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saf kit how to use

I shall be very much glad if you will please let me know actually which patient or for which deceases "Saf Kit" is prescribed by a doctor, since the kit contains three different drugs "Azithromycin, Fluconazole, Secnidazole" for a single person to consume in a day. ## is this saf kit is for men or women ## Hello sir/madam how to take the dosage of Two "Saf Kit" is prescribed by a doctor for two days, since the kit contains three different drugs "Azithromycin, Fluconazole,Secnidazole" To my wife who is breast feeding to one month baby,the kit contains 4 tablets and she has been prescribed for white discharge. Thank you ## This medication contains antibiotics and an antifungal medication, it is used to treat various types of bacterial infections and to trea... ...

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can u take a soma and percocet 10mgs together

Need to know if it's safe to take a soma and a percocet 10mgs together? ## Many people who take opiates find that Soma also potentiates the effect. Is it safe, safe from what? ## Hello, Kitty! How are you? As long as your doctor approves and has prescribed them both. Muscle relaxants are often given with an opiate analgesic to help get better control of pain. However, they can both cause depression of the central nervous system, which could be dangerous, if you're not opiate tolerant or have a condition that affects your breathing, such as COPD, or you heart rate, like hypotension or bradycardia. The FDA classifies Percocet as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constip... ...

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Hp Kit

hi doctor, am suffering stomach ulcers nd the symptoms i notice s that early in the morning i feel hottnss in the stomach ,i do vomit , eating breakfrst is problem 2 me so please help which drug is best 2 treat this kind of problem . ## Dear Sir, I am 33, I was enscopy jan 2011, report stomach antral gastites, Stomach Pain.osephagatis grade 1, That time doctor advice for Sampraz HP kit for 14 days , with neopridie 25 mg,vibact DS and libra tex, But now on April 2011 last week same problem arise.means stomach craming, pain and after eat heavy on stomach and uncomfort on stomach. So I continue same medicine Samprax HP kit,vibact DS, Libra tex, abd neopride 25 mg eariler prescription by doctor , i am taking now without doctor information. is it safe for me. Please suggest Regards Sarat 096... ...

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Pantop Hp Kit Query

i took pantop hp kit in oct 2012 now i am ok but some time i feel asid in my stomak so it is write to take some dose of pantop hp kit ## Actually, it wouldn't be the full kit that you want, unless your doctor instructs you to take it. Because that also contains an antibiotic to eradicate the H. Pylori bacteria. If you're having an acid problem and a doctor hasn't said you need the antibiotic, then you'd just want the Pantop by itself or some other similar medication. Learn more Pantop details here. It's a proton pump inhibitor that reduces the amount of acid produced by your stomach, but it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, flatulence and stomach pain. But you should also check with a doctor, before taking it, to make sure that it is safe for you to ... ...

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how to dispose of hydroxyzine

My medication will be expiring soon. What is the best and safest way to dispose of this medication? ## Hello, Tori! How are you? The FDA states that you can take it into any pharmacy and ask them to dispose of it for you, or you can mix it in some undesirable substance, such as used kitty litter, or coffee grounds, seal the whole mess up in a container and dispose of it with your regular trash. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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safe way to dispose of adderall

Hi everyone I have like three bottles of # 20mg adderall that my daughter has stopped using and it would be a shame to just flush them down the toilet.I live in St Lucie county Florida maybe there is a clinic or children's psychiatric home that could use them? any suggestions would be helpful! thank you ## Hello, Trixie! How are you? No, I'm sorry, but due to risks of possible tampering, contamination and/or improper storage, they aren't allowed to make use of such medications. Thus, it would be best to dispose of them, but please do not flush them. This contaminates our ground water. To properly dispose of old medications, the FDA instructions say that you should mix them with some undesirable substance, such as used kitty litter or coffee grounds, then place them in a seal... ...

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Torbugesic & Pet Tinic for kittens

My kitten is 12 weeks 6 days old. He had a bad fall. The vet perscribed this medication. When I give this liquid he goes on a choking spree for about 15 min. The medication is sticky. What can I do to help this? ## I see this was posted awhile ago and I hope by now your kitten is feeling better. However, for future reference, when you have questions about an animal and medications, please contact your veterinarian. Our website and my own knowledge and studies specialize in the use of medications in humans. We have no information on their use in animals, or what is safe to do to remedy such issues. How is he doing, now? ...

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evion 400 vitamin e capsules how to use?

Meri umar 21 saal h aur mai evion 400 daily 1 capsule dinner k baad le rahi hun lagbhag 20 dino se.. Apne hair fall ki paresani k aran aur face glow karane k karan. Mai puchhna chahti hun ki daily khane se koi problem to nahi hoga na? Aur agar hai to plsss aap mujhe thoda btaiy ki mujha kitna capsule Lena chahiy kitne dino me aur kitne dino tak? Please reply. ## evion khane se koi fayada hua h to mujhe bhi batado plss ..m bhi khaunga me {edited for privacy} ## Yes you can take 1 tab daily after freakfast..its dr suggest me.... ## i think koi side effect to nhi hoga. but apko Dr. se advice le leni chahiye... ## Dear Puja, I'm a consultant, tou ap mujse contact karo, mai apko har skin problem k bareme suggest dunga okay... ## Can i take it orally after dinner..with ... ...

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evion 400 vitamin e capsules how to use for my hair

Sir i am new born mother for twins shall i use vitamin e tablet for my hair it works for my grey hair. If ye means how many times need to it any side effects for me.please clarify. ## kya mai ne 400 hair massage kar skti hu ## I am lavanya lives in hyd.problm is hair fall toomuch hair fall pls solution me ## I m using v e capsules frm a long tym orally at bedtime n applying gel On face n hairs too I feel satisfied wd this ## Hi meri age 28 year h,and i m a mother of one child,mujge kuch months se hair fall bhot jyada ho rha h,mne kl se hi Evion 400 lena shuru kia h,kya isse mera hair fall ruk jayega,aur growth hoga,plz mujhe suggest kijiye ki iski kitni dose daily leni chaiye,aur kitne time tk ise len safe hoga,plz reply ## Can I use Evion 400 vitamin capsules on coloured... ...

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combination of clarithromycin, pantoprazole, amoxicillin ## hi My Father is suffering from Parkinsonisam since last 7 years, one of doctor suggested the drug PANTOCID-HP, Can you please tell me how it will useful for parkinsons patient thanks & regards Rajendra ## Sorry, since this is not available in the U.S., I can't find any information on it. I would suggest speaking to your doctor or pharmacist for more information. ## Plz tell for how long i should take pantocid hp kit for antral gastritis ## hello i m suffering from bleeding ulcer n my dr. give me pantocid hp when i took its give me relax for 20 days but after 20 days its maked me very uncomfortable n had more side effects from this dose ## how safe is taking Pantocid HP ## hi i m sufferin from ibd an i had gone thru lowe... ...

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is tramodol from india safe

I have 50mg of tramadol from India. It is from Centurion Pharmacy. Is it safe? ## Hi Richard, After taking a look at this company's webpage, I do get the sense that Centurion Laboratories / Pharmacy is considered to be a legitimate manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical drugs and formulations in India. HOWEVER, depending on whether you went through a real licensed pharmacy to get a prescription filled or an otherwise untrustworthy source, would probably be the deciding factor on whether or not what you have is worth the risk. I wouldn't advise taking anything foreign that you're unsure of. But if you're really intent on doing so, it may be a good idea to have the pill analyzed by a lab or through one of those drug panel kits they carry at 'head shops'. This ... ...

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AKT-4 Tablet Kit Information

If a person with diabetes takes AKT-4 tablet kit after administrating a dionil tablet, will it cure the disease after a period of 1 month? Upon examining sugar content in blood it was found to be more. Is it due to this tablet? If it is, what will be symptoms of improvement or he has to compulsorily take insulin injections before taking AKT-4 tablets. ## I was diagnosed TB positive after a TB PCR test, and need opinions on the safety of a probable pregnancy? Are there any chances of spontaneous miscarriage if I'll be pregnant? If not, how long will my baby be affected by this bacteria? I am confused about starting Akt-4 medicine. In the future will I able to be a mother or will I remain infertile? Please answer. ## I am now facing the same situation. Detected TBPCR last week and Doc... ...

Tab Pantop Hp

i have chronic errosive gastritics . 3 years before my dr. prescribed me pantop hp tab.that time i finished the 14 tab course. i feel better for sm time but again prob. started. so i ask my friend to buy this medicine from india but she brought pantop hp kit for 7 days course. so it same as pantop hp tab.? then suggest me can i go for this it safe to take.and how to take this dose?morning 3 tab (a,b,c)and night (a,b.c) 3 tab.?and before food or after food?pls advice me. ## Have you consulted your doctor? The Pantop HP Kit usually contains an antibiotic, as well as the Pantoprazole, so it is used if someone has been detected as having the H. Pylori bacteria which can cause ulcers and thus, it shouldn't be used without your doctor's approval. ## i have been suffuring gas... ...

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dispose of muscle relaxers safelr

Where can I get rid of robaxin #750mg several bottles ## Hello, Trixie! How are you? The FDA disposal instructions say that you should mix the tablets in with some undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or dirty kitty litter, place the resulting much into a sealed container, such as a coffee can with lid and then dispose of in the trash. Alternatively, you can also take them to a local pharmacy and they will gladly dispose of them for you. This medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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i am pregnant and doctor has prescribed sifasi 5000 is it safe experience bleeding after an interval if 4 5 days

I used a test kit and found out that i am pregnant. The doctor prescribed me follic acid tablets but i experienced bleeding (vaginal) after which she prescribed a weekly injection of sifasi 5000. The bleeding hasnt stopped completely, still happens after a period of around 4-5 days. I have nausea the whole day and pain in my lower abdomen at times. I am unsure whether i should continue taking the injections or not. Please help. ...

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Humira IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment safe?

I've recently started Humira once a week. I've got a home IPL kit and would like to start using it. Does anyone know if it's safe to use with Humira? ...

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estra noreth symptoms

I have been taking estra/noreth 0.5 for a little over a month for menapausal symptoms. I havent had a period for 5 years and started bleeding. I know that breakthrough bleeding is a side effect but was wondering if this is temporary or will happen every month? ## Hello, Kitty! How are you? Sorry about the bleeding, I know that's something we certainly don't want back, once it stops! Since you are post-menopausal, any bleeding should be checked by your doctor just to be safe and make sure that it's only being caused by the HRT. However, it most likely is nothing to worry about, it happens to most women when they take HRT and it usually only happens once. Even though you are menopausal, your body still produces estrogen, which does cause buildup of the endometrial lining... ...

should the color coating come off a presctiption medication

Should the color coating on a medication easily come off the pill, which is new and still in the prescription bottle? ## Hello, Megan! How are you? It really depends on what the manufacturer has used to create the coating, how thick it is, the storage conditions, and etc. The FDA provides lists of certain acceptable ingredients that a manufacturer can use, which they consider safe. They can choose from among those, but the thickness of the coating may be different, as well as the composition. Then the storage conditions come into play, if you've kept them in a warm, moist area, that could cause it to rub off easier, than if it were under optimal storage conditions that are defined by the FDA as being dry, dark, cool areas. For example, storing medications in your kitchen or bathroom... ...

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meloxicam 7.5 mg and prednisone 20 mg

how long can you store these in your medicine closet before it is not safe to take them? ## Hello, Basil! How are you? If you are asking about a bathroom medicine chest, they should not be stored there, at all. They should be stored somewhere dark, cool and dry, like a kitchen cabinet or other closet that is away from heat, light and moisture. And they should not be kept past the expiration date on the bottle. All tablets eventually degrade and lost effectiveness. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Will prednisone help my sinus post nasel driping down my throat? ## In reading other posts it states it's okay to take medications past their expiration date. That some have a shelf life of over 15 years so why the change of heart to this response? ## Why do you keep saying that t... ...

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expired horizant

is it safe to take expired Horizant? ## Hi Kitty, According to the LA Times, many medications remain good for up to 20-40 years past the listed expiration date, depending on the substance and how they're stored. Harvard Medical School also has a very similar article stating that many medications are good beyond the 10-15 year mark. Ref: 1) 2) I don't have a complete list of these exact medications, nor do I encourage taking something that's been expired for quite some time, but from what I've read, it does seem to me that the date listed is often based on mere speculation and not evaluated by manufacturers for... ...

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