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Euphoric effects of Lyrica

Does Lyrica cause euphoria side effects? ## Very rarely, but it has been known to cause them, and thus result in some people abusing this medication, according to FDA warnings. For most people, its typical side effects include nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Ref: Lyrica Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, brilliant actually. ## Onlyvwhenvused once a week or mbye twice a week.toletancevis almost instant would be the perfect drug if it were not for tolerance build up super fast.

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Savella and Nausea

Okay I quit taking Lyrica about a week and a half ago, I just stopped feeling drunk about 2 days ago. I am on day 3 of Savella Titration pack and I am starting to feel much better, I actually have energy! There are blogs like this one about Savella and some people say there are nasty side effects while your body gets used to this med as well, but I have not felt any yet. The only thing i noticed is that I had a little nausea the first day but none since then. Keeping my fingers crossed. ## Today is my third day of Savella- first day at 25 mg x/day. These three days have been hell- extreme nausea, hot/cold flashes and sweats, racing heart, fatigue. It took me five weeks to be weaned off of Lyrica and I'm so disheartened by how I'm feeling now. When did everyone's side effects...

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Generic Lyrica

I have been taking 50 mg of Lyrica 3 xs a day for about 8 years. I understand there is finally a generic Pregabalin available. Has anyone taken the generic? I was getting my Lyrica for free through Pfizer but now that there is a generic Pfizer will no longer give me Lyrica and I will have to pay for it. ## That is normal, once the generic is available, a manufacturer will usually end their assistance program for any given medication. I was on Atacand for several years, and then had to switch, once a generic became available, and the program ended, because at that time, I was uninsured, and still couldn't afford the generic price, which was over $100 a month. The generic for Lyrica, which as you mentioned is Pregabalin, is as effective as the name brand, and has helped many people. T...

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Lyrica giving me sulphur based burps

Hello Lyrica has always worked well. at one time in my life @ 3 years ago I was takinf it with no opiates. I was having killer leg pain after 10 days post facet injectins in my lumbar spine. So I went to not being on it for 2 years and now im taking it Long acting morphine. The combination of the lyrica & ms contin (long acting morph.) took my pain away. the lyrica has me somewhat jumpy, like I hafta move it gave me an energy boost and with my conditions, I have chronic fatigue so i'm having great results beside the sulphur burps that smell and taste terrible has anyone experienced this? The brand of 75 mg is phizer but 2 -3 years ago there was only one brand Idk the name but I remember the Lyrica had lilly on the pill I didn't have this problem. Ive taken sulphur based medi...

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drug test for lyrica showed up as neurontin

I take a drug test for my pain doctor. I do NOT use any other meds other than what's subscribed by my pain Dr. The last test test showed up with neurontin in my urine. Please explain how that happened. Again I don't even take any over counter or anything not subscribed to me. ## How can neurotin show up in urine test since I haven't taken in 5 years. I take lyrica MS Cotin Soma Xanex and Clondine a chloestral med and infection for this cold or whatever it is. I am worried cos I will get dismissed andni haven't taken anything other then subscribed to me. Help!!! ## Nuerotin, gabapentin and lyrica ARE ALL THE exact same medication!!! The first 2 ARE the genetic for of lyrica ## This is an irresponsible incorrect answer. Look up " compare contrast neurontin lyrica" ...

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does lyrica come up as gabapentin in drug test

my girlfriend is in a treatment facility and is prescribed methadone and gabapentin. If she takes lyrica will the gabapentin prevent it from showing on a drug test because they are from the same base or will the lyrica show up independent of the gabapentin? ## Does lyrics show up as gabapentin on an random drug test ## Will gabapentin show the same as lyrica in a Drug testing. ## i need the answer to this too i take neurontin and cymbalta and my drug screen showed i took lyrica i havent took lyrica in 7 years i took myself off of this it made me feel like i was drunk unstable and not very alert and gained weight while i was taking it ## I'd like to know, too. Haven't found any answers here

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How to taper off Lyrica

I have been taking Pregabalin for 15 months at 150 mg daily. I had my hip replaced two months ago and no longer need the meds. How do I taper off, step by step, so as to minimize side effects? ## Lyrica is quite easy to come off. Your Dr could prescribe a lower dose for two weeks or what I did was drop one pill a day for two weeks, then two pills a day for two weeks and so on. I had a bit of a headache but no problem. ## Hello, Rod! How are you? And thanks to Eunie for your helpful response. One caution I would like to add is to please do not stop this medication cold turkey, since it is an anticonvulsant, though it also helps with nerve pain, a sudden withdrawal could cause seizures. Typical side effects to this medication, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, dizziness, mood swin...

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How To Get Off Lyrica

Have been taking 200 mg daily. Does not help my neuropathy at all. Want to stop taking this expensive worthless drug. How do you wean youreself off? ## How long have you been taking it? If it has been for just a short time, then weaning may not be necessary, but you should double check with your doctor to be sure. Learn more Lyrica details here. Additionally, if it hasn't been that long, you may not have given it enough time to see if it will help your neuropathy, since it does take 4 to 6 weeks to reach its full effectiveness. ## I have been on Lyria nearly 3 month, No notible difference in my neuropathy. Very expensive, even with my co-pay. Just want to be done with it. Was taking 100MG 2x a day. Now taking one till I run out. Their ads are so deceiving. Big promises, 0 results. #...

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Lyrica 50

Use of this drug to for pain suppression from sciatica pain ## For fibro:I was on 25mg of lyrica then upped to 50mg. Had lots of blurred vision on the 50mg, which progreesed to loss of concentration. Brought myself back to 25mg, still have some blurred vision. but am taking it at night to sleep, the savella 12.5mg in am. So far it's a great combo... ## Lyrica contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, it is an anticonvulsant that has also been shown to help with certain types of nerve pain. The FDA lists the typical side effects Pregabalin as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and fatigue. Are you still taking just the 25mg dose? Savella is antidepressant that also helps with nerve pain, and may cause very similar side effects to those listed above.

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false positive for lyrica

I'm testing positive for Lyrica and I've never taken anything except methadone. Why would I test positive for Lyrica?? I tested positive for thc but that's for good reason. But that's all I do. Why would I be testing positive for lyrica? That's what they called it. ## Same thing happened to my husband today. He takes a host of medications for psychiatric problems and for diabetes and high blood pressure. But he does not take Lyrica or gabapentin. I can't find any answers on the web. It's driving as both nuts. It's not a narcotic so I don't even think they would give a crap but apparently it's becoming a new it dried to abuse so I don't know. ## I just had the same issue. I just popped for it and haven’t heard of it until now.

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serotonin syndrome with medication interactions

I'm on several medications like LYRICA 150 mg 3x daily. ZANAFLEX 4mg 2tabs at night. Amitriptyline 175mg suppose to be bedtime but i take maybe 6/7 because of the other meds at bedtime, Tramadol 50 mg 2tabs 4x daily. Adderral 5mg. Xanax 1mg 1tab as needed but the way the office wrote it was once a day. Topirmate 50mg 1tab 2x daily. Zyrtec 1tab daily, i also take supplements like magnesium oxide 400mg and vit D with calcium 600mg. Ive had B12 shots also which didn't work, i still have valium 5mg left over from my doctor switching it out with the xanax..,i almost forgot the water pill triamterene hctz 37.5 -25mg 1x daily and stomach med omeprazole 20mg 1x daily. Im diagnosed with chronic migraines. fibromyalgia. depression. anxiety. PTSD from guys in uniforms and something else th...

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Lyrica Terrible Side Effects

Lyrica has ruined my life. It wasn't bad enough with the pain from my back injury. I only took Lyrica for 2 weeks. The weight gain was bad. I lost 1/3 of my hair in 4 months. I have had a rash for over 1 year now. I mean a bad rash. This was my first side effect. And they warn you of this. Get off Lyrica asap if you get a rash. I thought I was having a stroke the first week on Lyrica when they rushed me to the hospital. I had read on the internet of how many young people have died from strokes from taking Lyrica. My vision is so bad now. I can barely drive at night time and I have to were glasses to see the tv. The worst side effect I've had and still have is the terrible, terrible pain in all my joints. My knees are so bad and my hands and fingers & joints pound and throb 2...

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lyrica and depression

Just a tale of my two times of taking LYRICA. I took this years ago and stopped because I't did not take my pain away. And I felt like it contributed to my usual depression. I couple of months ago, My doc wanted me to try LYRICA and I said sure....I told her that I had taken it but couldn't remember why. (I have had the experience on other timew but the opposite happened. I did well on it...Helped me quit smoking in a few days Took it again 5 yrs later and had bad side effects) Lyrica can and Does make you have suicidal thoughts and actions. Please be very very careful with this drug if you have a history of depression. ## Yes, Lyrica can cause such side effects in some people that take it, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include weight changes, dizziness, heada...

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Lyrica and insomnia

I take 75mg Lyrica for nerve pain in my legs and feet. This is keeping me up for hours at night. I cannot go to sleep for 2-3 hours after going to bed. Does anyone else have this problem? ## Have you informed your doctor? You may need a higher dose of the Lyrica. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Lyrica as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. However, it can also cause insomnia, so that is something to be aware of, in case it happens to you.

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Just started Lyrica, weird side effects

Last week my pain maangement doctor told me she was stumped since my epidural pain shot did nothing and no issues on imaging test. SHe brought up Fibromyalgia and the connection to my sensitive skin issues and a possible connection to my ongoing "mystery nerve and muscle pain". She prescribed my Lyrica and after only a couple of days I am a bit perplexed. My cognitive issues are pretty rapidly clearing up to a decent degree. On the other hand the pins and needles sensation that was localized ot my back and thighs is now all over my body and it very uncomfortable. The pain level has decreased only to a small degree. My doctor told me to try it for a couple weeks and go from there. Its only been a few days but i already want to stop it. Is there any instances where it amplifies ne...

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RE: Lyrica for Nerve Pain Spine Disordor

I was prescibed Lyrica for my nerve pain in my left leg and the doctor told me it takes at least 2 weeks to really get into your system. He also said that it is much better than Neurontin, which I am currently taking. Dont know about any side effects yet. But will let ya know. Hope this helps. ## any info on this thing helps, I have been on it for about 6 orf 7 weeks had the mg increase so will find out; thanks ## They are in the same medication class, both are anticonvulsants that have also been shown to help with some types of nerve pain. The side effects to Lyrica may include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. How has it been working for you? ## Works for me. I have been on 50 mg of Lyrica 3 times a day for at least 10 years for idiopathic Peripheral Neuro...

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Pain control problems with Fibromyalgia

Have tried Lyrica, Gabintin,Cymbalta,Prozac. Only Percocet with a little Valium seems to help a bit. That is starting to become ineffective.Cant exercise due to incompletely diagnosed back issues pending an MRI. What else can I do or try? I am losing mind from constant pain! Please help... ## Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone, so it may be the Oxycodone that's helping you. It is available in higher doses in both regular and time released formulations, without the Acetaminophen. Have you ever asked your doctor about trying it? ## Sorry for not answering sooner. Forgot I o posted this thread! I guess it's the Fibro Fog. Anyway my dr won't go past the level of Percs unless I go to Pain Management dr. Tried that once & they treat everyone like junkies. Has anyone...

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Is Lyrica a narcotic drug?

i need to know if this drug is a narocotic drug cause i don;t want to take drugs that is ## I don't know I just like being involved in stuff I don't know anything about!!! ## Do you know that lyrica works by destroying the nerves and/or neurons. I am an ex-nurse and ex-respiratory therapist. Do you know what your brain is made of? Nerves and neurons. Lyrica destroyed my short memory and caused me to lose my job of 29 years at a hospital. It has been 8 years since I last took it and I still have memory loss. This is a very dangerous drug. You who are on it be careful. There is more to this drug than weight gain. ## Lyrica is NOT a narcotic. But, they do advise people who have had a drug or alcohol problem 2 b careful taking it. ## Lyrica contains the active ingredient Pregabalin,...

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I am taking neurontin 800mg 2x's a day, amitriptyline 50mg at bedtime, indomethacine 50mg 3x's a day and tizanidine 4mg 2x's a day and my doctor just gave me lyrica 75mg 2x's a day. I am a 31 year old stay at home mom who has been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS 3 years ago and recently hurt my back. I would like to know if any red flags should be raised. I am worried for my childrens sake because they could be home with me when or if any bad reactions occur. Any advice? ## What is RSD/CRPS? ## RSD?CRPS is called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is nerve damage that causes my leg to be in constant pain. I can help ease my pain, but it will never go away. I have gone to several doctors and they say that everything that can be done, short of a spi...

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neuropathy - legs and feet

I have Diabetes Type 2 (25 years). Three years ago, neuropathy started and now I cannot stand the pain. I started taking Lyrica one year ago, insulin (26 units 2 years ago, Metformen 25 years ago. The pain continues at a greater pace. I have had accupuncture for 3 months. I have used Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother for 6 months. It worked for a while and then less and less. Is there any thing else that I can try? ## Hello, Pete! How are you? What is your current dose of Lyrica? Your doctor may be able to raise it for you. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache and weight gain. You may also want to ask them about other pain medications, even non-narcotic ones may help give you more relief. ## Since 2/19/2015 my doctor has raise...

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