Difference Between Yellow Hydrocodone Acetaminophen With 1096 Vs White Pill Same Strength But U03. Both Say Sub For Norco.


Just want to know difference between both pills, beside Manufacturers. I was taking Hydocodone-Acetaminophen 10-325 yellow pill #1096 on one side a V on other side. I was then switched to a white oval pill with the same strength, but has U03 on one side. both say substituted for Norco.

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Hello, Chula! How are you?

That is the only difference. When a medication is available for generic production, it is usually manufactured by several different companies, because this creates market competition to help keep prices down.

The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Even though both are generic for Norco 10/325, there is a tolerance level in generic medication that the active ingredient (hydrocodone) can vary by +/-20%. Therefore some generic Norco 10/325 could actually have 8mg of hydro while another brand could have as much as 12mgs of hydrocodone ! 4mgs is a significant difference, therefore it would definitely be very noticeable !

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How is this possible? A difference of 4 mg is the difference between hurting and not hurting.. I have 4 bulgeing discs in my lower back. In my experience I've taken almost every different type of norco and I would have to say the yellow Vs are the most potent by far.. I got the U03s today for the first time.. I guess that I'm going to my normal pharmacy from now on..

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Allen & swim are right on the money!!
Verwon seems to want to walk around the whole question you are asking & tell you that all generics are exactly created the same for competition in the market and not only can the companies have different fillers from different places around the world & different people have had bad reactions , also these companies are putting less amounts of the medicine & it is very hard for me to believe as an old lady that this is really happening from my own experience of both the fillers & the cheaper generics that I know have less pain medicine in them. It would cost many thousands to prove all of this but too many people are speaking out for there not to be some truth to all of this . The usual truth about it is the most expensive generics are most likely in my experience as a pharmacy tech. & am also in chronic pain. This has got to be one of the most unethical & dangerous situations going on today. It's like saying if you are not rich , you do not deserve to have as much of your pain cared for or if they are using cheaper fillers which are called inactive ingredients , also . You may end up in the ER from bad allergic reactions . It happens all the time . My 2 generics are so different , I thought , for sure , I must be taking 2 different drugs ? This is medicine ! & not acceptable . It's all about money..

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I totally agree. Pharmacy (independent ) told me mallinckrodt won the bidding with the insurance companies which is why they'll only pay for those nasty white crap pills. You can pay cash and more and get the yellows made by Qualitest which I know for a fact are better. White ones either make me nauseous or GIVE me headaches! Had same experience with percocets. Couldn't take them like I used to. ..headaches and nausea again! Do I pay cash to get my yellow generics for now. White are crap and no way are they up to standard!

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In the old days , when I was a pharmacy tech. & as a patient also- all I would have to do is get my Dr. To write " medically nessarry for - such& such - name of generic med.' they even have a few brand name left but not many. I can not believe what is happening to our whole medical system but Dr.s may still have some say so over what medicine their patient can & can not take ,as far as insurance companies & what meds make their patients sick. With my pain & my generic tripling in cost , it's either pay for it or have nothing that works for my pain .i can not see our Gov 't letting these drug companies get away with price wars over actual medication that could kill people from not being exactly equivalent to the Brand name that was first invented. That was law and the the meaning of the word Generic. Who changed that law?

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Please share your experience with Narco 10 mg generic made by Watson with 853 stamped on it. Thank you. Also does Watson have a good reputation with the quality of their generic meds ?

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All I know is 10mg Norco are yellow. By whatever name, Norco is hydrocodone, i.e. Vicodin.

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Watson hydrocodne/APAP is, last time I needed one, a quality product.

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The answer to the Watson brand of pain medication is that I have always preffered the Watson brand over all other generics my experience over the past decade has been good. Walgreens usually carries the Watson brand.

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I agree with you completely. Since last October 2014 I have been given 5 different generic forms of hydrocodone/acetaminophen, none of which relieve my pain. The pharmacy tells me they look for the cheapest med and that is what you get. This is unethical...and wrong. People who are truly in pain expect to receive something that works for them. I have been hearing too many people saying that their pain med is not working...What is going on?

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In many states, you can get the generics yourdoc expresses a preference for in this way:

PT: DRJoey
Address, etc.

RX: Hydrocodone10mg/APAP 650mg — Watson or Endo or Sandoz
Dis. #120
Sig: 1 po q4-6h PRN pain.

They'll have to honor the first choice if available and, if not the 2nd choice, etc. Ask your doc please not use brand names.

I had apatient from whom prescribed generic Percocet10/325 years ago, WE were both n a hurry and held me the pharmacy stocked only Endo generics, so I let it go. A few hours later, I get a get from the same HONEST patient telling me "THIS S--T DOESN"T FREA WORK." It wasn't any of my choices of generic manufacturers!

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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Huh? Md/phd... I'm sure that's just a username. Your Doctor will write whatever they are used to. Whether it be Norco, Lortab etc... as long as it contains 10/325 hydro and apap, and the pharmacy will fill it with whatever they stock on the shelf. They don't carry 5 different generics to honor a descending request of manufacturers, I think you would be very pressed to find a doctor that even knows the generic manufacturers let alone care.

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Endocet (that's made by Endo, mfrs of brand Percocet) but you'll pay brand name copays unless your doc writes: PERCOCET 10325 #60 — ENDO. We can use any brand name we wish but all 50 states have generic substitution laws.


Mallinckrodt (SP?) - They made quality Ritalian generics, too

I don't prescribe too much Oxy and our local pharmacy only stocks ENDOCET as the generic.

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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What is the Bitartrate in Hydrocodone mean. I'm now receiving these white pills now, these ones, I get headaches, and very tired. What's going on?

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The only reportable differences are manufacturers. The comment about generic meds variances should be noted. I thought it was 20% or 25% +/-; that can amount to either a 40% or 50% difference in meds. I also take hydrocodone 10/325. It seems that the yellow ones may work a little better than the white ones, but everyone's system is different.

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Watson was puchased. By a company in brazil they seemed to be good b4 that but i changed to a different manufacturer for my meds since then so not sure if they maintained the good reputation

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If you are ALLERGIC to them tell your doc and have doc write a specific script due to allergy

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Please be aware and pay attention to any med that has over 325mg Tylenol or aspirin added. 500mg or 600mg of it taken several times daily can reek havoc on our livers.

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Sandy J, prescription drugs that contain tylenol (acetaminophen) contain no more than 325 mg in each dose now.

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Re: Krazycatlady (# 137) Expand Referenced Message

Totally agree with you! Some people think if you have to take pain medication that you are an addict! I have been on this type of medication for over 20 years and not once have I overtaken it! Actually I don’t take it as much as prescribed! I take it when I need it! I have never taken it to feel a high off of it!!!

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Re: Ray (# 101) Expand Referenced Message

There is a BIG difference between ADDICTED and DEPENDANT! I am a nurse and a CRPS patient. I had had CRPS for 18 yrs. I take my medication as prescribed. I have and currently take opiods. I am not ADDICTED! I am DEPENDANT! There is a big dang difference! I know your response was quite awhile ago and just maybe you have learned the difference? Plus learned how to treat others with respect and dignity! But my training tells me other wise. But if I am wrong then I will apologize. But I doubt that will occur. I graduated from nursing school a very long time ago. I have read a lot of your responses and you sound like you have a problem.

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And why isn't anybody addressing the fact that the white ones don't work anywhere as well as the white ones. I'm a chronic pain patient and am scared to say anything as we commonly get treated as "junkies" if we complain etc. I went to every pharmacy in the county in FL where i live. I heard some of the craziest excuses as to why i was no longer getting the yellow football shaped norco substitutes, it was creepy .... Could not get a straight answer from any one of them!

I have been taking these white ones for a couple years now iv tried taking more than one at a time but I got really sick....so i put up with this i get maybe 20 min of mild relief compared to all day relief i got from the yellow ones.... It's sad that people who really need and use these drugs responsibly have to go through so much crap.

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Re: Tired of the fake (# 36) Expand Referenced Message

The yellow amd the peach are both off the market, because they were part of a substantial Gov recall. Endo bought Qualitest, and no longer manufacturers norco, however they still make Percocet.

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Re: Smith (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

True they are not all the same guaranteed Norco yellow are stronger

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Re: Swim (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

The yellow V's are the potent because they are the only manufacturers that make them the way they are supposed to be made, I believe they're made by Qualitest or Par, I read that PAR bought Qualitest. Also I think the Watson are pretty good compared to the lousy, utter junk of Malinkroft, spelling? They are the white football shaped ones and they are nothing but filler, they probably put about 1 to 2 mgs. of actual codeine in them because they sure as heck aren't putting 10 mgs. in them. Does anyone know if they still make actual Vicodin anymore? I'd rather have those than Norco and can you actually get the actual Norcos w/o it being generic? Thanks, guys!

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Re: Smith (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Benjamin Franklin and Ulysses S. Grant changed the law, along with Jackson, Lincoln and good old George Washington.

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I just started taking the white ones with the UO3 on them and they are horrible. They make me feel sick and give me terrible headaches. I’ve never had a issue with any generic Vicodin before until these. I have discs problems in my neck and lower back including degenerative arthritis and use them to fight chronic pain. These white pills are trash. Pain meds should help you feel better not make you feel worse than before you took them

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, my pharmacy filled my 10-325 Norco with a Manuf: AUROB. Big mistake. I have been taking them for 2 nights and haven't slept at all and the pain I am in is not being helped by this new manu. I have been taking Norco for a while and usually get the yellow from Manuf: PAR P. They are yellow and definitely work better.

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Re: Neil (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Can't things just b left alone??? Get use to one kind of Med then they change!!!! Leave us people in pain with the yellow Norcis 10-325. We r the ones that SUFFER????

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