How Long Does The Withdrawal Last?

Gallco Says:

I was on lexapro for nine months. I put on ten kilos and so I changed to pristiq six weeks ago. I felt awful the whole time and so have decided to go off all medication. I have gone cold turkey three days ago. I'm constantly dizzy, it feels like my brain is a second behind real time. I have terrible diarrhea and my whole body hurts. Strangely enough I am a great deal happier in my mood. A little anxiety but so far no depression or rage.
Should I expect worse? How long will it all last?

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Verwon Says:

After being on them for almost a year, it may take several weeks for the effects to all taper off, because your body has to readjust your brain chemicals on its own.

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If you quit just 3 days ago, it may get a little worse and you could still experience some rebound effects, so you should be careful.

How are things now?

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Heidi Says:

I quit taking 200mg Topamax once a day, 50mg Lyrica twice a day and 40 mg Viibryd once a day 5 days ago. (I also quit 40 mg simvastatin and OTC Zyrtec) I quit cold turkey. For the 1st three days it was because I didn't have access to my meds. I am back home now and could start taking them again but I hoped that maybe the worst is behind me as far as withdrawal symptoms. I have migraine headaches (have had them daily for 30+ years) and I don't think all these are drugs are doing anything for me. They certainly haven't helped my headaches. I have no doubt I am also depressed. But now I am miserable. I have diarrhea/vomiting and can't even keep water down. I cycle between being too hot or too cold. I am itchy all over. I can't truly get any sleep. The first couple of days I couldn't stop crying. I know the crying is from not taking the Viibryd. I missed a single dose of it once and cried over everything. But I don't know if I should hang in there and try and tough it out. Did I give up too many things at once? I'm afraid if I start again I will be stuck on it forever because I won't want to do this again. I also had the brain zap that someone mentioned last night. I was asleep and thought I was having a seizure. I am really scared. I don't want to be taking all these drugs but can I take something OTC for nausea and vomiting? Please help me. I am 54 and female.

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