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Odor of eliminations while taking Eliquis

I hate to be indelicate but I have noticed something strange since taking Eliquis. My urine and bowel movements smell different and I wondered if anyone else had noticed this. I would describe it as sort of a toasted oaty fragrance. I am not making this up or being weird. I am concerned and hope I am not along. ## Oh my goodness YES, it does have an odd smell. ## actually lists the following side effects associated with Eliquis (Apixaban): red, brown, or pink urine; red or black, tarry stools. However nothing in particular about its smell. Has anyone else experienced these odd colors in their urine/stool or think that this may be attributing to the different smell in some way? In either case I would suspect it's more than likely Eliquis that's causing the problem if you...

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Round Pinkish or Peach Pill With E On One Side And 34 The Other

I found a pill on my floor and I dont know what it is. Its round and a pinkish pink color. It had a capital E on one side and 34 on the other side. ## This is listed as containing 75mgs of Clopidogrel, a generic for Plavix, which is used to help prevent blood clotting. ## Will this pill thin my blood and help with blood flow?

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Xarelto causing smelly urine?

Does anyone else have a similar symptom? I have been taking Xarelto for almost 2 years and I have noticed a change in smell of my urine. It is certainly quite foul and wondered if anyone else has suffered the same fate. I drink between 3 to 5 litres of fluids per day and do not drink coffee. My diet it pretty good and the colour is very light. I do not have diabetes. Any help would be gratefully received. ## OK, I could not figure out what in heavens was going on. I have all of the same systems. My Stomach is so large that I sit with my legs open. My leg are the same as you described. One thing I learned about the fluid in the legs is to lay down on your back and place your legs on the wall but the must be over your heart for about 20 mins. a day, this does help to get that fluid out. I...

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Eliquis and Depression

66 yr old male, 5'11", 191 lbs. Exercise daily. Prescribed 5MG Eliquis x 2 day. Since starting approximately 3 weeks ago I have become extremely depressed to the verge of crying. Never been like this before and I contribute this depression to the drug. Also very lethargic which I contribute to Eliquis. Anyone with similar reaction? Was on a aspirin and I think I should return. I suspect this depression to be directly linked to the drug. ## Hello Abel! How are you? I'm very sorry about the way you're feeling. Yes, depression can be a side effect of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. If it is that severe, then yes, you should most likely consult your doctor about stopping...

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Eliquis and grapefruit

Does ANYONE know if you can eat grapefruit while in Eliquis. NOBODY seems to be able to give me an answer! ## According to Poison Control you should avoid grapefruit while taking Eliquis: "You can take Eliquis® (apixaban) with or without most foods. You should avoid grapefruit, grapefruit juice, marmalades, limes, and pomelos while you are taking Eliquis®. These fruits prevent the breakdown of apixaban and may increase side effects." Source: ## Thank you Roy! How hard could it have been for my doctor, even for Eliquis' manufacturer, to either tell me or point me to this article? ## You're very welcome! And yes, apparently too hard for them lol ## :) Thanks again

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Pradaxa Can Be Very Dangerous!

Pradaxa at first seems like a good substitute for warfarin ( coumadin ). It does not require regular blood tests and it actually works better. But there's a HUGE problem in the event you develop a bleeding problem whether it be medical such as a stomach ulcer or traumatic such as a traumatic brain injury. In either case it is important that your system be returned to normal clotting function as soon as possible. If you are taking coumadin this is virtually no problem. They merely need to infuse you with an effective antidote, PCC, which will rapidly return your clotting function back to normal. If you are taking Pradaxa, this can be a very big problem BECAUSE THERE IS NO ANTIDOTE FOR PRADAXA that an ER doctor can give you which will reverse the effects of Pradaxa. None. The only thi...

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Pradaxa Lawyer News

If you or a loved one has ever taken the drug Pradaxa, please pay close attention to what I have to say because this may be the most important message you ever read. Recently the blood-thinning drug PRADAXA has been linked to life threatening and sometimes fatal internal bleeding and heart attacks. A new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that Pradaxa was “significantly associated with a higher risk†of heart attacks and acute coronary syndrome compared to similar blood thinning drugs. Over 500 cases of hemorrhaging have been reported to the FDA in the first quarter of 2011 alone. Since this drug was prescribed primarily to the elderly, the number of deaths and serious side effects are much more common among those 65 years or old...

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Extreme fatigue on Xarelto

Hello, Hope someone can help. I've been hitting a wall of fatigue everyday about 1pm to the point where I need to take a 2 hour nap when my daughter is napping and its painful to wake up even after that. I take Xarelto everyday with dinner to treat a DVT. I've been on it 4 months. Is this a known side effect? I tested my theory when I started to realize this began after taking Xarelto and skipped a dose one evening. The following day I didn't need a nap and didnt have that same debilitating exhaustion. I'm only 34 this is no time to be this tired after a full nights sleep! It feels like a crash, an unnatural exhaustion. Thanks! ## Hi! Sorry about the problem that you're having. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a lot of side effect information on this dr...

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Eliquis and Weight: I Need The Truth

Today I am speaking with my hemotologist about switching from Xarelto to Eliquis. Xarelto has caused me, a runner with a very slim diet, to gain almost 14 pounds in 4 weeks. 7 of those pounds in the last two weeks. I need to know of any serious weight gain issues with Eliquis. Doctors always swear that the side effects listed are the only ones but I was never told by my doctor nor the literature that Xarelto causes abnormal weight gain either. Google had to tell me that after yesterday's terrible weigh-in. I'm looking for absolute candor. I am 34 and female and I'd be taking it for PE. Thanks. ## Anytime you want to know all possible side effects, it's best to ask a pharmacist, visit a site like this, or research it on your own. Doctor's aren't trained as much in...

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Changing from Aspirin to Xarelto and Clopidogrel

I have 3 stents (seven years) and a heart valve replacement (5 years) but have thin blood, which can cause nose bleeds and prolonged bleeding after cuts or injuries. So my cardiologist put me on Aspirin rather than Warfarin to help prevent blood clots/stroke. Since then I have had only a handful of minor heart issues (palpitations but no chest pain, heart attack or stroke). My cardiologist recently retired and my new specialist has insisted that I need to replace the Aspirin with a combination of Xarelto and Clopidogrel. I fear if i make this change I will have serious side effects, including serious nose bleeds (I once spent 3 days in hospital with a nose bleed). If I choose to stay on the Asprin will I be at serious risk of having a stroke? ## You could ask them to check your clotting...

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Pentoxifylline and Anxiety

How can I counteract the anxiety side effect of Pentoxifylline? I'm aware that it is a D1 receptor agonist. Could a D1 antagonist solve the problem? ## Just an update, I’m currently trying Alpha-Stim ECS device

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Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico

We have been coming to Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico for many years but now we are trying to get a hold of them by phone to find out if they have a certain medicine or not there. Please can anyone provide me with a telephone number to Jessica's Pharmacy? ## I have a number on a card from them but it appears to be out of service... (956) xxx-xxxx {edited for privacy} ## Can you tell me if Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico carries any of the following medications: Xarelto 20 mg Sildenafil 100mg Voltaren Gel 1% 100g Acxion 30mg (30 tabs) Methimazole 5mg 20 tabs ## I am looking for the medication Corlanor. If Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso Mexico carries it, can you please tell me how much it costs? Thank you. ## Does Jessica's Pharmacy carry this product? ...

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Eliquis swelling In feet and legs

I have been on Eliquis for about a month. I have some itching, weight gain, and swelling in my legs and feet that has become very painful. Also frequent urination. They are taking me off the meds. Has anyone else had the swelling? ## I have had very painful burning and aching with some numbness on the soles of my feet for 3 months.After being blood-tested for every disease in the world,it dawned on me it might be the Eliquis. The doctors (3) assured me that the drug was an unlikely culprit.I went off the Eliquis on my own,and within a week all my "peripheral neuropathy" was gone. ## Hello, Glenda! How are you? Yes, it is a known possible side effect of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. D...

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Eliquis Drug Information

My 91 year old Mom was switched to Eliquis and has been totally exhausted and suffering from confusion and memory loss. Anyone else having the confusion/memory loss issue? ## Hello, Freddie! How is your mom doing? Yes, those are known side effects of taking Eliquis, along with bruising, fainting and headache. Side effects should start to taper off in severity after about 4 weeks, as her body adjusts to the medication. But if they don't, or if they worsen, her doctor should be consulted. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, my 88 year old husband has been on Eliquis since July and he is experiencing major confusion, and I believe even had a night terror. When I carefully skip a dose he regains his usual mental state back. It's very frustrating as the doctors aren't...

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Xarelto and Restless Leg Syndrome

I have had RLS for as long as I can remember (33yr old female). However it only affected me once maybe twice a month and only ever at night for a few hours and was associated with physical fatigue or alcohol sessions (which were few and far between) and was controlled by taking a cold and flu nighttime tablet. Just over a month ago I collapsed at home with DVT and subsequent bilateral Pulmonary embolisms. In hospital I was on twice daily clexane inj's. and then discharged with Xarelto. Once I completed my script of oxynorm for the pain and it was out of my body my RLS has been unbearable...24/7, I cant get to sleep before 5-7am in the morning (when I suspect the Xarelto has worn off and due to take the next dose). This has been happening for 2 weeks straight, sitting on the floor ro...

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Weight Gain after starting Xarelto

I just started (09/29/2016) Xarelto - 15 mg 2x/day for a large DVT and multiple PE's. In one month I have ballooned 20+ lbs. My legs look like tree trunks, but feel like cement blocks. My arms and hands are swollen, and my stomach looks like I've been sucking on a helium tank. Now, to make matters worse, I started severe dizziness and nausea.....I couldn't walk a straight line if I was forced to!! I spoke with my cardiologist but he had no answers. Of course, I'm told it's probably my diet, but I know this is not the problem. This is what provoked me to search the internet. I'm obviously not the only one feeling like they should be floating in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'm calling my PCP tomorrow!! Best of health to everyone :) ## Hello, Nicole!...

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Pradaxa and Weight Gain

I had PE in October 2016 and was put on Pradaxa for DVT. They tried me on it for 6 months, checked my blood work and the doctor said I could go off it. I started to gain weight on it so at the first 5-10 pounds of going up, I cranked up the workouts and protein diet, got my macros in order and the hematologist put me back on it saying since I had it once, PE could happen again. I gained more weight over the course of a year (237 to 256), call it water, muscle, fat, my pant size went up. The doctors were like, "we don't know anything about weight gain as a side effect." Well, brush up doctors, even the FDA has this one logged. I'm asking to go off of it for 30 to 90 days, then recheck my blood work, so if there is a problem I will go back on. But let me lose some weight! ...

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Extreme fatique, joint pain, muscle weakness with Eliquis for AFIB

I was having extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness after starting Eliquis and started to having black stool with nausea and abdominal pain. I gradually reduced the dose until no longer taking Eliquis nor ever will. It really put a fear in me. Asprin works for me via my AFIB. I can tell if my blood is too thick when my heart is working hard to pump the blood out of my heart. I feel much better when my heart is pumping normally when the blood is thinner. You sometimes have to insist to your doctor the side effects you are feeling, this is a fairly new medication. Anyone else have these side effects? ## Yes, you are not the first person to post about these types of problems with it. If the Aspirin is working well for you, then it is likely a good idea to stick with it, unless your d...

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Xarelto side effects. (tinnitus and more)

Hello to anyone interested. I have been taking Xarelto for 3 months. 20mg once a day for DVT and P.E's post knee replacement. Started searching for possible effects of the drug and have found that many people seem to have similar side effects to mine. First surprise was sudden nose bleeds. Was warned that I may get a rash or itches, and I certainly do. Bruising for no apparent reason also and increased back pain (although to be fair I do have severe spinal issues) but probably the most annoying thing is very loud ringing in my ears (tinnitus), more so in one side. I'm pretty sure that we are not just imagining this stuff folks, and for those professionals that downplay the tinnitus, it is no joke! It is making life quite difficult. Head aches (some quite severe) are also a probl...

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Eliquis causing back pain and blurred vision

I have been taking eliquis for 2 months for pe, having back pain, blurred vision, weakness and a clenched jaw. Any suggestions? Anyone else with those symptoms? ## Hello, Denis! How are you? Yes, those have all been reported side effects of this medication, by users and the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache and easy bruising. If the issues are severe, you may want to speak to your doctor as it may not be the right medication for you to take. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks verwon, going to see the doctor tomorrow, my back pain getting worse any recommendations on a cream or anything that can lessen the back pain ## I have really healthy eyes and never had blurry vision at all. I was recently diagnosed with a DVT and was placed on Eliquis. I started noticing...

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