Lyrica (pregabalin) At A Reasonable Cost

Dulcinea Says:

Before Lyrica went generic I was getting it for free. However now I have to go through my insurance or on my own. I discovered GoodRX and now get Pregabalin 3 months supply (270 capsules) for $28 with a coupon. Prices vary tremendously at various pharmacies. Some as high as $500 and some as low as $28 for 3 month supply. Shop around! It is usually best NOT to go through your insurance company.

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Dulcinea Says:

GoodRX is also much cheaper than most insurance prices for many medicines. I always check their prices first.

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VerFree Says:

This is very good advice. When we were between insurance plans, since my husband's employer was switching, I went to pick up one of his medications, and the original price was over $300, but with GoodRX it came down to $12.99.

This site also has a RX Savings Card that you can print for free to use for savings on your prescriptions. You can print it straight from that page, or have it emailed to you.

Additionally, some states, like Washington, have their own prescription savings program for people who don't have insurance. When I didn't have any coverage, it saved my butt many times, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to afford my medications.

Never be afraid to ask your pharmacy how you can get the best price.

Does anyone else have any advice to add?

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