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Efudex Nauseous and Dizzy

Hi, I have been using the combined cream for 4 days twice a day and totally feel nauseous and a little dizzy. Did anyone else feel this? ## The FDA does list nausea, and dizziness as being among the possible side effects of Efudex, along with administration site reaction, fever, chills, pain, and itching. Ref: Efudex Information Has there been any change?

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Reclast side effects

I took Prolia and I have severe discomfort in my mouth. I am afraid that Reclast will do as much harm as Prolia. The doctor wants me on Reclast but I am very afraid of the jaw problem and the pain in my mouth is horrible. My tongue and my lips have given me some kind of reaction allergic and feels swollen. I am also afraid of losing some tooth. ## Hello, Lala! How are you? It is a different type of drug, but to be honest, there have also been a lot of issues reported by those that have tried it. The best suggestion I can make is to go in and sit down with your doctor and have a heart to heart covering your fears and concerns. Have them give you the full side effect information, so they can help you make a fully informed decision. And remember, no matter what your doctor 'wants' ...

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Yellow Dye 5

For the first time I took a tablet called letrozole which is generic for Femara 2.5 mg. It is yellowish in color and I called the manufacturer before taking since i have a pretty serious reaction to yellow dye #5 and they assured me the color was from ferrous oxide not yellow dye. An hour after taking the tablet, I had lip swelling and rash across shoulders and back. Took a benadryl and went to bed. Some difficulty in swallowing for the next few days and a rash that didn't clear for 4 days. Lips still peeling and raw. Because I need to take this tablet to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, I am concerned and ready to try another tab without the yellow color. Wondering if this would be a safe idea. ## Glad the pharmacy and the Oncologist have ordered a new generic for Femera. Hopin...

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Efudex 5%

Creme ## I have been taking applying 5% Efudex cream for two days to my lip per my Dr. Orders. So far, I have had no swelling or any sign of side effects. Does this mean the spot on my lip is non-cancerous? I was under the impression I was to have swelling and pain, and that this cream kills everything allowing the good cells to regrow. ## have to start the efudex 5% cream once a day on upper and lower lips. I am extremely worried about the pain. Is there anything besides aquafor or Vaseline to he help with pain? ## It contains the active ingredient fluorouracil, which is used to treat areas of skin that have been heavily exposed to the sun, or those that have been tested to have Basal Cell Carcinoma. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation,...

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Does Megestrol cause or stop bleeding?

I was given Megestrol Acetate for endometrial hyperplasia. The doctor said it would thin the uterine lining, but I haven't started a period since being on it. How does it thin the lining if i don't bleed? Or should I be bleeding? ## I was wondering the same thing. They told me that I shouldn't have a period and I haven't I spotted a little that's all. But I rarely had periods before I started megestrol. I have thicken endometium was 2.5cm after a month of taking the meds I'm at 3.5 so back to the doc I go. Wondering if anyone has had megestrol not work ? ## Megestrol contains a synthetic form of the hormone Progesterone, which is vital to a woman's healthy menstrual cycle. Each month, a woman will typically experience a large bolus of progesterone being relea...

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The 3-week Efudex / Fluorouracil nightmare is now unnecessary!!

Harvard Medical recently discovered a new treatment regime for AK. This new four-day Harvard Medical protocol is going to save us all from the Efudex & Fluorouracil nightmare: Adding calcipotriene to 5-FU dramatically reduced AKs I used this 4-day treatment for AK in Dec '18 and it works!! Save yourself from the 3 week fluorouracil nightmare and do this 4-day treatment instead. I made this Youtube video of my experience with this protocol: The treatment resolves actinic keratosis in only 4 days. No longer is the pain and discomfort of the commonly prescribed 3 week Flouracil necessary to clear your skin of these pre-cancerous lesions. Mix 5% Fluoroucil and Calcipotriene 50/50 and apply twice per day for four days. Both of these creams can be purchased through prescription. Your ...

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Treatment For Kentucky Pain Patients

Is there any chronic pain patients from Kentucky or Ohio that are finding themselves with no treatment and no where to turn for help? I am an advocate for pain patients and patients have contacted me saying how they had just moved to one state or the other and called many doctor offices to only be rejected because they are chronic pain patients already. The doctors offices say they are not accepting new patients or that the office does not treat pain. Can you imagine someone with cancer that has called 258 Dr offices and have been turned away because they take opiate medicine for pain? I was just wondering about how many patients were living in these states with no care or are left to with draw in severe pain with no dignity? Please share your experiences if you can. I feel there can be...

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cl4 cancer cure

I am Rex, 86 yrs old and l live on an Iowa farm. I had my prostate removed 20 yards ago. I now have anogel on my lung. I have read about CL4 cancer cure shots would this be any thing I could use? Can I get it in pills? I had six heart bypass in 2004 at McAllen heart hospital. My blood psi. 120/80 every day, I am very active I have machine & welding shop I work in every day on my Iowa us farm. Can you help me? ## Hi Rex, Sorry to hear about your situation. I was just doing some research on CL4 and despite information being sparse, I did find a medical journal (linked below) that depicted CL4 as "a nuclease-resistant RNA-aptamer", which according to their investigation, is able to bind at high affinity to EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptors) on the surface of different can...

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Zevalin Treatment Questions

I need to speak with people that did this treatment. ## My husband recently had this treatment -- I too had a hard time finding Zevalin patients. I'm happy to help with info - let me know. ## I had a zevlin treatment 12-16-09. Would like to find out if anyone has been experiancing joint pain since treatment. Has anyone had results yet? ## Zevalin has been known to cause joint pain as a side effect, along with nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, and anxiety. Ref: Zevalin Information If your pain is severe, you should consult your doctor for assistance, they may know what you can do to ease this symptom, or prevent it altogether. Are you on any other medications?

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Tivdak side effects

After first Tivdak treatment I am having trouble getting back on my feet. I am two weeks out and still having trouble getting up and completing basic household chores. I am normally a productive person. I am unsure if I had a virus (tested negative for Covid, strep and flu) that may have affected my perceived side effects. I have experienced extreme fatigue, fever, pain and body aches, itchy eyes, and difficulty sleeping. I would love to hear about other patients’ experiences on this treatment. ## Tivdak is a cancer treatment, and unfortunately, they are notorious for causing a lot of side effects. They do warn about adverse ocular reactions being very common, so your itchy eyes aren't really surprising. Did your doctor instruct you to have your eyes checked, before you were g...

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Votrient (Pazopanib) Drug Information

I would like to know where to get a Votrient prescription filled? - it can be 200 or 400mg. It's very important for me and my family to find it asap as my father has cancer and his insurance doesn't cover this therapy. I appreciate your help. ## Are you living in europe? ## I have been on 800 mg Votrient for about 3 weeks. Has anyone on this had a change in the way that they perceive flavor? I am no longer able to taste salt in anything. The side effects list stated that there may be a strange aftertaste in my mouth, but nothing specific about sensing salt. ## Is there a place or organization that we can donate Votrient bottles to a family in need? They are so expensive and feel so bad throwing them out. Our family member passed. ## My husband has been on Votrient for 4 weeks. H...

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k1 dalata

pain medicine for cancer patients ## How much of drug be taken to help sleep and can you take it with xanax ## Pam, Dilaudid is indicated for the relief of moderate to severe pain.Is is not meant to be taken for sleep.As for Xanax unless expressly directed by your medical doctor they should NOT BE TAKEN TOGETHER. The incidence of over sedation and respitory distress is magnified when these drugs are used concurrently .These drugs can be fatal if taken in a manner not prescribed by your treating medical provider. Be safe.... ## To add some specifics, Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, it is an opiate analgesic. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Re...

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Tidvak chemo decision

I have stage IVA metastatic cervical cancer which has gone to the wall of my bladder. Tidvak is the only treatment recommended by my doctor and the second opinion doctor. The side effects seem very scary and I have not been able to find any favorable reports from patients. I will need to make a decision when I get results from my scan on Tuesday. Is there anyone out there who has had good or at least tolerable results from this treatment? ## Hi Nancy! How are you doing? With such a serious diagnosis, it is always best to follow your doctor's recommendations. I understand that the side effects may be scary. In this case the manufacturer has a very informative website with details on its efficacy, side effects, and etc. Tivdak Website The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly...

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Neurapathy after chemo using taxol

Took six chemo's of taxol and developed severe neurapathy in legs feet and hands. can not walk with walker and help and can not feel anything in hands. lost feeling of needing to go to bathroom etc. has any one had this and will it get better with time. it has been three months since last treatm ent. ## The FDA does report that it has been known to cause neuropathy in 60 to 70% of patients that use it, along with other side effects, such as nausea, hair loss, joint/muscle pain, and diarrhea. Ref: Taxol Information Unfortunately, if you've actually experienced nerve damage, then your issues may be permanent. Are you on any other medications? Has your doctor provided any advice, or ideas? ## I used Taxol for 3 months and I already had mild neuropathy. After the infusions, the neur...

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Renal cell carcinoma and Afinitor

My daughter has stage 4 renal cell carcinoma, the cancer has metastasized to her lungs, lymph nodes and vena cava vein. She has tried both Votrient and Sutent but the cancer has continued to grow. She has seen 3 different surgeons who all agree that surgery is not a option as the risk would far outweigh any benefits. She just started the drug Afinitor and I was wondering if anyone has had positive results with this medication. Know it's not realistic to only look at good postings but she could really use a little positive reinforcement about now. So far she hasn't experienced any severe side effects but if or when they kick in I know she could handle them a lot better if she had a some hope. Any postings would be truly appreciated. ## Has she looked over the manufacturer's w...

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Fermented Wheat Germ for Cancer H86

I found the way for you to make your own fermented wheat germ. I took it in the treatment of my own stage IV rectal cancer and I'm still alive 3 years later. They gave me 7% chance to live 6 to 18 months. Black currant is called "grosellas negras ó casis" in Spanish. They are posted on Google España. The way to ferment "germen de trigo", brotes de trigo, is to mix it with bakers yeast, the same one that is used to make bread, for 18-24 hours. For more information you can go to Google English and search "how to prepare fermented wheat germ" and you'll get the answer, here's the site: poolishwheatgermbread - the Denver Naturopathic Clinic ## Hi Matasanos, Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this info. I'm sure it'll be a blessing...

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Tivdak effectiveness

My sister is doing very poorly. Has had 2 infusions of Tivdak. Has floored her. Has had a scan awaiting results. Anyone had a good response to this drug? ## Tivdak is used to treat women with cervical cancer whose cancer has either returned, spread in their body, or for whom chemotherapy stopped working, or didn't work at all. Ref: Tivdak Official Website and Tivdak Basic Information Cancer treatment medications are very potent, and unfortunately tend to cause some problematic side effects, such as eye problems, including dry eye, and blurry vision; tiredness, nausea, rash, diarrhea, and hair loss. As of the latest studies done on Tivdak, 24% of women had a positive response to it, so she should continue treatments as deemed appropriate by her doctor. How is she feeling? Has there b...

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Dilaudid and white blood cells

Hi, my brother has rectal cancer. They did the surgery and now he has a poop bag and is waiting for his chemo treatments. They say his white blood cells aren't producing enough to do the chemo. He is addicted to Dilaudid. Not sure of the mg., but he administers it at least 3-4 times a day. He knows he's addicted. He doesn't know that I know of his problem. My question is, "do Dilaudid's affect the white blood cells?" If so that would be why he's not getting better. ## Dilaudid, which contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone isn't usually known to affect one's immune response in such a manner. Ref: Dilaudid and Immune Response Study As to him using it 3 to 4 times a day, cancer can be very painful, so can the treatments, so pain relief is usually n...

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Taking Reclast for the first time

Hello. I am scheduled to get my first Reclast next week. Is it possible to switch to Prolia from taking Reclast after 3 years? I heard that I can switch to Reclast after taking Prolia. If that is true then I think I better start to take Prolia not Reclast. What is your advice or feedback?

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Financial help to pay for Votrient cost

My wife will be starting Votrient in a few weeks. We were contacted by our doctors organization to provide financial information to potentially get help paying for it. We were also contacted by our drug plan to help with co-pay. Very confusing. What is the best way to get financial aid to cover the cost of this drug? ## Do you have any idea of how much it is going to cost you, yet? For some very expensive medications, you may need help from more than one source to cover it. From what I've found reported, it seems to be very expensive, so you could see who is offering the most assistance, or ask about using them both. Votrient Information Votrient may cause side effects, such as nausea, weight loss, hair loss, weakness, and change in hair color.

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