Where Can Jakafi Be Bought?

mike Says:

Does anybody have an idea how can Jakafi be bought outside the united states? what is the price?

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memy Says:

I got Jakafi through my doctor for the treatment of myelofibrosis. We had to fill out an application for it from the pharmacuetical company, "Incyte". It has not been made available to local pharmacies, only through the way I just described.

Verwon Says:

That is correct, it is currently still in the investigational stage, so it hasn't actually been approved and isn't publicly available anywhere, which also means that there is no price to give anyone.

You can learn more about it here:


Are there any other questions or comments?

lizzy Says:

I am in Indonesia at the moment, and my dad's doctor recommended him to try JAKAFI. But it is only still available in US. My dad is feeling horrible at the moment from his enlarged spleen. So I'm planning to take him to US.
Can anyone recommend me a good specialist or doctor for his myelofibrosis in US?
And how can we get JAKAFI in US?

Pat Says:

Its is now available at the drugs stores in U.S.. I have been trying o find out the cost. As i am on the cilinical trial right now. Walgreens sell it for $4.400.00 a month without insurance. Still checking with other drug stores.

Pat Says:

I am in southern Calif. I drug is now approved for sale. My Dr. is DR. Hillard. He works out of Beaver medical Center in Highland City in Riverside County, Ca. He is running a clinical trail for myelofibrosis. The medicine is working great for me. I hope this helps.

pete Says:

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek, MD Anderson Cancer Center

lizzy Says:

Thank you guys for all the info.
I am in Indonesia at the moment. I was about to take my dad to US, but with his condition, I don't think he can travel to US, he gets tired very easy. And I asked one of my relatives in Florida to get JAKAFI from Walgreen, but they did not let her buy without prescription.
Can anyone help me to get this medicine? Please email me

Raye Says:

My husband Ray is now bed ridden with myelofibrosis and urgently needs Jakafi.

The hospital has to date not had a reply from their wholesalers in the USA. We live in New Zealand (just below Australia)

Was your local Dr able to order Fakafi or did you need to bring it to where ever you are via a hospital pharmacy?

Hope you are doing well on the treatment.

All the very best,
Kind Regards,

David Says:

We are dr. Hilliard,s patient too. We have been taking jakafi also. We would love to talk to you. This is such a rare condition and medicine, we would like to have someone to talk to. Please call me at 909 {edited for privacy}

David Says:

Please call company Incyte. They can do something called compassionate drug treatment. This means they can send you or your doctor the drug even though it may not be approved in your country. 855 4462983 is the phone number for the company. Ask for Dr Larry Robinson. You can call me at 909 {edited for privacy}

Steve Says:

Lizzy, I am a New Zealand citizen living and working in Indonesia and I have jsut been to see a doctor in Bangkok as I also have Myelofibrosis and they are arranging Jakavi for me.

Steve Says:

Hello Raye, I am a Kiwi living and working in Indonesia and have Myelofibrosis. I have been to a specialist in Bangkok who has prescribed Jakavi. We are trying to procure the drug through my local doctor here.

pip Says:

Hi, Steve,

my name is Pip. My mum has been diagnosed with primary myelofibrosis. Is there a way to get in touch with you about getting mum some Jakavi?

Steve Says:

Pip, I went to Bangkok hospital to see the specialist there and it turned out to be a fliasco. had the bllod tests and was found to be JAK2 negative but the specialist said " no problem it will still work" I came back to indonesia where I have my own business and we tried to get some firm information from them regarding the actual cost, did they have the drug or not and how long would I have to be there for it to be administered and the dosage regulated. The long and short of this is that they could not answer my questions, they did have the drug then they didn't and then I got a disgracefull e mail from the specialist that basically said, I have answered these questions, I am not going to answer them again, I am tired". I was so disgusted that I wrote him a very direct e mail and what resulted was a call from the hospital administration saying that they could not adminisiter the drug, it was very expensive and difficult to get and there was too much paperwork involved. You can make your own conclusion from this but I would NOT recommend anyone going enywhere near Bangkok Hospital. I have since visited Dr. Patric Tan in Singapore and he is a wonderful and talented specialist and will be starting treatment with him as soon as they have the drugs

Tam Says:

Hi Steve,

Is there anyway I can contact you? My uncle has trouble with his blood cell production due to his affected bone marrow. His spleen has enlarged too.

Do you need to go to Singapore to meet Dr. Patrick Tan directly or we can contact him via email/phone first? How long does it take to start receiving such treatment by Jakafi?

Thank you very much! My email is {edited for privacy}. If possible, please help to drop me an email with further instruction!

Steve Says:

Hi Tam. I have been taking Jakafi now for a little, over 8 weeks after visiting Mount Elizabth Hospital in Singapore and seeing the specialist Dr Patrick Tan. When I first got there I had a raft of tests and they found that my kindeys were badly infected (from back up of urine caused by the enlarged spleen and pressure on my bladder as well as an enlarged prostate) and my liver was also not good so I was put into hospital and given a cocktail of drugs to clear these symptoms up before administering the Jakafi.

My spleen was measured at 22cm across my stomach and estimated as having a mass of 7>8kg. I had a bone marrow biopsy and the results showed that I am advanced stage 3 Myelofibrosis ( I was first diagnosed almost 13 years ago) and I am also JAK 2 negative. After the other conditions were under control, I was given 20mg Jakafi twice a day and in the first 4 weeks, of which I remained in Singapore, my spleen reduced in size from 22cm to 19cm. My CBT show that my red blood cells, haemaglobin and white blood cell levels are [almost] normal however my Uric acid level was very high and a couple of others were out of line. For the first time in almost 12 years I am able to walk extended distances and even play 18 holes of golf without suffering extreme cramps that evening (I am 59 years old). I have been back to Singapore early last week for a follow up check and to purchase more Jakafi. My spleen has now reduced in size by almost 50%. It now measures 13cm and I have lost 4.6kg of weight, most of which is spleen mass. I am back to Singapore on 13th November for a week for a follow up check and another bone marrow biopsy to see if the medication has in fact slowed or halted the degradation of my bone marrow. I honestly never realised how ill I was as the rpogress of the desease and the related symptoms has been slow but now I am so much better and almost back to my normal self.

the drug is expensive but in my case anyway, has thus far worked very well and I am hoping that I can go onto a 'maintenance' dose next month.

I have nothing but the highest praise for the hospital staff and Dr Tan himself. The professionalism, compassion and just overall 'nicety' of them all is wonderful.

The contact for Dr Tans' clinic is +65 6731 2030.

Steve Says:

Mike, I live in Indonesia and I am purchasing Jakafi from Singapore from Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Tam Says:

Steve, thank you so much!

Could you pls help to let me have an idea of the cost?

My uncle is going to have response from Mt. Elizabeth next week & prepare for a trip to Singapore in November too.

Steve Says:

Tam, the drug costs me Sg$3,451.00 per 60 tablet bottle tablet bottles. That is Sg$57.51 per tab x 8 = Sg$460.08 per day. As I had not opened the last lot of Jakafi (4 bottles that I purchased, I was able to get the VAT content refunded at the airport before departing, and indeed the other drugs that i had not started to yet use. Good luck and I will be there from Oct 14 to 19th

Tabitha Says:

In Australia they are still running trials through Peter mac hospital in Melbourne. My husband is taking it and his spleen has reduced massively.

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