What Does A Hydrocodone 10 Pill Look Like


There was only DICODID made by knoll in Germany but it was withdrawn last year. Only Hydrocodone now available is ZOHYDRO SR in the USA. It is also made in combination with high amounts of acetaminophen, usually 325, 500 or 650mg, one goes as high as 750mg! But there is legislation coming into force limiting any dosage unit of acetaminophen (paracetamol) in the USA (where 100% of the entire world's Hydrocodone is now used since the deletion of DICODID) to 300mg. Abbott have already issued their new 10/300mg pill. But I am afraid that Hydrocodone as a single drug now is only available as an SR med under that ZOHYDRO brand. If required then would have to be crushed finely to defeat the ridiculous slow release mechanism which means you can no longer get the benefit of the drug to the extent you could when antitussive Dicodid was sold.

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I was just given a med that is white and oblong that says 1p204 with no imprint on the other . Just wondering if it's hydrocodone , oxycodone, etc .

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What does hydrocodone 10 325 mg what they !ok like

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I have been prescribed 10/325 hydrocodone for years and I just got my refill I did not pay attention to the prescription until I took out my medication to take it..it says Vicodin HP 10/300.... can someone explain to me the difference.

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