Xanax Doctor In Knoxville, Tn.

Renee Says:

very bad panic attacks have had a recent death in the family going through a divorce anxiety depression also have a chronic disease.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Renee! How are you?

There is no such thing as a Xanax doctor and there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you.

Technically, it can be prescribed by any licensed medical doctor, however, due to some new regulations that were put in place this year in order to try to cut down on improper prescribing and over prescribing, general practitioners and surgeons have new guidelines to follow regarding what they can prescribe.

Thus, in most cases you'll need to see a specialist to be prescribed a medication such as this.

Do you currently have PCP that could refer you to someone?

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susan Says:

My name is Susan. I live in maryville tm. And I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety in 1997. I was put on Xanax a year later. Now I take klonipin and my doctor now doesn't understanding anxiety and panic attacks. She is giving me 1mg to take twice a day for 2 weeks and going to wing me off. I am on ten care and I'm already anxious and I need another doctor And will travel to surrounding counties. Will someone telle of a doctor that takes blue are ten care and who will write for me cause I'm scared to death

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EDDY Says:

Hi Susan, this is something you will need to do yourself, check the internet for providers in your general area

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Amy Says:

Need to find a doctor in Knoxville that takes Blue Care and writes xanax.

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Atown Says:

Hello TN. I'm currently moving from Tx to TN right by Nashville. Been on bezos for 13 years and would like to find a down to earth dr that will work with me. Ive got all of my paperwork from past. Just need to point me into right place. I pay cash. Please help me stay well. Thank u!

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penny Says:

I am asking for a doctor in Knoxville or Maryville TN. My best friend died when I was 10; my sister died when she was 25. I have been raped since I was 13 by my brother and my brother-in-law. I am now 40 and I just can't seem to get past that! My uncle Abe died in my arms with me doing CPR on him when I was younger. It was torture and now that I'm older it's gotten worse. I think I might be having panic attacks. I lost my job because I cannot keep myself under control because panic attacks will sneak up on me. I also had cancer & I'm in remission from cancer now but who knows when that'll come back. Doctors around where I live don't want to help me because of the drug epidemic. I'm not on drugs. I just need help. My panic attacks feel so bad that it feels like I'm going to die. I don't drink but I do smoke cigarettes. I get angry at any little thing. Even the people I love most dearly. I have no children. My doctor gives me Xanax once a year...30 of them for a whole year! I lost my sister and even my mother said what a pleasant person I was. I was no longer angry. I wanted to do things for people and just in general I was a better person. Please help me.

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Bryn Says:

Recovery strategies

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Very concerned Says:

It is crazy that so many have lost their mental health meds because of the ones that abuse them. While trying to stop the overdose death rate the suicide rate has increased because of this. Alcohol deaths have gone up as well. I have a family member with severe mental disorders that lost his Dr and now he can't get the meds he needs even after being told he has cancer and if they don't get control of it he may only have 6 months to live. If anyone can help me with info of where in the knoxville area I can get him some help I would appreciate it.

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Shanno Says:

Dealing with panic attacks, ocd, nervous. Got covered up in a mines in 2022 for 5 hours, so claustrophobic. I worry a lot and need a Dr asap close to knoxville to prescribe either Diazepam or Alprazolam.

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Lease Says:

I have a psychiatrist now in Colorado that prescribes me Xanax and I get 90 a month (5 mg taken three times daily). I am moving to Knoxville TN and need a psychiatrist that'll allow me to get the 2 mg Xanax. If not then at least what I'm getting now.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Lease (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

That would be 15 MG a day, no Doctor would prescribe that amount? Or did you mean point 5 (0.5) 3 times a day. I went 22 years before I even knew there was a 2 mg Xanax pill. To jump from .5, 3 times a day, to three 2 mg pills is insane. They do however make a timed release 3 mg pill, you can ask your provider

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EDDY Says:

Re: Lease (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Why not review these posts. TN is one of the hardest states to get Xanax

Xanax Doctor Knoxville - Topics

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Maddi Says:

Just moved to Knoxville TN and am looking for a doctor that will prescribe Xanax, klonopin, even ativan would be fine, really any benzo . I am diagnosed with MDD, generalized anxiety and PTSD, and I used to be prescribed klonopin when I lived in WA state but I don’t have any of my records. I just don’t wanna go somewhere and waste my time cause they won’t even consider it. I’ve tried many other non benzo anxiety meds and most of them don’t do anything and the only one that helped a little bit and eventually stopped helping was propannanol and when I’d have panic attacks it wouldn’t help at all. Klonopin is the only thing that made me feel normal enough to function and not be so depressed because I’m so anxious and can’t leave my house. Anyways lol sorry for the rant. Any kind of help is appreciated. Also willing to drive a couple hours so Asheville, NC or Atlanta, GA would be fine too but preferably East Tennessee. Once again thanks!

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