Lyrica And Teeth Loss

vicky sullivsn Says:

i have had all the systoms i have read my lastest is teeth loss, been on ;yrica since 05 always confused ,nnever drive broke out in rash and start with teeth loss, have nad to have 4 pulled rotting from inside out having one surgely rmoved tommorrow 4-07.008 my doctor took me off two days ago very scared i have severe nerve damage and just wondering if anyone eles has experince teeth loss??

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Douglas Brannan Says:

Yes, I lost over NINE teeth, after being on Lyrica for ONLY seven months. I have spent about 25K on restoration, with another 25K to complete. Seriously, every dentist thought I was a Meth-Addict. Like you, my teeth were like empty egg-shells. Whenever the dentist started drilling, he said they would just explode. Are you going after Pfizer? I would, if I could find the right Attorney. Let me know if you have heard of any Attorneys dealing with Pfizer and all of these side effects.

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6stringer Says:

I have the same problem. Told my pain doc about it and the doc said he has never heard of it and wasnt concerned. I am empathetic with where people think you are a Meth addict. I get that alot. There is a post from earlier today from me about Lyrica and Tooth loss; I would LOVE to get people together who have had this SAME problem and at least TRY to get somthing going. Like hand their A$$ to them!

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Gig Says:

Are you sure it is the Lyrica, you have me pretty scared?

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Cheryl Miller Says:

I was thinking something weird was going on with my teeth. They are extremely sensitive and I am afraid they are go to fall out... Has anyone contacted Pfizer? I am going to contact them and also my pharmacy to ask so questions... If I lose one tooth there will be a Lawsuit... FDA must not have studied this drug long enough.

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Lori Troher Says:

I had to have all my teeth removed due to Lyrica. I want in on a lswsuot.

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Heather Says:

Re: Gig (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I am sure. I was scared to rake Lyrica for so long but my doctor and pharmacy said over and over not to worry. You should think twice! Is it worth the risk of replacing all your teeth? Do you have $50000 you rather spend on teeth instead of something else? Please just think it over.

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