Losartan & Anxiety

Doglover Says:

Anyone have anxiety issues/panic attacks while on this med? I have started with Losartan about 2 weeks ago and have been experiencing anxiety. I take doxepin as an insomnia aid and have had to increase the dosage due to the increased insomnia and anxiety. Do this symptoms level off over time. Losartin seems to be helping my BP.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, the FDA does report anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia as being common side effects of this medication. You may also experience dizziness, headache and increased urination.

Side effects are usually transient and will go away, once your body gets used to medication, but that may take about 4 to 5 weeks.

If they worsen, or don't go away after that time frame, you should consult your prescriber.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Doglover Says:

Thanks. The increased Doxepin is helping with the anxiety issues. Not surprised that it will take me few weeks to adjust. You have been very helpful.

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Waldo Says:

Yes!!!!! No history in my past of ANY anxiety, this drug caused nighttime panic attacks. I was nervous all day. Finally checked Mayo Clinics drug and supplement site and quit taking it. It took one week to feel like my old self.

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Geoff Says:

doglover, I just posted something like your post just now myself. I too have been experiencing worsening symptoms of anxiety and i've been on it for 5 months 50mg/day. Waldo has posted that he has gone off the drug and feels back to his old self again, but are they any concerns about going off the drug cold turkey aside from an increase in BP?

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Geoff Says:

Hi everyone! First time posting on here. I'm taking 50mg of Losartan total per day and I've been on the drug since Memorial Day of this year, so for about 5 months. The reason why I was put on it was because I ended up getting admitted for an overnight stay after an ER visit for chest pains. My BP was 224/116. Got the BP under control and I never really thought about side effects. I started noticing things like some pains in my joints and it took more time to get "warmed up" in the morning like getting out of bed and standing up straight even after I have been working out and having more of a regimented schedule. I thought that was odd. I also noticed that my anxiety had increased and now it has gotten to a point where I can't even workout because when I exert myself I get short of breath and I have to stop. It then causes more anxiety because of the palpitations. Sometimes I can't even run up the stairs without feeling like I'm going to pass out. My BP is not dangerously low to be causing the dizzy spells, but this is also a major concern because I can't even workout to combat the anxiety. When I was in the hospital they did every diagnostic in the book to see if I had a heart attack and did a stress evaluation and I passed with flying colors. Not on any other drugs, no heart condition, no other ailments, so I'm not sure. It has to be the Losartan. Any thoughts? Also, can I stop taking it without having any serious issues? I would keep an eye on my BP if I did go off of it, but I would really like to get off this drug if I can. Thank you in advance!

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Roger Says:

Re: Waldo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Waldo - I have had a ton of anxiety and rumination the last 3 months or so, shortly after switching to Losartan 100mg. Didn’t realize it might be the meds, but that is mainly what has changed... Stopped taking it today and think I feel a little better - does it keep getting better, and takes a few days?

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Faith Says:

My doctor took me off of lisinopril 20 mg and put me on losartan 100 mg because of an excessive cough and mucus. After 1 year, my blood pressure has been between 123/75 to 136/75. I also think I have anxiety. This is my 4th HBP med in less than 2 years.

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Terry Says:

Re: Geoff (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

How long after starting losartan did you notice the anxiety? For me it was a gradual thing, but definitely a problem after 4-5 weeks. I didn't know that losartan could be the cause, so when I saw my doc he prescribed an anti-anxiety drug and an antidepressant. Those in turn presented problems of their own. How are you doing, and did you stop the losartan?

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John Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Losartan for over a year, the last 3 weeks for whatever reason I have experienced Light headedness/Dizziness and Anxiety. I will be stopping this medication!! Anyone else ever have these symptoms???

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John Says:

Re: Waldo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Did the Anxiety go away as well?? Were you on any Anxiety medication??

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Meds Says:

Re: John (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Same situation for me too I have been on losartan over a year and it seems the side effects kicked in outta nowhere

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Tellyourdr Says:

At 60 my Dr put me on Lisinopril gave me bad cough. After a month put me on losartin. Started getting anxiety within a few weeks, Dr told me it wasn't from losartin not a side effect. Had a bad month and Dr added Paxil 1 daily didn't help went to 2 once a day. Side effect were ridiculous from 2 Paxil. I couldn't sleep more than 3 hours. I have taken an Ambien and a Xanax before bed for years. Dr upped Xanax to three times a day. It helped, but anxiety was always just around the corner. After 4 months of this nightmare I used some sites like this and found the truth about Losartin and told Dr's no more. Finally agreed and tried Atenolol my mother had been on, it worked great. Had to stay on 1 Paxil and 1 Xanax. Side effects from 1 Paxil are not as bad. After trip to Hawaii this summer I want to try to get off Paxil. 3 hrs then 8 hrs on a plane might be pushing my luck. Most sites don't list anxiety as a side effect. If you get it make it clear to your Dr.

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header Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

glad I found this. been taking losartan for two weeks and have noticed my anxiety has increased. had a night time panic attack which I have not had for years. thought it was stress of dealing with aging parents but now I am thinking the medication.

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SeaLand Says:

I've been on Losartan 50 mg for the past five years. It is such a new drug compared to Atenolol, the previous drug that I had been on for a decade before switching to Losartan. Losartan was originally thought to be a wonder drug for my particular syndrome but now it's seen for what it really is (NOT a wonder drug). So I'm going to switch back. I found that Atenolol had exactly the opposite effect of Losartan on my anxiety. I always felt really calm and laid back on Atenolol! On Losartan I feel so anxious all the time. I also find that different makers/brands of Losartan have different effects on my body. If you suddenly start experiencing different symptoms, check to see if your pharmacy has switched makers (this info is usually in very small print on the bottle's prescription label). Usually a pharmacy can obtain your preferred brand/maker if your doctor writes a prescription for that specific brand for you.

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Mike Says:

Does losarton give you Aniety?wake up ever morning with Aniety

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Elizabeth Says:

I started 100 losartan hci 6 months ago, reduced to 50 3 months ago, have anxiety disorder most of my life, first 3 months normal anxiety which take various meds for mental and physical symptoms, last month, anxiety symptoms almost unbearable, could losartan hci side effects kick in this late?

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Alex Says:

Well I've been taking losartan Potassium 50MG for about 5 years just recently my doctor took me of and started me on 5MG of amlodipine cause he found I had and extra heartbeat my blood pressure was 150/90 , so I went to see a heart specialist he put me back on losartan 50MG and carvedilol 6.25 MG , I also suffer from anxiety very bad and take 1 mg of lorazepam twice daily and my anxiety is getting worse day by day not to mention my heart rate is sky high.

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Hal Says:

Re: John (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I just recently developed nervousness where it is hard to sleep. I must keep busy to deal with it. I have been on Losartan and crestor for a while. My losartan refill was a different generic drug from India and my nervousness began at around that time. Five years ago I had insomnia and severe nervousness with simvastatin and that quickly cleared up when we switched to crestor. I have stopped the losartan and I am monitoring my blood pressure. I am feeling better. I maybe sensitive to the way these drugs are prepared and where they are prepared. I will try to go holistic??

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Annie Says:

Re: Waldo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message
I suffer from severe anxiety and high BP. I had the worst anxiety attack I've ever had after taking one dose of losartan 25 mg. I NEVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE THAT AGAIN!!! NO meds for high BP have ever worked on me. I feel like I'm doomed. 1 /1/2 hours after that anxiety attack my bp was still high 176/94!!!

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James Says:

Re: Roger (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been off it for two weeks now. Took it for 18 months. I did not realize just how many horrible side effects I was having until I quit cold Turkey. Doctors only want to prescribe more drugs to treat side effects (that they said couldn’t be related to the Losartan). I wasn’t sleeping well. Never rested. I had not had a dream in over a year. Horrible cough. Chest pain. Bronchospasms. Severe anxiety, panic attacks. Sores in my nose. Lethargy. Depression. Sinus infection. Insomnia. These blood pressure medicines are nothing but poisons. All of them. I’ve lost weight and am exercising regularly. No drugs. BP still a little high, but I lost years of my life to side effects from these toxic drugs, so if weight loss, diet, and exercise doesn’t help me, I guess I don’t care. My quality of life has been restored since I stopped taking prescription medication.

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George Says:

Been on losartin 2 years 100mg and never ever had anxiety till now. Dr says can’t be the losartin .Had stress test, sleep test, blood tests, nothing! Spent $1000s. Only thing left is the losartin. Even though I had another disease. After reading couple sights and others experience I need to figure this out. Any advice appreciated .

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