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Fosamax hair damage or loss?

Since using Fosamax my hair has become thin and my hairdresser refuses to perm my hair. She said it was possible that the Fosamax had broken my hair and if she permed it my hair would probably break off. Can Fosamax be the cause? ## Hello Gill, Yes, hair loss is listed as a possible (but less common) side effect when taking Fosamax (Alendronate) [1]. You might want to bring this up to your doctor to see if they recommend switching medications. [1]

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Fosamax/dental extractions

dangers of dental extractions while on Fosamax ## I'm 65 yrs. old and have been on Fosamax 10+ years. I had a wonderful doctor who retired approx. 4 yrs. ago. Haven't had good medical care since then and am opting to stop this medication. I am experiencing teeth problems and shoulder and upper back/neck pain. I think 10 years is long enough (maybe too long) to take this med and I am going to stop "cold turkey". I'm going to check into a natural product at my local health food store that might benefit Calcium absorbtion. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Thanks ## Generally, people are warned to avoid dental work while taking Fosomax due to the possible risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw, it is warned about in the patient advisory leaflet, and is why most pati...

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Fosamax and jaw pain

I take Fosamax D once a week and on the 2nd day thru the 4th day I have severe jaw and jaw-tooth pain and then it goes away. Is Fosamax D the cause? ## I've been on Fosamax for nearly three months. This week for the first time I experienced pain in my upper teeth that I thought might be sinus related. Now I believe it is caused by the Fosamax. I don't intend to continue with it. ## I have been on Fosamax 5 months, and had 4 days of TMJ agonizing pain recently. It has never been that bad in 20 years. I will speak to my doctor. I'm afraid to keep taking it. ## Yes, there is a chance that it was caused by the Fosamax, it has also been known to cause osteonecrosis of the jaw, according to FDA reports, so you should consult your doctor, or dentist and have this checked out as soo...

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Esophageal Spasms

On taking Fosamax, I had severe esophageal spasms. I finally self-diagnosed myself; stopped the Fosamax, and they are only minute now; hopefully will stop soon. ## I only just started Fosomax a month ago for osteokinesis and am having serious issues with swallowing anything. Having pain in my chest and what seems to be spasms. Am thinking of just stopping it all together. I have had 2 esopageal stretches over the year and first thought this was heartburn but have no heartburn symptoms sych as reflux or throat acid. I can onky attribute my swalling issues to Fosomax. ## There is a risk of most medications causing such issues as side effects, according to FDA reports. Others may also include nausea, dizziness, worsening asthma, and joint/bone pain. You might be better of trying a differen...

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Fosamax disaster

I have been taking fosamax for a couple of years with the most devastating results. My Teeth have been breaking off on a regular basis the dental hospital are very nervous about removing my Teeth as they fear my jaw could break as a result of osteonecrosis. Also, I have just had a barium swallow for my enlarged glans in my throat where for the past 6 weeks I have lost my ability to speak after awakening at 8am exactly 12hrs later. The mental anguish is extreme and the dental surgery costs will be astronomical if my jaw can stand up to teeth removal without breaking. The manufacturers of this drug should step up and accept the compensation pay out to the sufferers of this debilitating drug called fosamax. ## That is a known side effect of this medication, according to NIH reports. It may...

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Fosamax- vertigo

My mother takes Fosamax;and had forgotten not to drink coffee after taking.All of a sudden she is very dizzy and nausea.She claims she is not dizzy but feels very drunk and has no balance.Was in ER and in observation over night.The Dr. called it Vertigo.I read on Vertigo and it said dizziness.Nothing is spinning.She feels drunk and has loss of balance very badly.Had given her Adavert upon releasing from hosital.There has been no change at all.Head cat scan,blood work and carotid arteries checked and no signs of anything.I don't know what else to do for her.Any suggestions?PLEASE! Thanks ## My dr. has recently prescribed Foszmax for me, but I wanted to do some research before taking it. Did your mom take it once and started feeling this way, or was this her first time taking it? Is s...

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Esophagus Burning Fosamax [Alendronic Acid]

My mom is taking Fosamax [Alendronic Acid], she is taking it exactly as directed and is still getting terriible burning in her esophagus. She is really suffering. She says there are no alternative medications she can switch to. Are there any remedys she can take to help ease the burning in her esophagus? Supplements, Vitamins, anything like that? Any help anyone can give me would be greatle appreciated, as i Said, she is really suffering Thanks in Advance!! ## There are alternative medications that she could try, such as Prolia, Zometa, and Boniva to name a few, as well as several more. She should ask her doctor about trying a different one. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and joint/muscle aches. How is she doing, now?

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heartburn from fosamax

I have been taking the generic form of fosamax once a week for 3 wks. I have developed intense heartburn and nausea. I was very reluctant to begin this drug and am thinking of stopping. Anyone else have these side effects? ## Those can be normal side effects, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience headache, and joint/muscle aches. Are you on any other medications? Have you been taking it on an empty stomach, or after a meal? Many people have had to stop taking this medication due to severe side effect issues.

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Fosamax side effects

What are the side effects from taking Fosamax? ## To view all the possible side effects and other information regarding Fosamax, you can click on the link below... NOTE: you may need to scroll down to the section called side-effects. Do you have any more questions or informaiton to add? Please post back if you do. ## Body pain and weakness. Have taken Fosamax 3 times. All of a sudden a "wave" comes over me. I get real weak and I feel like I have the flu. My bones, joints, skin, hair all ache. I have to take 2 aspirin and go sit down. Then being so week, I fall asleep. After approx 30 minutes I feel better and carry on! Does anyone else have these symptons? Never had this prior to taking the med.

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bisphosphonates aclasta for paget's bone disease, fms

After taking strong oral doses of fosomax for pagetic shin bone, I developed fibromyalgia and am hesitant to have an aclasta infusion of a similar bisphosphonate to fosomax injected, which would last 2 years in my system. This treatment may possibly prevent further progress of paget's bone disease in my shin but I am hesitant to have this procedure as I think I am allergic to it and may make myself even more ill. ## Hello, Susannah? How are you? Have you been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia? The reason I ask is because some of the side effects of these medications can be very similar to it. As reported by the FDA, people have experience joint/muscle aches, headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, vertigo and alopecia. What makes you think you're allergic to it? Symptoms of a...

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Can Fosamax be taken in the evening - 1 hr before bed?

Can Fosamax be taken in the evening - 1 hr before bed? I am taking protonix every morning 1 hr before breakfast, and would not feel well all day if I didn't. So the question is, can I take Fosamax later on after breakfast and before lunch, or between lunch and dinner, or even after dinner, 30-60 minutes before going to bed? ## Hello, Frumu! How are you? No, for Fosomax to be effective, the FDA directions say it must be taken upon arising in the morning, at least half an hour before having any other food, beverage or medication, other than plain water. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, skin rash and chest pain. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Back pain after taking Fosamax

I took my first Fosamax on Friday with no ill effects that day. Whe I woke up on Saturday morning I was having some pain in my right arm and my whole back. These pains gradually became worse as the day went on. Sleeping was very difficult and slept in spurts, waking everytime I moved. On Sunday morning when I tried to get out of bed I was in excruciating pain. My husband got me to the living room and in to a recliner and that is where I spent my day. Sunday evening I took some pain pills that my dentist had given me and was able to sleep. Today, Monday, sarted out ok but has gradually deterioated. Most pain is in my back (I can't stand totally erect) and has gone into both shoulders. It feels like a knife has been stuck into my back and jiggled around. This makes taking a deep breat...

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Wife suffered femur fracture after years on Fosamax and generic Fosamax

Wife was just standing when her femur fractured just below the hip joint. She fell to the ground, in agony. Orthopedic surgeon said she DID NOT have osteoporosis, in fact her bones were very solid. She took Fosamax for years, for the last three or four, was on generic alendronate Sodium. Now has a metal rod in the femur, held in by a pin and screw. She faces months of pain and healing. Need to find a law firm willing to take her case on contingency basis, since we are on Social Security, and cannot afford to pay a law firm. ## We live in Amesbury, MA. Wife needs a walker to get around, had to spend money for plane trip back from MO, since she could not take a long car trip after surgery. Also had to pay to transport to KC Airport. Needed a shower chair, since she cannot stand to take a ...

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used for making bones stronger ## what side effects or negative problems are seen with Fossinex? ## The name of the medication is Fosamax, this is just another example of why they should be made much easier to understand! Fosamax is used to treat osteoporosis and several other diseases of the bone. In 2008 a generic became available. You can learn more Fosamax details here. Side effects may include nausea, esophageal ulceration, skin rash and joint/muscle/bone pain. Are there any questions or comments?

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Fosamax jaw symptoms years after stopping the drug.

I was put on Fosamax & Evista when it first became available for Osteopenia (very early surgical menopause). When it became notorious for side effects, my dr said to get off it immediately. Now, years later, have developed jaw pain and assoc symptoms on one be investigated. Can it affect a person years later?? ## At this point I'm really not sure that it's possible to say whether it was caused by the medication or just something that's developed. What type of jaw pain are you having? Have you had any dental problems? Do you grind your teeth, at all? I think the answer is really going to depend on what's causing the issue and it's hard to guess, when you're still not sure.

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Fosamax and broken toe

I have osteoporosis and used to take Fosamax but I stopped taking it a few years ago because of the bad publicity it was getting. I broke my toe 6 months ago and it still hasn't healed. Will taking Fosamax help heal my toe or will it hinder it? So far, I have received conflicting advice. Many thanks. ## From what I could gather, Fosamax is used for osteoporosis and several other bone diseases. However, it doesn't really get into any specific details as to what other types of bone diseases it actually covers. After looking at the side effect profile of this drug, I would honestly stay away from Fosamax, as I don't think it's worth it. If anything I would simply suggest eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to help your body heal quicker. This, along with meditation or u...

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Atrial fib

I have just started taking Fosamax. I have atrial fib, after reading all this, I don't know if it is safe for me to take it or not. Has anyone here started this drug that has atrial fib? Have you had any problems? I have only had one dose so far. ## There have been some studies and events that have created a suspicion that it may cause a-fib in women, so if you already suffer from it, I imagine it would be possible that it could make it worse, or cause attacks. Learn more Fosamax details here. Have you discussed it with your doctor? That would really be the best thing to do so you can properly weigh your options. ## Fosamax induced Atrial Fib in me. Didnt realize it was the Fosamax until I got off of it after 2 years. No more A-fib or any other irregular heart beats. I will never ge...

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Fosamax & atrial fib

I took Fosamax 2 years. Dueling that time I developed atrial fib, was shocked once & placed on Multaq. Continued to experience other heart issues such PAC's, bijimeney & was scheduled for an ablation in Austin, Tx. The doctor that placed me on Fosamax dc'd it after the 2 years & a week or so later, guess what? All the heart irregularities disappeared. Three months out, still no heart irregularities. I'm so thankful that I didn't have the ablation before getting off the Fosamax. ## I'm very glad that you are no longer having any problems and hope that it continues. And yes, there are many reports of Fosamax causing atrial fibrillation in women that take it. Learn more Fosamax details here. Are you still having your heart function checked regularly?

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Fosamax, Fosamax side effects, femur fractures

When it comes to taking Fosamax, I think we can all agree that the costs severely outweigh the benefits. Between the side effects, which include femur fractures, osteonecrosis of the jaw, and more, this drug is a nightmare! For any (and all!) of you who have experienced side effects as a result of taking this drug, you should pay a visit to your doctor immediately, but you should also seek compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and any lost wages by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. I know a great consumer injury law firm, Bernstein Liebhard LLP, whose lawyers are currently offering free and confidential case evaluations. Call them directly at (877) 779-1414 or visit their website at Good lu...

toes in pain

I have been using Fosamax for 3 months, I have noticed severe pain in my big toe and just this week have severe pain in all my toes to the point of having trouble walking. I thought it was the sandals I was wearing but even after stopping that and going back to my good tennis shoes my toes are in terrible pain. Anybody else have this problem? ## Have you consulted your doctor? Fosomax contains the active ingredient Alendronic_acid and it has been known to cause some bone problems, primarily in the thigh, but it is always possible that it could also affect other bones in the body, as well. You should consult your doctor to get to the root of the problem. ## It sounds like an exact problem I had. It turned out to be "gout".

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