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Teriparatide Pen Travel Bag

Does anyone know of a small travel bag for the Teriparatide pen, which will keep cool for long periods of time? I have received one, but it's very large and will not fit into my hand luggage for the plane.

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Fosamax side effects

What are the side effects from taking Fosamax? ## According to MedlinePlus, there are numerous side effects associated with the use of Fosamax, including but not limited to: nausea stomach pain constipation diarrhea gas bloating or fullness in the stomach change in ability to taste food headache dizziness swelling of the joints, hands, or legs muscle spasms, twitches, or cramps Ref: I hope this helps! ## Body pain and weakness. Have taken Fosamax 3 times. All of a sudden a "wave" comes over me. I get real weak and I feel like I have the flu. My bones, joints, skin, hair all ache. I have to take 2 aspirin and go sit down. Then being so week, I fall asleep. After approx 30 minutes I feel better and carry on! Does anyone else have these symptoms? Never had this prior to taking the...

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Tymlos and Blood Sugar

I have been on Tymlos for 12 months. Over the last few months I am having problems with high blood sugars and a high A1C. I have never had a problem with this before. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue before? My doctor put me on medication for pre-diabetes. ## Hello. I have not taken the meds you are on but I have a somewhat similar issue aside from that. I had a triple bypass several months ago . I had blood work done and my Dr is saying I have high blood sugars and A1C. He put me on Metformin! I have never had diabetes! ## Elevated blood sugars are not listed as a known side effect of Tymlos. Typically, the FDA warns that it may cause nausea, dizziness, headache, and palpitations. Ref: Tymlos Information DIabetes, and PreDiabetes can develop at any age, but making some ...

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Evenity Reactions

First shot and now I have joint and muscle pain within 5 days. Have RA and my doctor is saying this is just a flare, but it feels so different. Anyone else on Evenity for bone building? ## The FDA does list joint, and muscle pain as being common side effects of Evinity, along with fever, weight gain, and insomnia. Ref: Evenity Information Is this the only medication you're currently taking?

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Prolia and tooth extraction

I got one shot of Prolia in late December 2022. In February I developed a tooth infection and fracture below the gum line. It needs to be extracted. No one seems to know anything about this. I am so worried about jaw necrosis. Oncologist who gave me the drug said wait at least 3 months, my former oncologist said 2 months. Everything I've read online says to wait the 6 months. But I have an infection and I'm concerned about how that may affect my heart and my dental health. Has anyone had a tooth extracted after one shot of Prolia? ## I’ve been having those shots since 2017 and so far had no problems. You’re letter scared me. Sorry to hear about your pain.

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Actonel Side Effects

Has anyone taking Actonel 35 mg experienced severe joint pain? ## have you experience hand shakes? ## Actonel Side Effects: SIDE EFFECTS that may occur while taking this medicine include fever, chills, stomach pain, joint pain, headache, nausea, or diarrhea. If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience severe joint pain, muscle pain, painful swallowing, severe heartburn, pain or swelling in the gum, loosening of teeth, or numbness or feeling of heaviness in the jaw. An allergic reaction to this medicine is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing. If an allergic reaction to this medicine occurs, seek...

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Prolia and dental braces

Hi. Before I found out I had developed osteoporosis (recent DEXA scan) and had to have the PROLIA injection I had already had braces fitted on my lower front teeth. I read that prolia inhibits bone regrowth and I cannot find any information about whether the teeth will actually move and the bone in the jaw be recreated as it should so the teeth stay in their new position. I rang AMGEN to ask them and they could not give me any advise. Has anyone continued having dental brace treatment during Prolia treatment and has the dentistry results been positive? ## I would be interested in the too I would like to get braces. Had 2 injections now. Please share what you find out.

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Forteo side effects / sickness

I have been taking Forteo for 5 days. I am light headed, feeling of drunkenness, shaky, headaches, nauseous, disoriented, and some blurred vision daily. My doctors office was closed on Friday and at this point I'm scared and not sure to continue taking or not. ## The symptoms that you are describing are all listed as known side effects for forteo. They should only last for around 4 hours, however, they also state that if you experience fainting, unusual tiredness or mental/mood changes such as confusion then you should head to the emergency room as these are serious conditions that need immediate attention. ## From what I read on Medline Plus, nausea is one of the more serious side effects. I don't know about discontinuing use, but I would report what you are experiencing to you...

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Any positive experiences with Forteo?

I am a 63 year old female with osteoporosis. I will start Forteo tonight and have some concerns based on some of the comments. Are there any positive comments that you can share? ## The main thing about reading comments online is that the people who go hunting for a place to ask questions, or make comments about it, are those that have had problems. Most people taking it do just fine, and aren't looking for a site like this to see if others share their experiences. Unfortunately, good experiences are rarely shared. The FDA does warn that Forteo may cause side effects, such as nausea, administration site reaction, headache, leg cramps, and heartburn. Ref: Forteo Information How is it working for you?

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How to use Forteo (Teriparatide) only twice a week

In Japan and Korea, teriparatide (generic of Forteo) is available for once-a-week or twice-a-week-injections -- instead of a daily injection. Their studies show its effectiveness this way is as good as an injection every day. They take 60 micrograms once a week, or 30 micrograms twice a week. Has anybody found a way to take the U.S. injector pen to administer 30 micrograms one time or two times a week?

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Prolia & Hair Loss

I've just recently had my second Prolia shot. So far so good...a little back pain. I continually have stress fractures on my feet and have also taken fosamax. My current problem is hair loss & I wondered if anyone else was having that problem? ## Hello, Gracie! How are you? No, this isn't listed from what I can find, but I'll check a couple more sources to be sure and post back. Are you on any other medications? How old are you? ## I'm 57. On no other meds except evista and a pill for reflux. A friend sent me a website that stated that there was a study with some hair loss ## Yes, after my second shot of Prolea, I had two UTIs, fatigue, huge bumps under the skin on my face and all over my scalp, an array of unexplained symptoms like peripheral neuropathy (not diabeti...

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Prolia side effects

Would like to know of side effects after Prolia infusion from other persons. Up to now I have none. ## Prolia is used to treat or prevent Osteoporosis, specifically in post-menopausal women, it contains the active ingredient Denosumab. I'm glad to hear you've had no side effects, however, they can include: skin infections, jaw bone problems, irritation at the injection site and hypocalcemia. Read more: Is there anyone else with experience using this? ## How are you doing now? Still now side effects? Please let us know ## I was given a shot of prolia 8 days ago. I am suffering from pains in my arms and legs, digestive discomfort and nausea. Has anyone had this shot as I would like to know how long these side effects last as I am unable to work at the moment. I really feel terribl...

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Fortical Forte Diclofenaco Vitaminas B1,B6 yB12 Grageas

How good or this and or they good for a person who has parkinsons? ## Has a doctor advised the person to take them? Fortical Forte contains the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Diclofenac and a complex of B vitamins, it is usually given to treat pain associated with various conditions, such as arthritis and neuropathy. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more: ## need to know were I cant fine this fortical forte pills ## Es mala la vitMina. Fortical b ## You can find them on Progreso (Mexico). ## I also need to know where to find Fortical Pills, Vitamins ## I take these and got them in Mexico

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Traveling with Forteo

How do you take Forteo injections on a plane and travel to Cozumel for two weeks? ## Hello, Janflute! How are you? U.S. Customs, and Border Protection has an information page about traveling with your medications here. They state that you should keep medication in the original containers provided by your pharmacy, with the doctor's prescription on the label, or if they are not in the original containers, you must bring a written prescription from your doctor with you. I've traveled with medications, before, so has most of my family, and the most that was ever done was making sure they were prescribed, and that we were only carrying personal use amounts. Another thing that my doctor advised, which I've always followed, was to keep my medications in a carry on bag, rather than...

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what do prolia patients say about the side effects

What does the pharmaceutical people of Prolia advised regarding its side effects? ## Hello, Lala! How are you? They do warn that it can possibly cause some potential serous side effects, such as low blood calcium, serious infections, jaw bone problems, thigh bone fractures and more. Have you had a bad experience with it? ## Yes, the discomfort in the mouth is the worst. Now I have to make a decision regarding what to do with my osteoporosis. I am afraid of Prolia but doctors say that Prolia is the best medicine offered. ## I HAD THE PROLIA INJECTION 5 DAYS AGO AND HAVE HAD BACK PAIN OR SORE BACK FROM THE INJECTION. IF I HAD BEEN TOLD ABOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS. I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE INJECTION. NOW , I DO NOT KNOW IF THE PROLIA EVEN HELPS THE BONE LOSS. THE FDA SHOULD BE SUED. THIS IS OUT...

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Prolia issues and side effects

I am not going to have my next shot of Prolia due 11 June. I have already had two injections and lately have suffered horrible side effects such as terrible constipation, leg and foot cramps, skin rashes, stomach pain,etc. I also found out that Prolia works by stopping the body's own bone production, causing old bone to become denser. This results in probable fractures due to old brittle bones, Prolia also causes low calcium levels in the blood, a weird side effect seeing it is supposed?to strengthen boned! ## I am sorry for your pain and suffering, I am on the "high risk list" for fractures, so having a product that has rebuilt bone mass in MY body is a blessing. No, I don't like the side effects, but I don't want to be in a wheel chair either.. Good Luck To You and...

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Prolia Loss of Taste and Smell

I have been taking Prolia injections for 2 years now. Over time, I've noticed that my sense of taste and smell has diminished. As of 6 months ago, I have totally lost the ability to taste anything sweet. Desserts of any kind taste bitter to me. I have also been on Levothyroxine (Synthoid) for a few years prior to starting the Prolia, but the loss of taste and smell has been significantly worse since I started the Prolia injections. Has anyone else experienced taste and smell issues taking Prolia? ## Yes I haven't any taste. Feel a little hungry. Then no taste and don't want it. Also my shoulders are really hurting, then goes to my head. I have several health problems but I know my body. Was not a candidate for Prolia at all and I would not take it again. Best of luck to you ...

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Fosamax/dental extractions

dangers of dental extractions while on Fosamax ## I'm 65 yrs. old and have been on Fosamax 10+ years. I had a wonderful doctor who retired approx. 4 yrs. ago. Haven't had good medical care since then and am opting to stop this medication. I am experiencing teeth problems and shoulder and upper back/neck pain. I think 10 years is long enough (maybe too long) to take this med and I am going to stop "cold turkey". I'm going to check into a natural product at my local health food store that might benefit Calcium absorbtion. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Thanks ## Generally, people are warned to avoid dental work while taking Fosomax due to the possible risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw, it is warned about in the patient advisory leaflet, and is why most pati...

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Esophageal Spasms

On taking Fosamax, I had severe esophageal spasms. I finally self-diagnosed myself; stopped the Fosamax, and they are only minute now; hopefully will stop soon. ## I only just started Fosomax a month ago for osteokinesis and am having serious issues with swallowing anything. Having pain in my chest and what seems to be spasms. Am thinking of just stopping it all together. I have had 2 esopageal stretches over the year and first thought this was heartburn but have no heartburn symptoms sych as reflux or throat acid. I can onky attribute my swalling issues to Fosomax. ## There is a risk of most medications causing such issues as side effects, according to FDA reports. Others may also include nausea, dizziness, worsening asthma, and joint/bone pain. You might be better of trying a differen...

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Alendronate Dizziness/Nausea

I have been taking Alendronate 70 mg once a week for two years, but the last month I have experienced increasingly more severe dizziness and subsequent nausea within 24 hours of dosage. Is this 24 hour delayed reaction caused by Alendronate? ## Those can be normal side effects of Alendronate, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include headache, bloating, constipation, and taste changes. Ref: Alendronate Information Our bodies do change with time, so it is always possible to suddenly start experiencing side effects that you didn't experience in the past. However, there is also a chance that these symptoms are entirely unrelated. Are you on any other medications? Has anything changed in your diet, or lifestyle recently? If its severe, you should consult your doctor for y...

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