What Does A Roxy 10 Mg Pill Look Like


I'm on Adderall and Subutex. I'm 40 yrs old with 7 kids. I'm really ill right now and can't work but want to do better in life for once. Please let me know what a roxy 10mg pill looks like?

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Hi Regina,

Sorry to hear about your illness. My thoughts and prayers go out to you for a complete recovery from whatever it may be that's causing you this pain/concern. Medications such as roxicodone may be available in a number of different colors or imprints depending on who and where they're being manufactured. However, in my findings the 10mg dosage form is one that does not appear to exist at all. Only 5mg, 15mg and 30mg tablets are available by its US manufacturer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in accordance with the following National Drug Codes: 23635-580 (5mg); 23635-581 (15mg); 23635-582 (30mg). Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Has anyone else here come across a 10mg roxicodone or know who makes one?

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Hi. Can there be an oxy 10mg that is pink & oval?

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Don't know who makes them. You can get them if your Dr. gives them to you. Don't buy them through other means cuz only god knows what could be in them. I hope that if you're in that much pain, you get better soon. My prayers go out to you too. God bless you.

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I don't know who makes the 10 rox but thay are little round pink pills.i been taking them for years..chronic illness.

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