Hydrocodone-acetaminophen 10mg/325mg Overdose Effects And Safety


Male 210lbs - takes whatever whenever, but is taking over a dozen hydrocodone-apap 10mg/325mg pills in 24 hours. Is that bad? What's bound to happen?...What if he takes oxycodone 15mg also?

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From what I am seeing, daily consumption of hydrocodone should not exceed 40 milligrams in patients not tolerant to opiates. The PDR from 2006 states that Norco 10, containing 10 milligrams of hydrocodone and 325 mg of APAP (Acetaminophen) can be taken at a dosage of up to twelve tablets per day (120 mg of hydrocodone). This restriction is only limited by the fact that twelve tablets, each containing 325 mg of APAP (Acetaminophen), puts the patient right below the 24-hour FDA maximum of 4,000 mg of APAP. Some specially compounded products are routinely given to chronic pain patients in doses of up to 180 mg of hydrocodone per day.

That being said, the amount of pills he is taking is very likely over the FDA maximum, which is quite dangerous. He should only take the amount that has been prescribed to him by a doctor.

I hope this info helps, please post back if you have any more questions so I can further assist you.

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What if they get just say.....20 hydrocodone Friday they r gone by Sunday...Monday they get 20 oxycodone 15mgs they r gone by Wednesday....Wednesday they get 10 oxycotin 40mg which r gone by Friday that's insane or is it me

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I know pain can be bad, but Taking that many pills in one day is definitely bad. That's an addiction. Be honest with your dr and they may prescribe stronger mg to take less in a day. On second thought, they will send u to pain mngmnt where they will probably give something other than what u like. But 16 is very bad. Make sure to take a liver cleanser.

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MCG is right. That is far too many pills; that much acetaminophen will do a number on your stomach and make you grind your teeth like crazy.

If you need that many pills for pain relief, ask your doctor for something else. If you're hooked on them (and it sounds like you might be), be honest with your doctor. There are meds that help you to come down gradually, and then your doctor can get you onto something else.

My former neighbor in San Diego bought a three-month supply of 1mg Tafil (Xanax made by Pfizer in Mexico), and went through them in three weeks. Many Mexican doctors will write you for as many as you want, but even then the doctor in Tijuana wrote him for something to help him get off the stuff for awhile before prescribing Tafil again.

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That very well means you need help because you are a full blown addict and you will kill yourself.

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I take 12 a day prescribed by my dr. I also Tak 20 my oxytocin 2 times a day hope I will be ok

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12 in a day??? Bad depending on how you feel when you run out... Feel like crap? Trying to refill before you run out? Running out of money? Then it's an addiction. The body needs it. The body LOVES it, but 12 in a 24 hr period is about the max. If you can take 12 in a day, that also means you have been taking for a few weeks and even months. Gets even worse when you mix with muscle relaxants. Feels great huh? Only you know the truth... Time to stop. See your Dr.

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12 a day is 3900 mg of tylenol. The FDA max in a 24 hr period is 4000 mg tylenol. I hope your dr does routine liver function tests on you.

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MCG, I know this is from back in September but I just wanted to say: I take "8" Norco 10-325mg, "6" Robaxin 750mg, "2" Mobic 7.5 mg, "2" Effexor XR 75mg , & "2" 150 mg Lyrica every day just for my osteoarthritis & I have been for at least 7-8 years. I go to my pain doctor for this medication & I just found out yesterday that I now have rheumatoid arthritis also!! These medications do not "affect" me, make me high, loopy, or anything else!! I am just in severe pain & it's just what I need to get me thru the day. It doesn't totally alleviate my pain -- it just lessens it!! I have many other health problems that I take medication for (not painkillers) & I do not have any control over "having" these health problems!! I just do the best I can every day & that's all I can do. The medication I take is between me, my doctor & my Heavenly Father -- & no one else!! The previous statement is also what I tell my husband who is a 35 year veteran police officer. That's all I have to say. I just get tired of people judging others when they can't possibly know how someone else feels. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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Redhead 57, your dr is exceeding the recommended dosage. And even though you have been taking this med in this dosage for 7-8 yrs, your dr may not be able to prescribe it for much longer the way you're taking it. There is a new med that has only Hydrocodone in it and it is time released, so you only take 1 every 12 hrs. You may want to ask your dr about Zohydro

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No problem venting. I understand pain very well. Marine Corp and U.S. Navy vet, 20 years of service. Been shot, stabbed, and an emotional rollercoaster you couldn't understand unless you were there. Many, many others that were in my field suffer the same problems. Judging people is different from judging one's actions. I know wounded warriors in far more worse pain than you and climb mountains, swim and bike miles a day, and find time outside of work to help addicts get better. You know if your an addict. It's a sickness. In all honesty, I feel nothing is wrong with popping the top off a cold beer, pouring a glass of wine, or popping a pill or two if it helps you to focus or get a job done or even to tolerate a bad situation, but YOU cannot make excuses! You know if your an addict and if you can live with it, then your right, it is between you and your dr, who already knows your an addict; just ask him or her, and between God. You see, if your dr tells you one day there is a natural way to help yourself heal so he or she won't prescribe Meds anymore, your gonna have a cow! Now I'm busy seeing patients, but often times these forums are educating. Feel free to reply. Much more to say... You found yourself on this forum for a reason? On this website for a reason.

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what dr do you see I have been looking for pain management for a couple of months

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That means he's not in control. He's taken them not as prescribed I have c4-c8 nerve damage plus other bone problems I take my pills as prescribed if you don't. Then you run out & going out & getting more drugs. That's not being in control. Your letting the pills control you it needs to be the other way around

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Pain management is a ripoff and they suck

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Dam where r u from n I wana party with you!!!!!

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If he continues, his liver can be damaged severly, too much ! Is he in that much pain?

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You are addicted to them. Be prepared to go through withdrawals when u stop. What kind of respected Dr. gives a patient that much drug at one time? BE CAREFUL

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i started 6 years ago 2 7.5 a day and then 3 and then 4 now i'm at 7-10 a day but i never go obove 10 no matter what and i'm starting to feel like what do i do i have fractured spine no cartidge in both knees surgery twice L4 L5 out of wack so i need someone to tell me am i out of control.

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if someone takes 10/325 mg of norcos and you took 150 pills how much is that in mg is that in all.

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I hear you and totally agree! I have the same medical issue as you. People just don,t know what we have to deal with. My pain dr. Prescribes Vicodin and truthfully that's all that works. Hang in there

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where is the closest dr. from eastern ky?also do you know where you can get a prescription and have them mailed

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Re: MCG (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Doctors don't usually prescribe those heavy meds short term, except for acute issues, and that person would've had to have seen 3 different doctors for those 3 scripts. So, sounds like they were obtained in an area not in a doctors office, which makes me think that there's no addiction here, it's a PARTY! Regardless, those days are over anyway (this post is 5 years old) and I'm sure the friends shared the pills and the booze, and whatever else was there ton throw down with.. But, sure in elite groups I'll bet that continues, just not like it was back then.. Yes, I have the credibility to write this stuff..

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Re: BL (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Omg! Redhead 57 you hit that right on the nose about mcg without a doubt in my mind, nobody knows my pain not even my specialist, just the good lord, myself know what we go through. The pain is unbearable for me and I take 15 10mg. daily! Because that's my mobility and unfortunately these damn pills are the only thing thats worked for me. When I read mcg's text I swore he was talking about myself and im so happy to hear that im not the only one who has that high of a pain tolerance but also a very high med tolerance. Anyway back to the reply from redhead 57 to mcg's reply, we have been waiting for you redhead 57. I mean we myself and mcg. You're absolutely correct saying nobody could possibly know one's threshold for pain! I have currently 8 different issues with my spine and these pills are me my mobility. I have a 10 year old child who needs me to do the mommy thing which by the way is 24hr a day labor. Anyway I weigh 120lbs. And im 52 yrs. old little tiny lady who lives with a beast inside of my body every second of everyday and seriously I can and do take 15 of those bad boys whom I call my mobilty. Without them I cannot walk. Believe it or not we all need our spine to be mobile! I wouldn't recomend 15 for nobody, its what my body does. Nobody know my pain and nobody knows your pain. Only you really knows you. No doctor can magically know all inside of you. Hes just a person also but with a phd and whatever else. I just wanted to agree with redhead 57 on her remark to mcg's comment on how many he takes, only his body knows what he can handle, I've been ding mine for ten years, liver is fine. I do not drink alcohol. Just dont be stupid and do what you cant handle. My day usually is 17 hours (sounds stupid) foot time, lol!! If mcg's body needs than that's just what it takes to get through his day. Really only you know yourself totally, absolutely, without a doubt. I need 15 but could go through an 8 hour day on 12 just fine and I have done of course. And that's what I want to do, unfortunately, my body is in a constant deteriorating mode, no one knows why or how I got this way? Just do what you need is what it should say because I certainly would not expect anybody taking 15. That's just me. Gets me to do what I need to do. I'm just relieved I wasn't the only person who can do that many pills. I was actually going to ask a question on here when I came across his text. Everyone be safe and thanks to mcg, and to redhead 57. You know redhead57 and im sure there are others who live a productive lifestyle taking more than 15 daily I know a couple people myself but they are in such severe pain his body can handle that many. Sorry very long reply.

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I took three Acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate 325 mg / 5 mg tablets at once. Will i need to seek help or will i be fine?

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Amen! I believe that as well having Paraneoplastic Syndrome,small fiber sensory painful neuropathy,and a few other things.. bottom line who cares what anyone else has to say or think comma there's only 1 who can judge us

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Holy crap you take all that medication??? Your gonna meet your Heavenly Father real soon if you keep going at that rate!

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