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Morphine Sulfate 60 mg Tab SA: Shape oblong Color Orange marked E 655;60 by Endo Labs: Tablet is solid orange throughout

I've been on methadone for past 8 yrs. I wanted to try the MS Contin to inject. I've read how. ! wipe color off pill;2 important to crush to very fine powder (should be white) add 3 ml water and let stand at least 5 min or longer. filter often draw up and inject; The tablet I was given is described above. It is solid orange throughout). Can they be injected??? Or what should I specify to my Dr. or Pharm. to get MS Contin that is injectible???

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lala Says:
i want to know how to inject oxocodone 30 small blue pill or methadone 10 pills M 57 71 medicines prescribe by my doctor but dr has injected before due to severe pain i just dont want to ask my dr. how to do please help with exactly how you do either one of these i usally take 6 methadone a day 4 oxy a day so do i do more to get the effect?

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Verwon Says:

Not only are you risking an overdose, which can cause severe organ damage, but many tablets, especially the time released ones, contain fillers that are NOT meant to be digested or broken down by your body, instead they are normally just expelled in your waste. If you inject them, you run the risk of creating clots and blockages, this is also a hazard if you snort crushed pills.

These are very potent narcotics and SHOULD NOT be abused.



Did you have any other questions?

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Ronnie Says:

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Robert Says:
1st to Verwon posted on 8/17/2009 responding to injecting certain pills. Apparently you don't know as much about pharmicutical narcotics as you think. Naturally the time release pills, i.e., MS Cotin, Oxycodone are full of adultrants such as wax which hods the morphine in MS Cotin. But there are SAFE methods that can assure no damage is done to one's body if the morphine is taken out of the wax, then personally I would put it in the muscle. Oxcodone will have to go in the vein, and even with the methods that can be more dangerous, one really has to know the proper procedure for injecting a drug of that nature and it must be followed to the letter. And to Ronnie who says on 5/9/2010 Idiot!!!!!!. As per my message above you have shown that you are the IDIOT along with anyone that attempts to inject anything without first knowing the exact proper procedure. Ronnie keep eating your pills because you surly know nothing about chemistry

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James Says:
Okay dude i'll tell you how. It seems these guys just want to talk s**t and give you a hard time. MS Contin is notoriously hard to shoot. You need constant heat. It is easier if you have two people. One person heats the spoon untill boiling, the other draws up with the syringe as it boils. You can do it yourself, but you have to keep switching between heating and drawing. MS Contin has a gumming agent in it to prevent abuse. The only way to get it thin enough is when it is boiling. The rest of what you said is correct. Rub off colour, DRY pill, crush fine, add 3 mill or so. Don't worry if the pill is not white. If it says MS Contin then it is morphine. There is a new one out called MS Mono, it has wax in it. You can't shoot it. Don't try. Oxycodone is easy. Same procedure, minus the boiling. Use hot water from the kettle, don't need to boil it further. If you've never shot MS contin before, then be aware that the hot rush is fairly prickly. Kinda hurts, but only lasts about 6 seconds, and then your stoned. Good luck.

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James Says:
Methadone is easy, the small white pills should dissolve easily in 1ml warm water. Well the drug dissolves, leaves a bunch of crap behind. About the last message, remember to filter!! The MS contin isn't so bad without a filter, but the oxy definately needs a filter. With the oxy, you want a clear liquid inside the syringe, no white powder. It will give you a headache. Just be warned: When you start shooting oxy's, morph or methadone, your tolerance goes up very quickly. After a couple months, you will be using a day's dose by 9am. And there is no going back. But good luck.

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James Says:
And don't listen to these idiots. Its not that hard. And don't put it in your muscle like 'robert' has suggested. You will end up with the biggest, most painful golf-ball sized lump under your skin. It will hurt for days, and come up in a massive, sickening yellow and black bruise that lasts for weeks. Stick it your muscle? Gees guys, how about know what your talking about before you go giving advice.

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Robert Says:
James says on 6-6-10 that you will get a very bad large bump that will swell, hurt and eventually have a puss where you injected the MS Cotin in the Muscle. I can assure you that that will be the case for someone like James and others that do not know how to extract the morphine out of the wax which is where it is located. Never boil it. As stated it has wax (hence the time release) in it so when boiling it may bring some of the morphine out but it will immediately go back into the wax as it cools, and if you draw that up you will also get wax and other adultrants mixed in along with some morphine that would be very dangerous to inject in the vein or otherwise.. As for abcess, once through removing the morphine out of the pill and drawn up using a cotton wheel you will have nothing but morphine in it. I have a friend that is a chemists, he used a certain number and amount of certain chemicals to extract the morphine, but he stated under no circumstances should you boil the crushed pill. After he finished extracting I drew up a clean clear liquid that when tasted was very bitter. I put in in the back hip right under belt line and I had no lump or any of that stuff, that James says will happen. I got off to it very well just like a phar. grade morphine that is often used to put in the muscle. Again, what James does not realize is that there is a way to by pass just about anything. The pharm. companies make pills to cut down on abuse. It works for the layman trying to get passed these phar. procedures. But to someone that is an expert chemists those procedures can be by passed. So unless you have a pharmaceutical chemist that can help you, be very careful about trying to break down any of the narcotic meds. Yes the oxycotin can be broken down, BUT DO NOT BOIL. Then it must be injected in the vein and if not prepared exactly right you will be taking a big chance. Another thing about oxycotin is you sure don't want to miss the vein or you will have a very serious abcess. So there are ways to get things done, but one's knowledge is all important. I do not remember the chemicals and amounts my chemists friend used to extract out the morphine, but I will find out. For me it was just something to try. Hey, if you have to inject an opiate, then I recommend you find some pure Tye #4. Otherwise just stay to eating your narcotic pills. I wanted to get the pure morphine out of the MS Contin due to a bad liver and all the s**t that comes in the MS Contin certainly is doing more damage to my liver. I have very bad chronic low back pain, along with a bad liver. According to every Dr I spoke with stated that a pure opiate will cause the least damage to my liver. An operation will not correct my back problems which are to many to mention, so I am left with narcotic therapy. I've already tried the lesser invasive treatments on my back, but to no avail. So to James I say, know ALL your P's and Q's before giving advice. I am living proof that yu can inject the morphine for MS Contin in the muscle. Quid Pro Quo

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DR. X Says:
The very 1st thing you should do before injecting pills is to seek out the pills that are the easiest and safest to prepare and inject! Ask your Dr for IM (immediate release or instant release pills IR) whatever. Morphine,Dilaudid,Ocy or whatever! But some ER (extended release) can be gotten around! Such as morphine ER called Avinza (caps) real easy one!
Open caps & put lil' balls in paper (put all pills in pre-folded paper) then crush finely with the rounded (heel) end of a medium sized screwdriver, rock it back and forth all over until it's flat and smooth and you end up with finely crushed powder! This method works with most everything for snorting or injecting, Just take your time! Then add hot water 1cc to the spoon, stir with rubber end of plunger. Heat solution but do not boil! Set spoon on a CD case and hold round end of spoon and slowly spin spoon and clear dope will sling to outer edge of spoon and garbage will stay in the center.ONLY filter up the clear solution to inject, the rest won't even taste like dope anymore! VERY safe to inject even if you miss you will still get off, no abcess, no pain or bumps at all! VERY SAFE IF YOU KNOW YOUR LIMITS!!! The Mallinkrodt IR (triangles) Dilly's use the same method! The round Roxane dillys, crush and boil til clear and they will stay clear... no waste at all! yum! Same as the Ethex morphine, no waste at all! Just look for the right manufacturer, if you get them from a doctor just shop around, mostly ma & pa pharmacies, they are very common an easy to find. If you don't have a doc, enlighten your dealers. I get so sick of them not knowing what they have and they ALL say sure you can bang em' I do it all the time! They just want to sell their stuff no matter what! So stay away from the gel pills and look for the easy pills! Once you get a blast from the Ethex morphine and you see it turn to a dark brown color similar to Mexican Mud you won't fight with the gel pills any longer! Have fun and be safe! Cheers!

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diane Says:
help i no longer feel anything from 100mg morphine what is the next best opiate to do by injecting and easy way of breaking it down

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Broheem Says:
Why mess around? Just shoot heroin.

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Robert Says:
To Broheem replied 7-23-10. (Hope you get this) Bro I had wrote about breaking down MS Cotin to inject it in the Muscle. This one Idoit writes back and says how you'll get this big abscess if you do that. BULLS**T!!! I watched a chemists friend of mine break a couple down and when finished I had a clear liquid of pure morphine and I put it in the muscle and got off big time. However, you must know how to break it down, unfortunately I didn't care to try and follow. I believe you have the solution as you stated why not just shoot heroin. Unfortunately it is illegal and here in Texas all one can find is that crude black tar. Where you are at is there #4 heroin, and if so how common is it for a user to have hepatitis C? I have considered moving to Switzerland to get on a clinic where I can receive phar heroin. I have the means to become a citizen since I was born there in 1949. I bet we have a lot in common. Please contact me ASAP Later Robert Marcello

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sledg Says:
When I break down MScontin all I get is a jell that won't draw. Hot or cold I get the same jell type stuff. How can I avoid this?

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Jethro Says:
You should not inject any pill it could cause loss of life.

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morris Says:
how is the best way to use a ms 60.

i cannot seem to get very good with sniffing it.

how do i get the morpine out ? any suggestions..??

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G-man Says:
after reading a few methods here and there, I run by the same don't boil phrase... it seems to break down better if I boil or am I just able to draw the fillers... Only able to get ahold of ms contin at the time, so I'd like to know if boiling is putting myself at any risk, damaging my high, or what?

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Intended Says:
I don't need a reply. I am so disappointed that people actually take these meds in a an irresponsible manner. The intent of morphine sulfate AT ANY DOSAGE is pain relief-not to catch a buzz, Injecting any medication or drug is dangerous, unless it is intended for that purpose. If you no longer feel anything maybe you are taking this medication for the wrong reason. If you no longer feel pain that is intractable than you're in the right frame of mind. For those of us that take medication responsibly, under the care of a physician these threads are frustrating. Don't abuse medications or drugs. I have endured lifelong chronic pain stemming from a congenital brain malformation. I accept that I will have to accept and live with a certain amount of pain. I am just thankful for the relief that is provided for me.

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AME Says:
When ms contin gels up, my experience is to get a larger spoon and put quite a bit of water in there and boil it until you have water that runs clear. Make sure you dont keep mixing the ms contin in there, you will get foamy gel stuff in your syringe which by the way I've never gotten an infection from. It's just a pain in the ass to draw up. So if you keep the gel toward back of spoon and add enough water, boil, then extract before water cools down. The bottom of your spoon will be very hot so try to set it down on something you dont want to get black stuff all over or burn. I always fill up a 1cc syringe full and you can do this maybe once or twice more depending on strength of pill. Just always boil before extracting. I know ppl who have been doing this for years, so if its not right I don't know a better way other than getting Ethex pills that break down powder.

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KingRoland Says:
I have tried shooting 100mg MS Contin a few times. I did it for the first time two months ago. I did it the same way as described above, but I did not have to boil it, I used 3lm needle, and i just used a little cotton swab to filter out all the bad s***. I got sscared after a few days that I was not going to be able to stop so I got rid of the needle, I had stolen it from my doc's office. Then stupid me stole another couple needle the other day and I have been shooting my pills, the only thing I hate is when I miss the vein and you can tell right away cause it hurts like hell, that's why I says always inject very very slow so you know if you got the vein or not, cause if you don't trust me you'll know. I just wanna know will I still get the high if I shoot it into my hip of butt. I'll take less of a high if it's that much easier

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Laura Says:
I am clean off opiates for a year but I used to shoot up and snort any pill I could get my hands on. Are there any long term affects I should know about?

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