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Marina Says:
Im Marina Im 24 years old and a mother of 2 beautiul little boys. From the years 2006-2007 i was heavily addicted to Oxy 80 and eventually started doing herion. I got help in sep.2007 at a methadone clinic, it worked for as long as i was on the methadone i had NO relapse's. In June 2009 i was completly off of the methadone that first day that i was on 0Mgs I went through extreme withdrawls i went through things that i would never wish upon my worst enemy! i stayed that way for a day and a half and decided to go to a suboxone doctor. He put me on 32 mgs a day which i thought was pretty high of a dose but he explained to me that methadone withdrawls was worst then any other withdrawls. so i trusted him. Now when i go to see him every month i pretty much beg for him to start the weining process and start lowering me and he pretty much refuses. After months of being on 32mgs a day he finally started tapering me down slowly, i never really thought any thing of it till now but i realized he's keeping me on the suboxne for as long as posible so that he can get my $200.00 a month. all he is, is a legal drug dealer bc now im highly addicted to the suboxone. I recently had to go a few days with out my suboxone bc i didnt have the money to see him and i went through hell. i thought methadone withdrawl was bad OMG there is no comparison. i wanted to either use which i havent done in years or rip my face off lol its funny now but it definatley wasnt funny a few days ago while i was feeling that way! So i spoke to a good friend whos going through the same thing and he told me that they just came out with a new pill to get you off suboxone. I just want to know if that's true. I tryed googleing it but i cant find any thing. If you have heard of this new pill please respond or if you even have a good way to get off soboxone as painless and posible... thanx

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bowie Says:
omg i had the worst time coming off subxn and my doctor was just like yours and kept me on it for 3 years! One day on my own i decided to quit taking them because it was SO expensive and i hated going to the doctor every month. I called and said I was coming off and had the worst withdrawl of my life and he put me on Tramadol for a few weeks which helped alot. It still tooks months until I felt somewhat normal. If there is a pill for coming off subxn i am really interested, because i'm back on suboxone again and want to come off! I know, i really could have been fine and miserable without them but I was very depressed and went back on them because my doctor was all too eager in percribing them to me again.

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Verwon Says:
No, I have not heard of any such pill. It would not make any sense, either, since the whole point of Suboxone is to help beat drug addiction.

The normal procedure is to taper a patient off of it, very slowly to help minimize the worst of the withdrawal effects.


Have you talked to your doctor about your desire to stop? Or tried a different doctor?

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john Says:
suboxin is a opiate blocker that should be takin 24 hours after your last pill or bag, it blocks the receptors in your brain so you dont feel like a bag of crap. the doctors not trying to get your money, too truly stop the drugs and not go threw crazy withdrawals from sub's is to do wat the doctor says, your surpose to be on it for at least 6 months so he can ween you down and it also gives you time to get everything else out your system. my doctor said if you want it to work the right way is to first, you gotta wanna stop so the mental isnt that bad, then you need to listen to the doctors order and the withdrawal isnt that bad if you do, its like one day of being uncomfortable, remember you gotta wanna stop, it really is a dream come true before sub's it was metadone forr the rest of you life. good luck too all

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krissi Says:
I've been on suboxone for close to 3 years! AND attended the same FDA seminar that docs do for certification and their DEA Sub #. DEA has warned dr's NO ONE is to take more than 3 8 mg per day, they have cracked down hard, sending out every sub doc a letter informing them individual evals will be done.... without appt. Where the DEA will sift through ALL patient files and personal info! If a dr is found in violation, he will loose sub priviledges. I Started at 3 /8mgs per day, then after 6 mo down to 2/ 8 mg per day. Because I was pregnant, my ob and sub doc didn't advise lowering my dose until my daughter was born, the risk of relapse was too high and more dangerous. Suboxone is also used as a maintenance program not just for immediate detox! Dose should be lowered evey other month at the MOST! Until u settle on the lowest dose possible and thats your maintence dose (ex: 4 mg per day, 2 mg per day). The other med is subutex..... both are harder to detox from than any opiod, but risks are less, risk of od is less, risk of physical damage is less. Its the less of 2 evils game. Sorry! There's nothing specific to help u kick sub's besides in-patient detox!

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jjr4643 Says:
To help u out ma'am I'm in the military and they do things a little different the problem with posts like this is most people only find them if they are in the same needs that u are. The way the government contributes to helping get their soldiers off of what they got them addicted to (mostly post (multiple)surgery pain killer addiction) is by giving suboxone for a maximum of 6 months then ur sol if u can't be good then. Now I'm gonna tell u of something to take and this might be your wonder ddrug its called tramadol. This is a nonnarcotic drug that has to be prescribed for pain by a doctr. If u can get some tramadol take it at a low dose for about a week and then if u need to take no more than 2mg of suboxone for up to three days folowing ..max. the tramadol works on the same receptors however it is not an opiate god bless I know your pain sometimes u have to grab life,and fate by the balls and beat its ass right back like it did to u.we are all strong enough to overcome this addiction..this disease.. and live amazing happy lives with the people we love . I know its hard to find the strength sometime but its there somewhere,trust just have to find it. Good luck

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Linny Says:
my nephew is on suboxone, he took one pill and 15 minutes later he sounded like he was drunk and had a mouth full of marbles. he didn't know he sounded so bad. has anyone experienced this side effect?
sorry I don't know his dosage but he hasn't been on it too long so I imagine it's a high dose.

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Joey Says:
@Jjr4643: Tramadol is a narcotic. Your body basically turns it into codeine. I'm not arguing with your advice - Tramadol can help a lot with WD's - as long as you don't become addicted to it. It also works as a type of SSRI or anti-depressant. Another helpful med for WD's is Clonidine. It helps with the RLS and general bad feelings.

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licheant Says:
when i tell my doctor i want to get off suboxone he looks at me like i have 3 heads and doesnt know what i need to get off. i just oved to florida but i have to travel to ny to see my doc cause thats were im from and the only place i can get suboxone with medicaid i either need to find a doc here in fl that can give me suboxone and accept medicaid for it or get offbut how? help.

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kimberly Says:
I heard there was a pill out, for getting off of suboxone? I was addicted to vicodin after i had my son, i have never been an addict until 3 years ago. I got addicted to pain pills, my back hurt and also depression. they put me on suboxone and I hate it! i have been on them for 2 years! i can't get off of them, they changed me and I don't think they should have given me them! i only was addicted for 7 mos. they put me on this and it's impossible to get off! i heard there was a pill to help get off for good? please, i HATE BEING ON SUBOXONE, I REALLY NEED HELP GETTING OFF!

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Lorenzo Says:
@Kimberly, i've been addicted to opiates since i was in high school (Class of 05) until 2010. I'm now 24 years old and i'm still kind of battling the suboxone dependency. There isn't another pill to get you off of suboxone unfortunately. All you can do is taper yourself down to the lowest possible Mg and then just quit cold turkey. It will be hard at first but i've done it and if i can do it i think anyone can. It's all in your head. Goodluck & Godspeed to Sobriety.

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diana Says:
just want to say that AZOR works for me when i am anctious, upset and also helps me to just cope with an uncunfortable situation. It can give yu memory loss for 2 to 5 min before you sleep as i have not rememberd a conversation before bedtime.

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Ro Says:
I can so relate to you with your suboxone addiction. I was addicted to tramodol for 10 years then was perscribed suboxone. So now I'm addicted to suboxone. I'm trying to gradually get off the stuff. I have about 20 pills left from a script. I take one third of a pill a day. It's so hard. I feel relief after taking the pill for about an hour then I have w/d like crazy. I get depressed, agitated, unmotivated, I basically feel like doing nothing. Any ideas out there???

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Mel Says:
Just to clarify with everyone asking about the magic pill that helps getting off Suboxone, well first of all it doesn't exist. The way to get off suboxone is to get through a medical detox and have your dose of suboxone and naloxone together e.g: 8mg/2mg Naloxone. I suffer from chronic pain and I am addicted to Oxycodone, I take 300mg a day and I am so tired of this evil drug. I just can't get off of it and even taper down, the w/d are horrid.

So I was able to find a doctor that specialises in medical detox and I am starting in 2 days. Basically, I have to be in w/d for 24 hours before my first dose of suboxone/naloxone. The detox will last 15 days total and when I am done I will be completely off the oxycodone and the suboxone. He will gradually decrease my dose of suboxone everyday until the end of my detox.

I have talked to numerous people who went through the same program and other than the first 24 hours of enhanced withdrawals before the first dose of suboxone, they told me it's night and day. You actually feel normal, something I haven't felt in 4 years, I am really looking forward to it. Apparently, the second of your detox, you feel normal, you feel yourself. The first day is always a little tricky, because the doctor has to find the perfect dose of suboxone compared to the amount of oxycodone you take, once that is established, everything is back to normal. I can't wait. I will write in a week and let you guys know how I am doing.

I am so ready for this, I am so ready to get my life back. No one should have to suffer of addiction and there is help, but it's not normal to be on suboxone for so long, unless you suffer from chronic pain and it's part of a suboxone maintenance program.

Talk to the right people and get your life back on track, it's possible, there are good resources out there, one advice, don't try to do it on your own and self taper, a normal person isn't trained to do such a thing, because suboxone is a partial agonist, it's a different potent narcotic and you can't screw around with that...

Below is a good reference document, take some time to read it. Hope I helped a little. Good luck everyone...


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Subsucksrpotential2bgr8 Says:
The best way to get off suboxone with no withdrawl. None has a week to take off to get of this stuff and I found the way to get off and live normal in 7 Days.

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Subsucksrpotential2bgr8 Says:
I found the best way to get off Suboxone with no withdrawls. It's for those that are dedicated to getting of opiates for ever.

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Subsucksrpotential2bgr8 Says:
I went through at least 7 years of dependency from fyntenol-morphine-etc all opiate related prescription pills for a shoulder injury in a car accident. I ran from them all and got on Suboxone which helped make my life somewhat normal however it shouldn't be a longterm medicine due to the side effects and I trully believe inhibits the individual to only be 80% of what you should be in life, work, family and overall potential. After 4 years of being on suboxone I was very afraid of the withdrawls and effects getting off of suboxone. I'm sure many of you young professional can agree, we don't have time to take 7-10 days off life to "detox". If someone is seriously interested in getting off Subs/opiates i'm happy to tell you the way to getting off very quickly.

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Mel Says:
Subsucksrpotential2bgr8 @

7-10 days to be off suboxone is better than being on it for 4 years, for fear to have withdrawals. Too bad you waited that long.

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Craig Says:
HELP.....Would love to know your advice!!! I am serious about quitting, but I am in the medical field and CANNOT be out of work. Any info. would be appreciated. ASAP please!!!

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Royce Says:
Please tell me how

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sadonsubs Says:
Ive been on suboxone for almost 6 months now and desperately want to get off of it. Ive been attending 12 step meetings throughout this process but i cant help feeling that because i take something to get out of bed in the morning that I'm not completelysober. I have struggled with addiction for half my life and i had 3 years of sobriety without anything and i want to have that again, is there an inpatient detox center where i can safely detox in a short amount of time? i have tried to taper myself down but I just cannot do it, it is waaay too painful for me, as I also suffer from major depression that i am being treated with by taking prozac. I also feel that every time I see my sub doc and ask to go down he looks at me like im crazy. I was on 3.5 8mg films and went down to one, but even just the one through me into a tailspin so I'm now back up to 2 8mg films per day. I feel so lost and confused about what I should do because ive also gained a tremendous amount of weight and i fear that the subs may b a part of that, i dont know. All i DO know is that sobriety is number one in my life and i would like to wake up every morning feeling good rather then struggling in pain to get my first dose in me, its no way to live and im close to giving up. I have an apt with my sub doc tonight so I will ask him if there are any treatment centers but i doubt he will help becuase he wants his 200 a month, anyway, ANY gentle advise would be greatly appreciated, I want to get back to my career and build some self confidence, and being addicited to these subs have been a weight on me for too long, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this, ive never posted anything before so go easy on me :)

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