Can Lidocaine Cause A Positive Drug Test

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Jackie M. Says:
I went to court, and took a drug screen and I was tested positive for cocaine. The day before my doctor gave me a shot that had lidocaine in it.

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David Says:
From what I could gather, Caine anesthetics seem to be notorious for causing false positives for cocaine. This includes Novocaine, Benzocaine, Lidocaine, etc.

If you were to take any course of action, I would recommend insisting on additional testing & perhaps requesting a GC/MS test (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry), as it is considered to be the most definitive method for confirming the presence of a drug in the urine.

I think it's down right unfair for companies to not use this type of testing right off the bat, since there are so many false-positives being reported on a daily basis. At this point in time though, the best advice I can offer is that you try to dispute your case by getting re-tested using that method.

I hope this helps!

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Sunshine Says:
PLEASE HELP... A week or two ago I was asked to submit a random drug test for work...This was no problem. I have been through the procedure many times before and since the test wasn't mandatory I volunteered to take the test. To my SURPRISE a few days later I was told that I can up positive for cocaine...Which is absolutely 100 percent IMPOSSIBLE since I do not use any kind of drugs...illicit or prescribed! So I back tracked to anything that could be different during the days prior to my test. Only difference between this test and the numerous ones I have taken in the past was that I saw a dermatologist a few days prior to the test and had a skin sample taken from my wrist. During the procedure the Dr. injected Lidocaine to numb the area so it wouldn't hurt as much. So I called the Dr. explained my situation and they told me that infact lidocaine was a derivative of cocaine. So is THIS the culprit?? This Dr. also prescribed me pregnazone and a topical steroid cream that I used for a week to help get rid of an allergic reaction...can any of those medications cause me to be positive for cocaine? Like I said there Is just NO WAY I take illicit drugs...if I did how stupid of me would it have been to VOLUNTEER for the drug screen. Has anyone ever heard of this? Ive asked my Dr. to fax my work the information stating that lidocaine was used during the procedure...hoping I can find a common medium between the two...PLEASE HELP

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Cammi Says:
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What ever happened? My husband is facing the same thing. We are a family of 7 and depend on him. Please answer!

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Adam Says:
Back in 2006 I was taking hair follicle drug tests every 90 days for probation. I passed the first three, and then came up positive for cocaine (which I DID NOT do) the fourth time I took one. I wracked my brain for explanations, and realized the only thing I had done differently was go to the dentist, who used lidocaine on me. Of course the people in the drug testing business don't like to admit that their tests are faulty. So I got a probation violation for it. Luckily not a revocation. I found a lot of other stories about people going through something similar when I searched for answers online. Something needs to be done about inaccurate drug tests, in order to protect innocent people.

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Chas Says:
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I am in the same situation. Had skin cancer removed and hit with drug test two days later. Showed positive for cocaine...

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ididntdoit Says:
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Same thing hapenned to me 3 times after going to the dentist + having juvaderm injections! All of which used novocaine + lidocaine.... My dentist uses a ton on me!!!!! I was in total shock when iwas told I was positive for cocaine which I had not used since the 80's...........I have horrible back problems......I take 30 ml of morphine 4 times a day +up to 8 percocet a my Doc is going to dump me ! HELP this is B.S.

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Forensic lab tech for 20 years Says:
There is no way that any of the caines can test positive for cocaine on a drug screen. The actual test itself does not test for the substance, it tests for the metabolite that the body produces when you ingest cocaine....The only way the body produces that metabolite is if you do cocaine, lc/gc/ms confirmation will show that and just so you know a false positive can be proven in a lab as well, if they send the test for lc/gc/ms confirmation it will tell you exactly what caused the positive result.......And if there is nothing there then low and behold its a false positive, but as I said originally, lidocaine is not even a schedule drug, you can buy it over the counter in most pharmacies, cocaine is a schedule two drug.

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truth Says:
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The problem with science is its been wrong before. Until it can be proved otherwise they are going to think there is no way they are wrong. I know for a fact he is wrong. There may be factors he is not willing to consider. A positive test does not mean you ever have used drugs.

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Percy Says:
To the Forensic lab tech. Thank you so much. Your post saved my sanity. I have a bad tooth which is scheduled to be pulled in a few days. It hurts so bad that I have been almost drinking a 2% Lidocaine solution. I was bathing my tooth and gums every 4 hours. I'm a towboat captain and we had just had a 5 panel DOT plus a company 10 panel drug test. I googled this issue and you were the only person to definitively say it would not show up as a positive for Cocaine. In addition, 15 years ago I was a Cocaine user, tested positive, and lost my license for 8 years. Even though I have been clean for 15 years, I knew no one, especially the CG, would believe me. Well, it has been over 12 days since the test so I guess everything is OK. I have learned a lesson. Research the RX that you are prescribed. Thank You so much. Percy

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karen Says:
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Sorry lidocaine does show in a UA for cocaine, but not in a hair follicle test. I have the test to prove it. So lab tech of 20 yrs - no I don't, didn't, and wasn't using cocaine.

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Deeshankem Says:
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What will give u a false positive for alzapram went to dentist had taken a Benadryl and ibuprofen before but nothing else please help me I am at risk of losing my kids behind this.

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Mike Says:
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So lidocaine will show as cocaine. My dad had a positive result for cocaine and uses lidocaine for his stump, missing his leg from the knee down and there saying he came up positive for cocaine and he doesn't do it. Trying to figure out why it came up like that. Can u write back and let me know asap plz. Trying to help my dad stay out of prison for something I know for sure he didn't do.

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connie Says:
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My 25 year old daughter has severe nerve pain in her leg. She was told by a friend that using Lidocaine ointment would numb the pain. The problem is, shes afraid it might show up on a u. a. as positive drug uae. She's 140 days clean and sober, and in the process of getting her children returned to her from foster care. Should she use it or not?

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Kimmieg Says:
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Fought the lab tech! I too took a urine test for my grandson which we all knew at some point we would be taking. So I was just prescribed lidocaine on Friday and took my test today. I have lupus and take a pain meds and a nerve meds! I don't do ANY illegal drugs! I see a pain management Dr every month and he also does random testing. My test came back showing a low dose of coke! I was shocked! And extremely embarrassed this being my reputation and for my grand baby. So my attorney and I requested a hair test because we both said it had to be lidocaine. I see lots of specialists and I'm always getting urine tested. For some reason all these doctors do them. I just had 2 other ones this month, 1 for my job and my Dr. Neither of those were a fail; that was before the lidocaine. I was sent to a drug test company who even said that a quick test with the use of the lidocaine is what did it cause there is 1 thing that coke and lidocaine have in common and if the test isn't sent off to be analyzed it can show failed. But I wasn't taking anymore chance! I opted for 90 day hair test! So to everyone on here yes it can sometimes show up as coke! If it does you need to request that your urine be sent off and analyzed. If you have already lost your child or job get a lawyer are do whatever you can to get your reputation back. Hair drug test usually cost around $100 in Alabama. We even called pharmacies and it was even in the US pharmacy book. I can't remember the name of 1 thing that causes it. But I can tell you that quick test aren't reliable. It doesn't always do it but it can. My test showed top line was faint and they said since it was faint that I had to have used it at some point. So if you don't do drugs and you don't want your reputation slandered fight for a send off test. They do something with a gas and it separates that. But you need to make sure whoever is doing your test knows what happened and make sure they do that gas test. I'm sorry I don't know what the actual testing process it but the place I went to told me about it and told me they could of sent off my urine. Hope this helps! And yes the 20 year lab tech was right about the test the lab does. Just not right about a urine test.

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Kevin Says:
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That is seriously Wrong Mr. lab Tech for over 20 yrs.
The Metabolite is the same in all of those Drugs named, The Liver produces it so that's the catalyst for the test.
It get be more refined to a test, but no companies will care
To go further than the Random.
It also has a lot to do on the Crude Testing, and the Technician testing it.
So once again, don't be so rude in judgement, and act like your not Human.
There are variables in Everything.

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Me2 Says:
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Well, I was tested positive for cocaine and don't even touch the stuff. But my 8mg of dilaudid that I take up to 5 per day and 20ml of liquid morphine and lidocaine topical rub that I apply on my knees, lower back and neck. And last but not least 10MG percocet and no opioids were detected. What's wrong with this situation. Oh yeah, I have uncontrolled type 2 diabetes sliding scale. I have had a partial pancreas removal and a total splenectomy. Can somebody explain this problem?

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Allexsis Says:
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Umm u are CLEARLY wrong about this because I too have tested positive for cocaine in a hair drug test after getting local anesthesia and they used lidocaine. I have NEVER used drugs in my life and was also 5 1/2 months pregnant at the time. The ONLY things I had been taking at the time were Tylenol, my prenatals and about a month before I was taking the antibiotic amoxicillin for my tooth infection..After getting another test done to try and prove them wrong and get my job back i still tested positive for cocaine and found out that the metabolite present was something called Benzolecgonine. I have NEVER done cocaine in my life so I know it has to be true as to what everyone else is saying! I lost a good job due to this bs and I want some sort of answers! Smh

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Sonny Says:
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How long does it stay in your system

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Renee Says:
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I've had a similar experience. I was using eardrops that contained an antibiotic, steroid, and pain reliever. The pain reliever was benzocaine. I was also prescribed augmentin, an oral antibiotic. I had an allergic reaction to the augmentin and wound up going to the hospital via ambulance. I told the doctors that I was on the meds. They did some tests, one of them being a toxicology screening. I don't do drugs, and I barely drink. After about 4 hours and an IV flush, they come in and tell me to stop the augmentin and the drops, duh. I was also told to stop the cocaine. I was shocked! When I tell you that I flipped out, I mean it. I had never been so insulted. I couldn't believe that this happened to me in a hospital setting. Yes, any drug that ends in caine will get you a positive drug result.

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Ruth Says:
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I went to my Dr today and got a cortisone shot on my right sholder and i am wearing a drug patch for social services ! I have been clean and sober for 144 days now and i am a little worried i might test dirty!

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