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H86 cancer cure

After a bit of drilling down and reading I think I have found out what H-86 really is... ## There are actually a few other discussion threads on this same topic that talk about H86 and how it works as a cancer treatment. However, I'm not sure if everyone is on the same page as far as what it really is. You can view each thread by visiting the links below: Discuss/h86-cancer-treatment-252777.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cures-252713.htm By the way, have you also looked into CBD's from cannabis as a viable cure for cancer? Studies show that it's actually more effective than chemo, and without the side effects. So this might be something to consider researching as well. I hope this helps! ## This Product is called AVE...

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Pharmaceutical financial assistance applications

Do you have any financial assistance programs for persons on Medicare? I am on a fixed income of approximately 1200 monthly and need assistance with my pharmaceutical co-Pays for hydrcodon neurotiin volume and allouprinol. Please direct me to a financial assistance web site. ## I am a senior citizen diagnosed with CML in 2015. I have recently had my medication changed to Gleevec, 400mg by NorthStar. I have medicare D coverage which takes care of a good portion of the high cost of this drug, however, there is a $400.00 difference which I CANNOT cover....Can you help me by recommending a financial source that will help me? This worry is causing me so much anxiety, sleepless nights and overall depression. Do I just NOT take the medicine and die??? Please help...

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Gleevec for Eczema and Dry Skin

Does Gleevec work for acute eczema and acute dry skin? ## I don't have any information on this, but I can tell you that there have been several people posting that it has worked and several others who have heard of it and have been asking the same types of questions Gleevec is currently approved to treat certain types of cancer, so the side effects of these types of medications can be pretty prodigious and I am not certain it would be worth using to treat a skin condition. Does anyone else have experience using this? ## It gave me a rash and bad itching. Took a low dose of Prednisone to get rid of it. I would say NO!

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Gleevec side effects

Can anyone else tell me how long gone after starting gleevec gleevec will side effects show hp? ## It can vary from person to person, some people may experience side effects upon the first dose, but for others it may take a week or so, and there are always some people that don't experience any. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, vomiting, skin rash, diarrhea and joint/muscle pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I vaguely remember being told Gleevec and antihistamines do not mix, can anyone confirm this ?

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Long term use of Gleevec

I've been on Gleevec for about 6 years being treated for HES with no side effects once regulated. Just over the past few months I have gotten joint and muscle pain and noticed this is a small side effect using this product. I have been tested for RA, Parvo B19 and countless other items. Just wondering could side effects surface years later? ## Yes, it is possible, our bodies do change with time, so it is always possible to suddenly experience new side effects, as time passes. Other side effects are listed by the FDA as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and hair loss. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications?

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Relief from faux nausea / reflux

Hi All. I am new to this experience. I learned on 12.12.16 I had a 4.7 CM Gist in my stomach with a mitoic rate of 7. The gist was removed 1.12.17 and I began a 3 year journey on a daily dose of 400 mg of Gleevec on 1.25.17. As time progressed, so did my side effects. By April 2017 the side effects were beginning to side line me. It was difficult to quantify these to my team, made up of an oncologist, ontological surgeon and gastroenterologist. Oh and the Blue Shield research pharmacist also (A free and wonderful resource). I had "nausea" but was not inclined to upchuck. I had "reflux" but no pain. I was told I could dose down on the Gleevec - but that sounded like a a bad idea to me, long term. I was given Nexium, Carafate, all sorts of acid reducers to no avail. Ginger ev

How to purchase Gleevec

I am from the Philippines. My husband was diagnosed with CML in 2001.the dr prescribed hydroxyurea..and in 2012 the dr prescribed gleevec..we are referred to an non goverment organization who help people with this kind of sickness to apply because the meds is so expensive...they subsidized the meds..we paid about 40% of the total amt..he took gleevec until 2015..because the ngo is not around husbands dr prescribed him back to the dr tell us to research on the forums and can ask some people who might have ideas on how to purchase it..she suggested that it can be bought in India...hope somebody can lighten me up or have the idea on how to purchase gleevec...thank you in advance..??

Gleevec & marijuana

Does taking medical marijuana adversely affect the treatment? I am taking an 800mg dose of Gleevec a day and have had my tumor removed. ## As of this time, tests have not shown marijuana to adversely react with any medications, or treatments. However, it can have some adverse effects on your lungs, overall, according to FDA reports, just like smoking anything else would. It can also cause dizziness, and a very bad case of the munchies, from what I've heard. LOL Given that you are on Gleevec and have had a tumor removed, it is always best to double check with your doctor about adding, or changing anything else, just to be extra careful. How are you reacting to the Gleevec? Have you experienced any problematic side effects from it?

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Gleevec Dosage

I take Gleevec 400mg for CML. After a short period of time I experience some very rough side effects. Bones hurt, eyes are blurry, I feel like I am sick from my head to my toes, my chest is tight, my skin tingles, along with some others. I have been told to get off of them for 2 weeks and they pretty much go away. The BCR ABLE is 0 and other blood test results are in range. I keep thinking that the dosage is too high but my doctor won't reduce the dosage. Anyone know why? Or is it possibly something else? ## Unfortunately, all cancer medications are very harsh and can cause some annoying/unwanted side effects. Nothing you've listed is unusual for the medication you've mentioned, according to the FDA, you may also experience nausea, headache, stomach pain, and easy bruising. ...

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new side effect

I have been in remission for three years during my last dr. apt. I was told I my blood test came back a little anemic but not to worry and continue treatment wiht 400 mg. Gleevec daily, any one else run into this ## Gleevec can cause anemia, in some people that use it, but there is generally no reason to worry, unless it becomes severe. Did your doctor tell you the specific level? You also may want to ask why type of test they did, as the visual ones that just look at the color of the blood aren't the most accurate, because colors are a matter of perception. ## Hi. I have been on Glivec (as gleevec is called in UK) for 11 years for CML. My blood results indicate the lowest measurable amount of nasty white blood cells (0.002%, which must mean that there are billions of them floating ...

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Dog swallowed gleevec

My seven pound dog swallowed a gleevec 100 tablet. I induced vomiting with peroxide but not sure if it came up as she had just eaten so lots of food came up. What could gleevec do to her and what should I watch for? I gave her the peroxide about 5 minutes after she swallowed the pill.

Gleevec, Survival Rate, GIST Tumor

I have a GIST Tumor and have started taking Gleevec, 800MGS per day. I know there is no cure but I am curious about how long people live on average. My dr talks about the guy that has been on it for 8 years but I know he is the exception. What I can surmise is about 3-5 years. Any input would be appreciated ## Hello, GG! How are you? I am very sorry about your diagnosis and I sincerely hope you continue to do well. Yes, it seems the median average is about 5 years, though those who have surgery and take Gleevec for 3 years have been known to survive an additional 10 years, if they had a recurrence and full life spans for those who weren't at risk of recurrence. Overall, with the new treatment protocols that have been discovered after 2000, the overall 5 year survival rate for those ...

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skin color changing with gleevec

i'm african american taking gleevec. This skin coloration started about 2 months ago. I's not listed as side effect, has this happen to anyone else.I'm only 48 this has hit me hard because at the same time i was diagnose with gist my mom died. If this happen to you let me know , it started with my hands now my face to my feet. ## How long have you been on the Gleevec? The reason I'm asking it is due to the fact that it has been known to cause skin pigmentation changes, but usually with long term use, such as when someone has been taking it for a several years. Learn more Gleevec details here. ## Yes, I am African American and many people have stated that I am lighter. I only notice when I take pictures. ## Im an African Lady aged 34yrs old. was diagnosed with CML in 2010...

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gleevec and meloxicam what similar compounds do these drugs have in common

I have had similar side effects to taking Gleevec and Meloxicam. What compounds are the same in these two meds that I am allergic to. Mainly, severe facial swelling. Thank you. ## I recently had a pharmacist look up possible similarities in Gleevec and Meloxicam and they were magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline cellulose. ALL are fillers in medications. Supposedly, pharmaceutical companies use cheaper fillers in generic meds. But neither of these meds are generics. Does anyone know anything about microcrystalline cellulose?? As to its source?? ## Hello, Janet! How are you? Meloxicam is a generic, the name brand for it is Mobic. But I've never heard anything about them using 'cheaper' fillers, there is a certain list of them they can choose from that are...

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african American women

It seems that african American women may have different side effects then those of European descent. I have had a large fluid filled blister on my breast, blood vessel burst in eye, edema of eyeball. Now after a bit over 2 months I see my hair is thinning! Please share your unique side effects so I won't feel so unusual, odd and isolated. #dontwannabebald ## Hello, Lynne! How are you? Yes, that is possible, it has been known to happen with quite a few medications, the side effects and their intensity can also vary by age and in relation to other health conditions. Not to mention that these drugs used to treat leukemia cause some pretty awful side effects, either way. How are you doing, now? ## Okay, often angry due to lack of control and full understanding regarding my condition. I ...

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myelofibrosis fever

You could experience a reduction in those symptoms within the first week or it might take some time. ## Hi Mark, Judging from the wording of your post, I couldn't exactly interpret whether you were replying to someone in particular or just stating some facts you found on the internet about "myelofibrosis fever (MF)"? In either case, what I can agree with is that the prognosis of MF is in fact different for every patient. One important thing to be aware of if you have Myelofibrosis, is that even if you don't experience any symptoms, a doctor could still find "signs" of it during a physical examination (i.e. an enlarged spleen or pale mucous membranes). So it would probably be best to have yourself checked out periodically until you know for certain that it's g...

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Gleevec and Skin Pigmentation

I have been taking Gleevec for 3 1/2 years for CML. I am currently in remission with little/no side effects. For the last 2 years, the pigment on my face has been changing, and recently quite drastically. It seems as though the melatonin around my eyes is migrating to my cheeks. From my eyebrows down to approx 1 inch below my lower lashes has no pigment. It seems as though my cheeks are gathering all of the pigment. The patches of darker coloration are almost triangular and span across my face. I wear sunscreen everyday, and sunlight does make the discoloration worse. Is this skin discoloration or migration of pigment a side effect of the Gleevec? ## From what I have read, yes, it has been known to cause pigmentation changes with long-term use. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? #...

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greevec 400 mg

Cancer drug needed to stay alive, looking for more details. ## I believe the drug you're looking for is called Gleevec. ## I would like details on how patients with leukemia from third world countries can get access to this drug at cheaper cost? I am in Kenya with a friend who really needs this drug badly. ## Sorry, this site does not sell nor prescribe drugs and I do not have any information on how to obtain it.

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