stop.

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Lizzie Says:

Re: Sue (# 458) Expand Referenced Message

We just have to remember that we are still ourselves and battle the feeling that Prolia's side effects rob us of our identity... which, I know is easier said than done. The potential for tooth loss is even more frightening.. but at least that is listed in the side effects so you can make an informed decision before starting the drug. They have yet to list hair loss as a side effect.

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Sue Says:

Definitely hair loss is a major side effect for me cause the hair loss is a LOT!!!

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Lizzie Says:

Re: Sue (# 458) Expand Referenced Message

You are correct-- it is devastating. In our culture billions of dollars are made by selling the concept that hair is so important. It becomes embedded as part of our identity. Many guys have to adapt as they get older, but again society and the movie industry is more accepting of the fact that bald guys can still be attractively masculine. Bald women are never celebrated in the if we lose our femininity along with our hair.

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