Pregabalin Makes My Mood Elevated Why

Marg Says:

My doctor wants to change my medication from pregabalin to duloxatine but I can't stop pregabalin without panic attacks

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javaid Says:

hi. i m javaid from pak, ibd..i m suffering from painful traumatic brachial plexopathy with severe neuropathic pain since oct, 1988. the pain is terrible, burning and ruled over my life.. in my routine life i m using pregabalin & dulaxotin for little relief from the pain...when ever i tried to stop the medicine i can fell more and more pain....please help me, is there no other treatment for the pain? because I'm afraid to the side affect to using from so long time the medicines on daily basses,

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Marg! How are you?

Pregabalin does also help with some mood disorders, due to the way it works on brain chemicals, so suddenly stopping it may cause those types of symptoms. It also creates the risk of seizures, so it should be tapered slowly.

Have you started the Duloxetine, yet? Taking it while tapering off of the other, if your doctor says it's okay for you to do so, may help prevent some of the withdrawal effects. Its normal side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes.

Hello, Javaid! How are you?

It would be normal to experience rebound pain, if you stop taking them suddenly and any medication you may use to treat the pain carries risks, there aren't any that don't. The best thing to do is to check in with your doctor regularly to have things checked out to make sure that no problems are arising.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Tithi Says:

I have started Maxmala 50mg from today. My doctor prescribed the medicine just before dinner. I am having thyroid since 2001, and moreover i have gastric, vit-d deficiency, anemia and genetic bronchial asthma. I suffer from acute joint pains and swelling of my feet. 5yrs back i suffered from PCOD but now though its cured still during periods i have acute pains in my lower abdomen and i have to take painkiller tablet Dysmen. Sometimes i feel very weak, my BP level normally remains around 110/70 or 100/70-60. Recently i was suffering from burning sensation in my palm and feet and headache. I am 28yrs old. My height is 5'2"" inches and i weight 78kgs. Can u please tell me whether i will have any side effects or will i gain more weight taking this medicine or my diseases will be cured? Please note i take daily medicines as Eltroxin 100mg and 50mg alternate day, Livogen tablets, Adiza (Ilaprazole), Equirex tablets, Levocetrizine tabs and vit -D medicines. And sometimes during season changes i have asthma and then i take Levolin Inhaler with Deriphyllin 300mg tabs as SOS.

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