Reclast Side Effects

Lala Says:

I took Prolia and I have severe discomfort in my mouth. I am afraid that Reclast will do as much harm as Prolia. The doctor wants me on Reclast but I am very afraid of the jaw problem and the pain in my mouth is horrible. My tongue and my lips have given me some kind of reaction allergic and feels swollen. I am also afraid of losing some tooth.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lala! How are you?

It is a different type of drug, but to be honest, there have also been a lot of issues reported by those that have tried it.

The best suggestion I can make is to go in and sit down with your doctor and have a heart to heart covering your fears and concerns. Have them give you the full side effect information, so they can help you make a fully informed decision.

And remember, no matter what your doctor 'wants' you to take, they can't actually make you take anything.

Does anyone have experience with this medication?

Lala Says:

Thank you. I just need this discomfort, almost painful of the mouth until it becomes something worse eg.necrosis. I am praying to clean my body of all these meds. Any hope of improving? Can someone share happy stories? Is there hope?

Joshua Says:

I had suffered severe side effects from Reclast. I went with Epipens but didn't need them. They checked my temperature 2xs during the procedure. No fever. There was some minor soreness in my ankles during infusion. Went home. Infusion was at 2:30p. At around 10:30 my right kidney felt bruised to the touch where I've had kidney stones 3x. Went to bed around 2am. Awoke around 8am in severe pain. My back felt like I was in a car accident. Took 800mg of Skelaxin and Mobic 15mg. Back to bed. About 2hrs later my back, shoulders, legs & chest felt like a 9 on the pain scale. I couldn't get out of bed and had to roll out which took about 20 mins.

I could barely walk and felt like I was gonna pass out. I was going to call my doctor for Tylenol 3. But went to the ER instead. Felt like I got hit by a truck. Walked into the ER and about tumbled. Became wheelchair bound. Heart rate was 150! They did EKG, sinus buck tachycardia. Pain was unbearable. They gave me morphine and a 2nd round when the meds wore off. 2 liters of fluids. Heart rate was steady at 117-125. ER doc said he had no clue why my heart rate wouldn't come down. My BP was all over the place; 70/110, 80/70, 159/110, 185/136....the few I remembered. The ER doc said he honestly didn't know how long I would be in pain...days, weeks, months....sent me home with 12 Vicodin 5/325 and said I may need a pain management referral. Been up all through the night in severe pain taking meds as directed along with Mobic today.

My bones and muscles still feel heavy and in extreme pain. Any clue how long or severe this debilitating pain could last? Also, had a fever at the ER.

nancy Says:

I had urinary retention for many hours - and color of urine was orangey. Wtill having darker urine 3 weeks out.

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