Hydrocodone Acetaminophen (norco) 10 325 Mg

Ruby Says:

I'm recovering from my third back surgery. I can take hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325 mg tab with no stomach problems. However, when I take hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5-325mg tab Mallinc generic, I have severe stomach pains. The pharmacist says there is no difference except the 10 vs the 7.5. It is NOT in my mind, it's in my stomach & it really hurts. Can you clear this up for me? I will be very grateful for your attention. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Who manufactures the 10/325 tablet that you've taken?

There can be differences in the inactive ingredients from one manufacturer to another and that can cause problems for some people that are sensitive.

So, say for example that the 10/325 was manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals, the inactive ingredients could be completely different from those that are in the other one manufactured by Mallinckrodt.

Learn more Lortab details here.

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missy Says:

Which is stronger

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Secret Asian Man Says:

Ask your doctor to illiminate the hydroco/acetamin from your pain medication by switching you to oxycodone or roxycodone pills. I use to take the 10/325 Vicodons until I noticed blood in my stool and urine. Tylenol is rough on your stomach lining.

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AS suffers yet lives Says:

I agree about the statement about the inactive ingredents, they may have adverse effects to you body,that not everybody shares. The "buffers/fillers can adversly effect you. some people's bodys cannot properly digest or whatnot the fillers/buffers. There may be a lack of intorerance with you in processing such fillers/buffers.


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Sue Says:

I was in hydrocodone 325/10 (bright yellow oblong pill with cursive v on one side. Doctor now switched my to oblong white pill with slit on one side & m367 on the other. It says hydrcodone bartribrate. I do not think the pain relief is remotely the same. Please explain the difference to me.

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Gia Says:

I have to taken the m367 hydros and they are very weak even taken two doesnt take away the pain. Sad to say only the 10-325s work on me .The 7.5 also make my stomach feel upset all day.

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vic Says:

get some dramamine for nausea. It really helps!

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Scoobydoo123 Says:

This reply is for Sue, who wrote that the "bright yellow oblong pill with cursive v on one side. Doctor now switched my to oblong white pill with slit on one side & m367 on the other. It says hydrcodone bartribrate. I do not think the pain relief is remotely the same. Please explain the difference to me. "
Difference is only in the manufacturer of the pill. The name of your medicine is just the generic name. I also have the white, "367's" and they are made by a generic company abbreviated "MALLINC" on the bottle. The cursive V on one side of your bright yellow pill sounds like the maker, "WATSON" and branded as Norco. The Watson pharmaceuticals are all far superior in my experience for pain control meds. My white "367's" do not help me anywhere NEAR the amount of relief I got from the 5/500 WATSON Vicodin's I used to take until switched to the 10/325's. So. . . . I hope to use a pharmacy that will fill my prescription for 10/325 (or, Norco) with the name of the maker, "WATSON" instead of the MALLINC that I have presently. Hopefully this will take care of that "other ingredients" problem that you can read about in other areas of this same conversation on this excellent forum here.

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confounded Says:

I have the very same problem you're having it's not in your head. The vicodon 7.5 make me horribly nauseated. But I have no problem with the 10/325mg Norco. There is big diff, even with same manufactor, there are diff ingred. I don't care what they say. I also know two other people live backgrounds on them and they say the same

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Scoobydoo123 Says:

Gia, the m367's you mention consist of the same ingredients as Norco and are the same thing as hydrocodone 10/325 or Norco 10/325. (white or yellow), just that they are different manufacturers. Frankly, I like the suggestion from Secret Asian Man, to just eliminate the Tylenol entirely (although I believe Roxycodone has Tylenol also - but I may be wrong)

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Scoobydoo123 Says:

Yes, Dramamine does help, but makes one drowsy- be careful with driving. Best to just lie down for an hour.

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sara Says:

I need a Medical doctor to see me and prescribe my Norco in San Diego. I'm losing my doctor due to insurance changes.

Anyone have Medical and a good doctor? I have years of records...

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Karen Says:

Ruby if there is an M 357 or M with a code after it it is manufactured by Mallick Rock otherwise known as Mallick Crap!! This manufacturer is terrible!! Please ask your pharmacist if he can order Watson or Vintage Pharmaceuticals. I once took a Mallick Crap Hydrocodone and I got suicidal. I know Watson and Vintage Pharmaceuticals are the best manufacturers. I get the white Watson Hydrocodone 10/325 at Walgreen's. I specifically tell them I want Watson. Watson is the best manufacturer in my opinion. I hope this helps! Take care. :)

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rockhammer Says:

The 7.5 will have more fillers in it, the 10s are better and also cost less at the pharmacy if this helps- I have had arthritis for many young years and it can be rough

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Salty Says:

Is hydro-actememep 10/25 the same as Norco 10/25

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BL Says:

Salty, hydrocodone 10 mg/aectaminophen 325 mg is the same as Norco 10.

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trixie Says:

I have the same problem with malenkrodt. Hurts stomach, does nothing else. I researched and found that the company moved to northern missouri to be near cargil in south east iowa so they would be close by to get cargil by-products to use as fillers in their pills. Makes things cheaper for them. Problem is is there is a high gluten content is this gmo corn and wheat by-product. These by-products used to be considered toxic waste (before mid 90's) but now they made their own market. it is in pills, energy drinks, pop, animal food, even yougert. Hurts alot of peoples guts, gluten that is- thats in the filler thats in the malenkrodt pills.

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Lydya Says:

I asked my long used pharmacy for no activas brand, ineffective 10/325 hydro/acetaminophen but the white oval or football shape and they said call other pharmacies--- did. In baton rouge major drug stores only carry generic ineffective pain pills--can't afford brandnames. Haven't had pain meds upped in over 10 years for deteriorating high neck to end of back problems. Complained so much, told surgery dangerous and not advised. Back shots are little to no use now. That clinic said maybe I should have hips checked by an orthopedist ---that doc wanted me immediately scheduled for hip replacements. Yes, replacements. He did give me generic celebrex and was shocked pain clinic didn"t give antiinflammatory. This has helped some. I must use the celebrex and generic flexiril full doses with extra tylenol with those new hydro/acetatimin where as I once used celebrity and flexeril once a day just to walk like Tim Conway short distances with my cane. I don't fill I can trust doctors. I told orthopedic receptionist when I can't walk maybe my family will bring me back. They gave me a $600plus Rx special to their clinic was great with less side effects than mine. When their sample ran out, my insurance won't cover it--no generic. I am not suicidal and I have NEVER been high.I don't drink. Maybe two holidays a year and only one small glass is not a drinker. No one wants to believe it but my family knows, understands and helps me until I can get enough relief to get up and do what I can. I want to scream at "friends" who say you've taken drugs so long you definitely are an addict because that is what the news and public says! Thanks American Medical! I am trying to stay the course of a diehard Christian who hasn't been healed and at this point I will diehard but let me tell anyone loud and clear God has taught me to judge No One!on

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BL Says:

Lydya, it is difficult to find a pharmacy that carries brand name meds. Usually the ones that do have them, order them for customers that are prescribed them. It costs a lot more for brand than generics so those without insurance and few insurance companies will pay for them without special requirements being meet.

If you want to get a brand name, have your dr write on the prescription Brand Name Medically Indicated or Brand Name Medically Necessary. Your insurance company wil require a Prior Authorization which means more paper work for your dr. Even then, it is possible that your insurance company won't pay for it. Also keep in mind that the pharmacy will more than likely have to order it which means that it may take a week or more for them to get them in. If your insurance company does pay for it and your dr will continue to write your prescription the way it needs to be written, call your pharmacy about 10 days before your drs appointment and talk to the Pharmacist. Give him your name and tell him that you take the brand, you have a drs appointment and would appreciate it if they would order it so they will have when you come in. If you have signed a Pain Contract, be sure and check with your dr BEFORE getting your prescriptions filled at another pharmacy.

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Moving on Says:

I had neck injuries 18 years ago while I was 26. The Doctors say surgery could help or could complicate the issues (multiple problems) so I was on (Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone 325 mg / 10 mg) for 17 years. I remember how they changed the ingredients and it had many adverse side effects. I had enough and decided to take matters on my own. I started researching old Asia medicine and found a couple things that I strategically experimented for pain management. I found a substance that taken correctly eliminates my pain and additionally has improved my mental health. It's Kratom (but only from Thailand). It took several months to zero in the dose and digestive way and time of day. I only take it 3 days in a row and then off a day. I'm a very happy pleasant person now and I think much clearer than I ever have. But it takes a long time to find the right amount and way to take it and time of day...if taken too late, you will not want to sleep. If you take too much, you feel nauseous. If you take it every day it becomes non effective. You have to be very disciplined on Kratom!

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Lkt Says:

Re: Scoobydoo123 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I have been having the same pain for months and my stomach gets so bloated and I'm in dire pain. I had my back fused from thorasic to s-2. Then got sepsis. I keep going to the dr as sometimes my stomach hurts so much and I look 10 months pregnant and it’s that same s***ty generic pain med.

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jen Says:

I have been taking 10-325 for two years for spinal compression, cervical spondylosis herniated disks and fibromyalgia. My pharmacy just switched my yellow Norco 10-325 with a generic M367 that causes severe stomach pain that feels like a pit in my stomach or an ulcer pain. This generic has always caused stomach pain, bad headaches and it is also much weaker. It isn't in your mind, something the pill maker is adding to some generics is definately causing this problem for a lot of people.

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Corey Says:

I have an abscess and they prescribed me hydrocodone/acetaminophen. It says to take 1 every 6 hours. Can I take another one if the pain continues?

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Mary A Says:

My doctor prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-300t (m378) - Is this a 10mg pill? 10 mg is the only strength that helps me. I have disc deterioration and osteoarthritis causing pain every day. Thank you.

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Mike Says:

What are the strengths of this medication (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen) above 10-325mg? Or, what would be the next step above this even if I would have to change from hydrocodone to something else?

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Sandy Says:

Re: Sue (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The way the manufacture makes it big difference sometimes the pill is to compounded to dissolve correctly in your body. Almost no pain relief your going to have a problem. I took Rhodes manufacture worked great for me. Transferred to Nocro I was in so much pain awfull pain. Try different one don't ever let these six year pharmacist tell you no difference. Take care of you. Support small businesses

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Sandy Says:

Re: Gia (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I have had my Hydrocodone changed from Rhodes manufacturer (which worked great) to Norco. The second left me in so much pain. Most all pharmacists said no it's all the same. Complaints all over the place, it's not the same. If it's all the same we would buy from one place. This is a pill that can be (try first) cut into or crushed (try second) put in cool pudding/apple sauce and take. Never put in a hot substance. Everyone said it helped with pain. The pills were more than likely too compressed when made. NOT ALL PILLS CAN BE CUT INTO OR SMASHED, SO DONT DO IT IF YOU DONT KNOW. IT CAN HURT YOU. Find a Pharmacist that has at least thirty years of experience to direct you; no chains please. They seem to find the exceptions to the rules that have never worked.

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Kerry Says:

Would you be able to share company info to buy Kratom? I know it's probably an individualized process to find out which Kratom and dose works for you but please tell me what helps you and any other helpful info. Thank you!

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