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patient123 Says:

I've been going to a clinic for almost a year now and each time I get prescribed 8mg Subutex. When I would fill my prescription I would receive 54 411 white tablets. Today when I picked it up I got M 924 white tablets. The only difference I've found is the manufacturer. The manufacturer for the 54 411 is ROXANE and for the M 924 is MYLAN. Are they pretty much the same pill just different imprint/manufacturer?

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Stacey Says:

Re: Colt45 (# 197) Expand Referenced Message

You’re not supposed to insufflate your medicine. All my friends do that but it is actually abusing it and making the people who put it under their tongue like prescribed look bad. It’s not fair they treat everyone as if they abuse subutex and there’s people like me that don’t.

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Stacey Says:

Re: Sublife (# 190) Expand Referenced Message

I absolutely agree. I recently got my kids taken by CPS and I was addicted to Xanax. A doctor had me on 6 mgs of Xanax and 20 mgs of Valium a day and cut me down because I wanted to and when I found out I was pregnant was on 4 mgs of just Xanax and meanwhile still taking my subutex also 16 mgs a day and my doctor found out I was pregnant and cut me completely off. Me and my baby could have died but by some miracle even though I consumed cannabis and took Xanax the whole time I was pregnant she came back negative for benzos and THC and is a beautiful healthy baby. I am truly blessed. She did have a little withdrawal from the subutex but I didn’t know I could even get pregnant and unfortunately didn’t find out until I was about 4 months along, but that Xanax doctor could have killed me and my child. I have tapered myself almost completely off and am currently taking a half a peach a day which is .5 mgs. So I’ve come so far in my struggle. Even if a doctor gives you something it is not safe. Although I was an addict and knew Xanax were addicting I still didn’t realize what it was gonna do to my life and the long struggle.

I am and have been withdrawing and having every withdrawal symptom everyday for 2 years now. My jaw constantly hurts, I get migraines I never had before, I can’t sleep good at all, I profusely sweat all day long constantly which is also not normal. I am twitching and most of all just plain miserable and b****y. It has been a worse struggle than being addicted to opiates. I just completely quit with Suboxone, it saved my life and I have been clean from intravenous drugs for 10 years, but long term Suboxone use causes kidney problems, something they don’t know yet. Me and my friend have both been on Suboxone for about 6 years then switched to subutex which we're on currently and I have had more success than her but CPS is telling me that it is not gonna fly with the judge because I live in the state of WV and it is a law that no one is allowed to be prescribed subutex unless they are pregnant. So I go to a doctor in Pennsylvania because it is only 45 minutes away from me.

I also have hepatitis C from the past intravenous drug use and am currently sick. They said my quantitative levels are through the roof. So why would I either detox myself completely and possibly relapse and die because this is the worst time in my life and the most sober I’ve ever been in my life. Or take Suboxone which I actually love it and think it’s actually better than Subutex because I take my medicine under my tongue unlike a lot of people that abuse it. I just don’t think it’s right to force me to put mako one in my body knowing it actually physically hurts my kidneys and I’m already at a clinic, which is paid for. They’re saying I can get Suboxone for free through their program. I don’t want it. I’m happy at my clinic. It’s crazy like the state is a conspiracy, they just wanna make money and I think they’re wrong. They’re not doctors so how can they decide what is better for my health? I’ll go on Suboxone and do their program but who is gonna give me a kidney when I’m done? It’s just ridiculous, I hate this state. It is so messed up and since I live in WV I don’t qualify for Harvoni treatments until your liver is in a 75% failure rate, but if I moved to Ohio or Pennsylvania which are both close I could get my treatment. Yeah I know I wrote a book but I needed to vent!

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Chris Says:

Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Does anyone know is an 415 Subutex better then 54 411

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Comments Submitted Says:

Its exactly the same medication. The ones made by Mylan seem a bit stronger to me but no difference supposedly.

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AlliasN Says:

Re: suffering 63 (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

The FDA made it so regular doctors are no longer allowed to give out opiates period. They only place you can get a opiate is a actual pain management clinic. You have to see a doctor for a pain clinic referral which may go as far as requiring a cat scan to concrete the evidence that you have damage to your body sufficient to require pain management.

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Kels Says:

Re: Subsforlife (# 191) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I live in NC as well & ive been on Subs for years now, I alwaysss was able to get the Roxanne labs 55/411’s and did so for years (they are the best, to me that is) but only one specific big pharmacy chain (that I know of) in my area carries that specific brand (54/411) and as of the last month or so they stopped taking any and all pharmacy discount coupons, which make it possible for me to get my subs at all, so I am not able to go to that pharmacy chain anymore for that reason. Since then every month, getting my meds has become more and more of a panic attack inducing s*** show, and between trying to find the most affordable price for them at any pharmacy, and dealing with being treated like a piece of trash by most pharmacists because I take subs at all, and I’ve yet to find anyone that has or “will order” that certain one for me. I know that Roxanne labs was bought out by westward I think it is but I also know that, as you stated, you are still able to get the 54/411’s. It would mean more than you will ever know if you could point me in the right direction as to what chain even that you are able to still get them from. I’m open minded and I’ve tried recently the very small white round subs with the arrow but I felt as tho I was taking less than half my dosage every day not counting the painful stomach issues they also caused.

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Tina Says:

I don’t know the difference between the Roxanne brand of Subutex to the Mylan brand. I was put on the Mylan brand 8 months ago. Since I’ve been back in my State, it’s not available. Mylan has been having a manufacturing problem with it. I don’t know when they will come out with it. Right now I’m taking the Actavis brand of Subutex and it works pretty well for my pain. Mylan works the best. All the other brands cause my asthma to flare up bad. I’m on prednisone now because of the Acttavis brand of Subutex. Also the WestWard and the Hi-Tech brand also called Akorn, did t work very well for my pain at all. I still have a little of those pills left. So I take those st night because I don’t need to walk that much.

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Tina Says:

Re: john boy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Mylan is the one I was put on in California. When I came home to the MidWest it wasn’t available in the pharmacies. I have to take the generic brand of buprenorphine which is the Actavis brand. It messes with my asthma. Not nearly as bad as WestWard or Hi-Tech, Arkorn. Mylan is the best working for me. That’s the only generic form of buprenorphine I can take that doesn’t cause my asthma to get worse. I hope Mylan gets their buprenorphine out soon. Otherwise I have to remain on prednisone for the rest of my life, like the pain medication too. I have 5 crippling diseases and they are progressed to far for me to go without pain medication. The doctor I had in California figured that out very quickly. Here’s a little insight for you about other people, everybody has different body chemistry, so you can’t go by the way some medication reacts with one person to the next. It’s going to be different with every person. The only people that may have the same reactions with all the same medications as you take will be blood, parents, grandparents or siblings and children. That’s it. I’m saying this from all the issues I've had as well as my children going through the same ones. I hope everything works for you. God bless.

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Tina Says:

Re: Stacey (# 202) Expand Referenced Message

I'm so sorry for you. One thing that may help you with your Hepatitis is a multivitamin with iron. Take it everyday. It can help a lot. My ex-husband got Hepatitis C the same way you did. My ex husband didn't take a multivitamin for his and his Hepayitis C got really bad. He had to go through treatment twice before he got better. It almost killed him. My sister does take a multivitamin and she hasn't had hardly any problems with her Hepatitis C. She got hers from accidently sticking herself from a patient be wouldn't be still while putting in a IV, in the hospital. I felt bad for her. That's why I didn't go into the nursing field for a career. I hope this helps you. Tina S.

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Kayla Says:

Re: Roxanne56 (# 186) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you 100% and ppl do t get it. I also have taken 54 411s for years. And now all the sudden all Walmart’s always have them in back order. And all other brands are garbage. They wear off sooner and give much less relief. I have talked to several ppl who agree with me. I actually contacted west ward directly to find out the problem and was told they have filled all their orders that they had had and made it seem like it was Walmart not wanting to get gay brand even tho ppl are willing to pay the price for them. But I’m with you all the way on this. Thank you for posting.

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Kayla Says:

Re: Frustrated460 (# 150) Expand Referenced Message

I was also told the same thing by west ward pharma 3 months ago then everything went back to normal now it’s happening again only place I can find 54 411 are Walmart’s. And the Walmart’s tell me it’s on back order. Which west ward told me can’t be bc they have filled all their orders?!?! I live in Indiana. I do not understand.... it’s so popular with bup patients so why do they do this?? Thank you for your post!

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Charlene Says:

Re: AlliasN (# 205) Expand Referenced Message

Hi alias, is that for just your state about no regular dr. Can actually write out a script for opiates?? Only pain management can..because jest a few months ago I decided to w/d off subutex because of the length of the use from 2005. So I decided I will go to a pain management dr. To help...I asked him if he will put me on percocets 10s x 4 day along with Baclofen a muscle relaxer. I had absolutely no problem what so ever, strangely that I'm the one that decided what I wanted to use . So I did it for 10 days with some, but not much luck. I got pretty sick and lost almost 14 lbs in 10 days..I'm very small and thin anyway so that's a huge weight loss for me. My husband had to just about carry me into the drs office. The doc looked like me and then my husband and said I recommend she go back on subutex to regain her life and health. So that's what I I'm in Florida that's why I asked this question, because it had no problem with getting what I wanted no my son with disabilities I took him there because of pain the pain management put him on lortab 10 x 3 day along the muscle relaxers. So. Just curious thx

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Charlene Says:

Re: Comments Submitted (# 204) Expand Referenced Message

I looked into how much buprenorphine is in each generic and Mylan actually has the lowest amount of bup in all the generics, all the others have 8.64mg of bup equalvent and 8mgs,. Only 2 others have only 8mg..period. and that's sun, and actavis the orange half moon one... the new Rhodes is the best out there for us..they are so well made and just perfect looking medication.

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Sue Says:

I WANT MY 5411 11....they are the only ones that work, can be broken so I can take halves. Tiny pills do not work at all for me, and everyone has said most of the other generics can't compare to Roxanne which is now Hikma

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Janeway Says:

After 10 years on all different meds, unfortunately I have found that the MYLAN brand is one of the worst makers of all. I simply REFUSE any and all MYLAN medications. They are so INFERIOR.

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jb Says:

54 411 are the best anything else does not compare. M 924 are garbage, no comparison to the 54s.

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Karri Says:

I have found that nearly ALL Mylan brand medications are completely INFERIOR AND NOT NEAR other brands potency. I REFUSE to use anything MYLAN makes. Every Mylan med I have tried are weaker in strength. And there are thousands who agree with me

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Charlene Says:

Re: Roxanne56 (# 192) Expand Referenced Message

The new Rhodes are the best generic we have had since original brand name. The ingredients are the same except for one. They are white to off white round flat-face beveled edges imprinted Rp b8....they are a smooth type without that strong bup, taste. To me they feel stronger to .I'm allowed to have 3 a day but I get by on two with no problem

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Bekka6 Says:

Re: bethanynichole2813 (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I get them in they Givve me alot of energy.

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