Is Opana 10mg Stronger Than A Oxycodone 30mg

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mily Says:
i have new pesription and my dr. wants me to try opana 10mg. is this drug stonger and how much stonger than my last drug oxycodone 30mg..

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Verwon Says:
The Oxymorphone in Opana is stronger than Oxycodone, but you aren't on an equivalent dose, it would take 15mgs of it to equal each 30mg dose of the Oxycodone.

Learn more Opana details here.

So, in reality, it's twice as strong, but you may not get as much pain relief, since you aren't on an equivalent dosage.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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robert cavanaugh Says:
I have severe Venous insufficiency,anxiety disorder,cirrhossis,osteoarthitis ,severe fractered leg, sixth cranial nerve palsey ,legs are black and necrotic,spleen very enlarged , anvanced hep c,plates left arm old injury , insomonia ,ptsd,inopperable dueto such low platleat count 35,000, On ms contin 100mgs bid , msir 30mgsq6h, ativan 2mgs bid methadone 10mgs one daily this isnt touching my pain have been as high as 700mgs meth daily dont want to go back there dilaudid is inafective in a dose drs will give me what is left

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Chucky Says:
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It isn't a totally fair question. Oxymorphone (Opana) is listed as being 2.5x stronger than oxycodone. Since Oxymorphone is a motabolite(sp?) of oxycodone it has a much longer half-life. I want to say it is 3x as long. However, the issue comes with how you are taking the drug. PO: oxycodone gets 90% into the bloodstream when taken PO (orally); oxymorphone gets 10% into thé blood when taken PO. Insefilated: oxycodone gets 40% into the blood; oxymorphone gets 90% into the blood.
Sniffing a 15mg Opana ER (has to be the generic brand now) is stronger and has a last longer than the OC 80's (old school - obviously not referring to the OP's).

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samsam Says:
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What pharmacy in Nashville tn carry the opana with the half moon on it?

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Chucky Says:
You can get it at Walgreens and Rite Aid. I think you might also be able to get it at Walmart.

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steponme Says:
I am getting switched from 10 mg oxycodone x 6 per day to 5 mg Opana ER x 2.

I am wondering if the Opana ER comes in generic as oxymorphone (for pricing purposes) and if it will be equivalent or better relief which the oxycodone doesn't provide now.

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Brynn Says:
It doesn't appear anybody answered you, that's a whole lot going on. Are there meds that your doctor has specifically told you will have negative effects related to your many medical conditions (I'm sure your liver condition affects how you clear or process medications). I have my share of medical issues, however no where near the doses or types of meds you have and are on. What about Fentanyl? There are high doses and it's designed for SEVERE pain, it took me sone getting used to but I like that the patch gives consistent dosing for 72 hrs (I think it's about 6 hrs. less) but you get the point. Verwon is most knowledgeable on these issues but I suspect dye to your many serious medical issues, this is a question best posed to your physician. Good luck, I hope you have the support you need and deserve in every way.

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moe Says:
no generic for opana er

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dave Says:
Yes there is ! Just ask your pharmacist. I get generic Opana ER here in florida.

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Maddox Says:
This month I changed from a oxycodone 30 to opona 10 IR and the first dose of opona is so much stronger but when u take the second dose ur looking for the relief were as the 30 after 4 hours is like the first dose every time but also into account the opona lasts for 4 to 6 were as the oxycodone wears off 2 hours later.

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Angela Says:
I no longer have medical coverage. How much do you pay for the generic brand of Opana?

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Chucky Says:
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I think I explained it before in this section, but in case I didn't...Opana (Oxymorphone) is a metabolite of Percocet (Oxycodone). Relationship: Opana is to Percocet as Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) is to Vicodin (Hydrocodone). Opana is 2.5x stronger than Percocet and the half-life of Opana is 34 hours compared to Percocet at 4 hours. It has been a while since I checked that, but I am pretty sure those half-lives are accurate.

So to answer your question, which one is stronger between the 10mg Opana and a 30mg Percocet (also called Oxy's, Roxy's, ect, the blue pills)? It depends on the which way you take it! If you take Opana orally, only 10% of it makes it into the blood stream after 1st pass metabolism in the liver. Taking the Percocet orally allows 90% into the blood stream. So taking them orally the Percocet is stronger, but after the Percocet is completely metabolized the Opana will be reaching its peak level (2.5mg millieqv).

However, taking Opana via insiffilation (intranasally) gets 90% into the blood stream where 30mg Percocet absorbs 45% that way. So if you insufflate your 10mg Opana, after 12 hours you will be feeling great with a milliequivalence (sp) of 27mg of Percocet which is the same if you took the Percocet orally EXCEPT for the fact that how you felt when taking the Percocet when it reached it's maximum level in your blood will last about 8x as long on the Opana, but that is only intranasally. If taken orally it will be equivalent to having 2.5mg of Percocent that lasts 8x as long.

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Chucky Says:
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With a free prescription card you can print from offline without entering any personal information you can get a huge discount on the Opana. I get #60 of the 15mg a month. At RiteAid w/o insurance it is $320. The free prescription card drops it to $118.

I used to get it filled at Walgreens using the Walgreens savings card (cost $20/yr for it) and that brought the cost to $143. About a year ago they took the Opana off their savings card which brought the cost to $345.

I have shopped around a lot and RiteAid with the free discount card is the cheapest!

Good luck!

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Chucky Says:
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There is generic for Opana ER in certain strengths. I believe they are 5mg, 7.5mg, and 15mg. The rest are name brand. You can look online at the DEA website and you can find which medications have generics, what manufacture makes the generics, when it will be available or how long it has been available.

Check it out before you tell people there is no generic.

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UncleDadnMe Says:
Fentanyl is still on the market?! Or does it come in some form other than just the Fentanyl Patch? I was on the "72 hour" Fentanyl Patch, a number of years ago & I would start experiencing withdrawal symptoms at around the 54-60 hour mark, EVERY, patch. Constant yawning, runny nose, restless legs, couldn't sleep & when I told the "pain management dr" I was seeing he said, "Fine, then we'll switch you over to 10mg Methadone, two times a day.". When I asked him if he recalled that I had tried Methadone previously, at 20mg 4 times a day & it didn't work for me AND had the audacity to ask his highness if 20mg a day of Methadone was a comparable dose to the 100 or 125mcg patch(this was 5 or 6 years ago now & I can't recall which dose it was). The response, from His Highness, "Maybe it's time that you look for another "Pain Management Clinic".", doing nothing more than reinforcing my suspicion that he only put me on the patch because of the "financial incentive"(kickback) from the Pharmaceutical Company that made it. I took his suggestion, found a GREAT Dr we agreed to take over my treatment(who has tried several things other than just prescribing medication) & I was told that they did NOT prescribe the patch because, like I had happen, many people were finding that the patch was NOT administering the medication correctly & patients were being over medicated & experiencing withdrawals & some people had actually died from the patch. I just wish Marijuana was legal so I could try that as a natural remedy for my chronic pain.

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ernest tennessee Says:
for me opana relieved my pain way better than the ms contin that i was on, alongside my oxycodone 10mg. Previously was taking the ms contin 60mg twice daily and the oxycodone 5x daily, switched my ms for opana er 30mg twice daily. Now i know thats pretty much the equivelent in mg but it for some reason worked way better, maybe just me but if your having a lot of trouble controlling your pain maybe you should talk with your doc about switching im glad i did.

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Steve Says:
I've tired almost every Medication available, and Opana works the best for me. I use
Vicodin 10/325 for Breakthrough pain. I have finally found a great combination for pain.!!!

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Steve Says:
Yes there is a few generics of Opana ER. I live in Queens, N.Y. and most every Pharmarch carries them. I just started my 20/20 yesterday, Iand I think I'm turning the corner as far as relief goes. I currently use Vicodin 10/325 for Breakthrough pain which I need two to three sometimes between 1 and 3:30 A.M. The pain is Terrible and (If I could) run out of Bed to get a Vicodon; I would keep it on my End Table, but my Cat knocks everthing off my Bed every night; Seltzer included; She is very strong.!!!

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want to fight chronic pain Says:
I have a lot of pain from many painful condition I have been taking Oxycontin 40 mg twice a day and oxycondone/apap 10/325 mg 3 times a day for breakthrough pain. I moving from private insurance to medicare and the drug plan I got does not cover oxycontin. My doctor is going to switch me to Opana ER 15 mg twice a day. I don't care if it does not make me high as long it help me with my pain. So is the pain relief about the same between the Oxycontin and Opana. I'm staying with my breakthrough pain medication so it going to be my around the clock meds that are changing.

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Linda Says:
Don't wait for marijuana to be legal if you think it'll help/ Move to or visit Colorado or California. So much safer!

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