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SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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cat Says:

Thank god I finally looked into this! i was diagnosed at 12 yrs and have been on medication since (I'm 28) and I have never had any problems until recently. my dosage was increased and that seemed to work for a while. now i am taking what seems to be ALOT and its not working at all. i mean this is ridiculous. i can't function i don't know what to do .

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I've been taking Adderall generic by BARR 30 mg. split in half (15mg dose) successfully for many years. 2 recent refills, one manufactured by Aurolife Pharma 15 mg., and another by Actavis Pharma 30 mg. DID NOT WORK for me. Teva bought Barr, the pharmacist has Teva 15 in stock, so I just sent in an order for Teva 15 mg. hoping that it is the formula of Barr. After speaking with 2 pharmacists, this is what I was told: FDA requires the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in the generic must be IDENTICAL to the brand. It is the BINDERS and FILLERS that affect the delivery of the active ingredients. That is why there is so much difference in effectiveness from one person to the next. Considering that this is a controlled substance, it seems that there would be more "control" by the FDA. I think shopping for a particular manufacturer is terrible for those of us who have a hard time thinking clearly and functioning without Adderall or Ritalin. The prices for those Brands is through the roof. So what kind of junk, from what foreign source, (no offense intended) made in what foreign laboratory are we putting in our bodies? Does the FDA have control over medications manufactured in other countries? Remember, outsourcing has been a successful way for businesses to increase their profits. From what everyone has written, we should demand greater supervision from the FDA to determine why there is so much difference from one manufacturer to another with a controlled substance.

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Jack Says:

I have been using 20mg IR by TEVA for several years w predictable results until the last RX filled early jan/15. It appears to be TEVA but bottle says Barr and it is a poor quality excuse which causes a sweaty, jittery reaction

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kim Says:

Those complaints against Texas or Barr or others are simply running into resistance from using the sympathomemetic amine continuously. Shire's Adderall is preferable. In particular the 12h LA formula.

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kim Says:

Teva,isn't effective? Corepharma is ok. Shire's Adderall is preferable.

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kim Says:

Heart palpitations with Adderall: If you are getting hypertension or irregular rhythms perhaps you should halt the d-amphetamine salts combo 20 Mg.

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Nancy Says:

I reported Teva to the FDA. They allowed Teva to run their own diagnostics on the medication in question (Vicoprophen) and declared the drug to satisfy qualifications. I had complained that the drug did not work until I took one that was way too strong. I questioned the FDA about allowing Teva to inspect their own product and received a letter from Teva again! Now I take Adderal for impulse control disorder and ADD, made by Teva. Some days it works, some days it doesn't. No point in complaining to the FDA.

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Grace Says:

I take the 20 XR of Barr Adderrall, and it is very inconsistent. Some days I feel like I can keep my attention span and get many things done. However, on most days, I don't feel anything and sit and stare at the wall like a damn zombie. I need to take the name brand, but Dr. wants to talk to me about it first. What is there to discuss? I need something that is going to work.

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Unhappy Person Says:

I'm prescribed 20mg IR tablets and there is definitely something wrong... I have absolutely no tolerance and have never established one within the years I've been prescribed. I just filled mine and took one and the effect was close to nothing. So I took another half and nothing happened. Then I took a whole one and then I could tell the medicine started working. I usually only take 3/4 of the 40mg per day prescribed regimen (Take one in the AM, then half about six hours later). So I had to take 2 and a half 20mg tablets? That's bulls***. That's double what I usually have to take. People should get quality medicine, especially when you pay 100 dollars for it. Mine are 20mg IR Teva tabs.

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shay Says:

Not helpful at all. I just got the same ones!!! Placebo,placebo,placebo. There is nothing in this medicine or round thing. Aurobindo Teva adderal is a joke!!!

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RJ Says:

I have taken Adderall IR for a long time and have noticed no change at all. I find it to be highly more efficacious than any other generic.

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james Says:

You are so right maria, they are messing around with our lives,careers,future, success, happiness and most of all our temper when we are given placebo junk job is on the line now because its hard for me to focus and hurry around like a idiout and do the work of three people like the way this corporate america expects of us.without my job i cant pay my rent,bills,eat,pay medical insurance,ect. This is a serious matter.then of corse is the detox we must endure as we try to function to make it through the day.I am on two 30 mg generic football shaped adderall a day.when i get anything that dont work thesame im in trouble..

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James Says:

The Teva brand is far superior to any other generic brand.

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Jim Says:

I have never had a problem with Teva/Barr's Adderall IR. all of the other generic products, especially core Pharma, seem profoundly weak in comparison

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Not Happy Says:

I agree, taken TEVA 20 mg ir for years, most refill from Rite Aid were useless!

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Alex Says:

Same happened to me. At the last refill, suddenly I needed to take four times as much to get half the effect. What worries me is now we are taking so much more - what happens when Teva corrects the manufacturing defect also without telling us?

Anyone who doesn't test a quarter of a pill of any new prescription is risking their life.

Teva know about this because I have told them.

We need a lawyer.

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James Says:

I was diagnosed with ADHD about a month ago, the first prescription I got was to try out Adderall to see if it was right for me. I got it at Target Pharmacy and it was CorePharma Brand. I started with 10mg IR and first broke them in half and took 5mg in the morning then 5mg in the afternoon. Subtle effects occurred obviously because of the low dosage, but it was very noticeable and I liked my productivity and focus. Then after a week of that I called my doctor and told her I was going to start taking the 10mg twice a day, and after she approved I saw a decent increase in focus and general effect. This was a good first experience and the CorePharma ones seemed to be doing the desired job, keeping me organized and focused on productivity in my daily life, a godsend!

I decided I wanted to try XR so that I wouldn't have to take it multiple times a day. My doctor okayed it and she prescribed 20mg XR once a day and also wrote one for 10mg IR for during the day if I needed to achieve more focus and increase the effect.

This time I went to my local Walgreens because they have better hours than Target. The XR and IR pills I got are both by Barr Brand, IR 10mg = Light blue oval "barr 975" XR orange capsule "Amphetamine Salts 20mg"

So my first day I take the 20mg XR at 8am and then 10mg IR around 12pm and another 5mg IR 2 hours later. I am very confused and disappointed by the effects. First of all this is close to double what I was taking when I started with the CorePharma brand. I work 10 hours days on average so I was counting on this to work, but I felt sort of foggy half way through the day. I was more awake than usual, however it wasn't that motivational, sharp focus, productive feeling you should get. I think the best way to describe it is feeling like a robotic zombie if that makes sense...

I can say for sure in my short time of using Adderall that there is definitely something wrong or missing in the current Barr brand/batch of Adderall, and not just in the IR but also the XR ones.

Sorry for the long message, I just want to be detailed about my experience and see if anyone else has felt this way about the current Barr brand Adderall. Its very frustrating for people like me who are counting on medication to work, especially when it did work your first month and then suddenly its ineffective.

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Nancy Says:

I've written the FDA twice complaining about Teva generic medications. Both times, they allowed Teva to investigate. The FDA webpage states that generics must work as well as their brand name counterparts. Like most Federal Agencies, the FDA is not doing it's job. There should be a congressional investigation into the poor performance of the FDA and they should be forced to prove, by tests other than the manufacturer's tests, that these drugs work. Then they all should be fired when they can't do so.

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PJ Says:

12 years ago I was given Adderall 30 mg x2 a day and it worked great. I could focus, lost weight, kept it off, had energy, no mood swings, etc. In 2009 I unknowingly was switched to generic by Teva and for the past few years we have done IR, XR all different doses and tried Vyvanse but nothing seemed to work the same. I am actually starving most of the time within an hour of taking the generic (amphetamine salts) and have gained weight (over 10 lbs in less than a month) so my doctor finally agreed to put me back on brand name Adderall (after long fights with insurance). Today I picked up my new Rx and realized that although it says Adderall it looked quite similar to the generic one so after research and reading the paperwork I realized that it is still made by Teva. I took one to see how I would feel because I don't want any surprises at work tomorrow from the change and I am not sure if I can tell a difference or if it is all in my head. I am still hungry and tired. I am hoping it is all in my head and that even though it is made by Teva that fact that it is name brand instead of the salts it will work better. Does anyone know if I should expect the same feeling because it was the same manufacturer even though it is name brand vs. generic or will there be a difference because even though it is the same manufacturer the actual make up is different? I really feel like all of this stress was not worth it if they are keeping me with the same manufacturer and it has the same results. Someone please give me some good news... I really want to feel better, have energy, be able to focus and not be hungry all the time.

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KIm Says:

There is little if ANY difference to Teva's brand of Adderall to any other. Your assumption is probably due to a placebo effect. I personally have taken them and others. The strength is literally the same. Some prefer a brand name over another. The issue of worthlessness is not applicable here. The similar brands are not inert, they are by law equivalent.

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