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Denosumab Overview

Denosumab (trade names Prolia and Xgeva) is a human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of osteoporosis, treatment-induced bone loss, metastases to bone, and giant cell tumor of bone.[1][2] Denosumab is contraindicated in people with low blood calcium levels. The most common side effects are joint and muscle pain in the arms or legs.[3] Denosumab is a RANKL inhibitor,[1] which works by preventing the development of osteoclasts,...

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Side effects and longetivity

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2008, 9 years ago. I was taking alendronic acid for 3 years and have been on a drug holiday for nearly 4 years since. I'm due to have denosumab treatment shortly but am anxious of the side effects after reading patients comments. My bones have reverted back to the condition they were in 9 years ago, I suffer from a very weak bladder due to surgery and have irritable bowel symptoms. Should I seek more medical help as bladder and bowel constipation are two of the side effects this treatment may cause from what I understand and are there other treatments available which could help me please? Also, what is the maximum number of years you can be on this treatment and how long should I expect to live taking this new drug? I go to the gym regularly, eat...


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  • Injection: 60mg/ml, 70mg/ml
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  • 55513-730 Xgeva 120 mg/1.7ml Subcutaneous Injection by Amgen Inc

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