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Baralgin m 500 mg uses 17 REPLIES
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voltarin 5 REPLIES
Can A Person Take Voltaren And Aleve Together 4 REPLIES
NSAID alternative for inflammation 3 REPLIES

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NSAID alternative for inflammation

I cannot take NSAID's due to bariatric surgery. What can I take for pain due to inflammation? ## I recommend do n a search on duck duck go or some other search engine ..... type in what foods help prevent inflammation pain ...... then do a second search typing in ... What foods cause joint inflammation & pain .... I have done this a couple times due to my chronic pain issues due too ddd & did ..... dr says osteoarthritis .... I keep telling them it is more likely psoriatic arthritis due too severe outbreaks in my 20 somethings .... but due too my weight they refuse too listen .... kinda like that episode of house when the 400 pound (I am no where near that heavy but I am obese) ... anywho the staff on house kept wanting too blame the fat guys med issues on weight related iss...

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Is expired Voltaren gel safe to use?

My voltaren gel expired 7/13. Is it still safe to use? ## Hello, Phyllis! How are you? It doesn't get dangerous after it expires, but it will likely no longer be effective. Liquids, gels, creams and ointments tend to degrade much faster than solid forms of medications. It would actually be best to just dispose of it and see your doctor for a new prescription. Voltaren gel is a topical NSAID that's used to treat pain and swelling. Side effects to topical use are usually limited to skin reddening and irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have Voltaren 75 mg pills that are several years old. Are they still safe to take ## Hi i'm beauty. My gel expired on 04/17 and i was still using it without knowing about it. Could you tell me if i can still use itbecause i ...

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voltaren gel 1percent

i was prescribed this for neck pain bad disc in neck. i was wanting any info from anyone that has used this gel thanks ## Hello, David! How are you? This contains the active ingredient Diclofenac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Used topically for pain relief, the most common side effects are skin irritation and rash. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Does it work? How do u apply it. Lot of side effects.

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Baralgin m 500 mg uses

What are Baralgin m 500 mg tablets used for? ## Baralgin M is a brand name of Metamizole, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (pain reliever, fever reducer). Metamizole was banned from the United States in 1977, but continues to be available in many other parts of the world. For more information about this drug please see the page for Metamizole Details. ## what is baralgin m 500mg tablet used for ## How many tabs should one take per day? Is there any side effect? I am diabetic. ## can baralgin give to 9year old pain ## What are the side effects of Baralgin M? If you are taking anti-coagulants can you take Baralgin M? ## i have back pain taking sudalud and voltaren pain is still there today is now the fifth day and doctor said it is back sparsum i also use a heating bag did ...

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voltaren gel 3 cost

My husband has been prescribe voltaren gel 3% for severe arthritis. The cost is $1100.00. Insurance won't pay and we can't afford the cost. It was prescribed as a topical because he can't take Ibuprofen in any other form. A month ago he had a severe bleed out from an ulcer caused by Ibuprofen. Lost 8 units of blood and almost died. We need help with the cost of the drug. Any suggestions? ## I would google medication and search out manufacturer coupons. You may want to contact the company directly and for their assistance. Try your local pharmacists and see if they could help you obtain coupons from the company. ## My husband went to Walmart today and told them he has no insurance. (He doesn't). He got the generic for $10. It's exactly the same. ## I am shocked at you...

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side effects of pulmison

I have a chest infection. Dr prescribed 1 and a half pulmison for 5 days and clarahexal antibiotic for 10 days. I have had a terrible headache all day from the pulmison and nothing takes the pressure headache away. I have taken stillpayne, disprin and used voltaren supp. How long does it take for pulmison to leave the body and for the headache to go?

proper disposal of Voltaren gel

How do I dispose of Voltaren gel if I do not have used coffee grounds or kitty litter? Walgreens was not helpful with this question... ## If you take it in to them, they should be able to dispose of it for you. I've never known a pharmacy to refuse doing so. Alternatively, since this is not something that is commonly abused, the NIH does state that you could just leave it in it's own sealed container and throw it in with your regular trash. Another option is to ask a local coffee place if they would mind giving you some used grounds that you can use to get rid of it. Is this the only medication you have to dispose of?

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Voltaren gel interaction with ibuprofen

I just put voltaren gel (about one inch) on my friend and he also had ibuprofen 400mg; what is the likelihood that this will cause an adverse reaction? ## The risks aren't very high, since the not much of the topical gel is absorbed, but if he starts to get severe stomach pain, or vomiting blood, he should seek medical attention, according to the NIH. Have they both been prescribed for him? Other side effects may include headache, skin irritation, redness, and dryness.

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Can A Person Take Voltaren And Aleve Together

My husband has had 5 way bypass. What are the dangers of Voltaren Aleve or heart medication if he take it at the same time ## Can you post back with the specific heart medications? I can't check any information on them, without knowing what they are, because there are many on the market. As to the Aleve and Voltaren, no, they should not be used t the same time. Aleve contains Naproxen and Voltaren contains Diclofenac and these are both nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories that are used to treat the same conditions, so it is essentially doubling up on the medication. Using them both at the same time will seriously increase the risk of some side effects, such as nausea, stomach irritation, ulcers and gastritis. Learn more: ## Voltaren Gel give me an allergic reaction. Can I take Aleve ? #...

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Possible side effects of using Flexocam 15mg + Voltaren

For a over 70 year old female: can they use Flexocam 15mg with any other high blood tablets? ## Neither the Flexocam, nor the Voltaren are blood pressure tablets. The Flexocam contains Meloxicam and the Voltaren contains Diclofenac, both of which are types of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Learn more Flexocam details here. Learn more Diclofenac details here. And as to using them with blood pressure medications, there are some that are problematic, because the NSAIDs can reduce their effectiveness, which may cause dangerous elevations in blood pressure. If your doctor does want you to use them, the dosage of your blood pressure medication(s) may need to be adjusted accordingly. What specific blood pressure medications do you take? If you can post back with more information, ...

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Voltaren gel on eyelids

Can I use Voltaren gel on the skin beneath my eyebrows and possibly on my eyelids for inflammation I have there due to Sjogren's Syndrome? ## Hello, Shira! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you're having. No, you should not use it there, anything that isn't specially formulated to be used on or near the eye could potentially cause serious damage, if some accidentally gets into your eyes. It would be best to see your doctor to discover what would be safe for you to use. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including skin irritation, redness and dry skin. Is there anything else I can help with?

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voltaren/pain/stiffness/crawling baby/help

Hi, i used voltaren extra strength this morning on my shoulder and neck area and am wondering if i can take an advil or tylenol now (the pain and stiffness of this area is still present and i have a crawling baby at home who needs me at all times)? Thanks for the help in advance. ## Hello, Alexandra! How are you? If your doctor approves, you should be able to take Tylenol, since it's not in the same medication class. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ## A tad too late with the answer but thank you anyways, all good now!

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what is flexocam used for

I have fibromalgiya and have a lot of pain in my back and shoulders can I use flexocam wit chlriquine and mathertraxate tabletts I also use voltaren for RA pls help ## I have a pain in shoulder can I use flexocam ## Hello, Sandy! How are you? No, Flexocam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, just like the Voltaren, so it would essentially be doubling up and isn't safe. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this class of medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Has your doctor prescribed it, Gablo?

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Disposal of Voltaren gel

Tell me how to safely dispose of Voltaren gel. ## Hello, Emma! How are you? Typically, the FDA instructs you to mix it with some undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or used kitty litter, place it into a sealed container and dispose of it with your regular trash. However, that may not be feasible, since this is a gel, thus the next best thing would be to take it to a local pharmacy and let them dispose of it for you. There should be no charge and most places are happy to do so. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Voltaren Gel Ingredients And Drug Interactions.

Does Voltaren contain gabapentin? My bottle says 50 Gm NP Gel. It says under it Diclofenac NA+Dextromethorphan+Gabapentin+Amitriptylyne+Nifedipine: 4 percent. So would this be considered Voltaren Gel and does this mean it contains all of those drugs? Would it be safe to take with Ibprophen, Methadone, and Oxycodone if prescribed together? I can't each my doctor. ## Hello, Bella! How are you? What you've described with that list of ingredients is a special compounded product that you're doctor has ordered for you. These are usually used topically and ordered according to your doctor's experience of what has worked for other patients. So yes, it does contain those medications and the FDA lists the most common side effects as being related to its topical use, so they may in...

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voltaren 75mg & naproxen 500mg

Next month, after 3 yrs of unbearable pain, Im finally getting back surgery! (new disc, screws, plates, & rod ) My question is, Ive been on 500 mg of naproxen twice a day for over a yr. How long would it take to clear the nap. out of my system to safely take voltaren 75mg. Norcos are causing such painful constipation that it isnt worth it. Steroids were the best thing ever for reducing the inflammation & thus the pain but I cant take them anymore as they drove my blood sugar so high that i am, for now anyway, a diabetic. Hope someone can help me. Thank you! ## I'm very sorry that you're in so much pain! That's horrible! Both Naproxen and Voltaren are classified by the FDA as being nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, so unless your doctor specifies otherwise, you should...

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Is this the same as conafec ? ## Hello, Blondie! How are you? Yes, Voltaren and Clonafec both contain the active ingredient Diclofenac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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pink round pill nothing on one side p 75on other

Found it voltaren delayed-release-75mg but what is it for. ## Hello, Sugg! How are you? There are actually 2 tablets with this marking and both are pink, so which one it is depends on the specific details of the marking. If the P is over the 75 on one side and printed in black, then it contains 75mgs of Diclofenac, the active ingredient in Voltaren, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. However, if the P is over the 75 and just pressed into the tablet, then it contains 75mgs of Ranitidine, a generic for Zantac, which is an antacid that's used to treat conditions, such as heartburn, GERD, ulcers and gastritis. Side effects may...

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Diahrrea and Flexocam 15

I on an used Voltaren for a very long time , but stopped using it as it seems to cause diahrrea on an ongoing basis; like every two months. For a while after stopping Voltaren my symptoms approved. I am now taking Flexocam and have the same problem. I use the medication for Arthiritis. What can I do? ## Hello, Annemarie! How are you? Well, my best guess is that the diarrhea is most likely not caused by the medications. It doesn't make sense if you were taking the Voltaren all the time, but only got diarrhea every 2 months or so. What type of foods do you eat? Do you have any other medical conditions? Do you take any other medications?

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what does sr mean

is voltaren sr the same as diclofenac ec ## Hello, Frank! How are you? No, they are not the same going by that. The SR stands for sustained release, meaning that it is a time released formulation of the medication, but the EC just means that it is enteric coated, to help prevent it doing damage to your stomach, but there is nothing that designates it as being time released. Is there anything else I can help with?

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