Diarrhea Pills That Look Like Hydrocodone


I have a friend who keeps stealing all my pain meds, and I need them and take them as prescribed. She takes all them, so now I want to set up decoys.

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Lesson to be taught... Call the Police.

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Hi Dawn,

From an outsiders perspective, it would seem to me that your purposeful confrontation to her about this reoccurring incident (expressing the sheer seriousness of the matter; questioning her; forgiving her; and making her pay for your meds + interest for copays / stress) is probably the most honorable approach to setting things straight with a "friend" and just being done with that relationship altogether.

I think the idea of wreaking havoc on her bowels would only last so long before she caught on, but maybe if you were to let her know (upon confronting her) that the police may get involved if she isn't willing to cooperate, then perhaps she'll have a change in attitude? I'm sure you'll end up handling things however you see fit… though I know if a friend of mine ever stole something from me, I'd feel a lot more satisfied after a fair amount of interrogation on why this person did what they did and having them compensate me for whatever amount is deemed appropriate before opting to call the police; but to each their own and rightfully so! I hope this helps!

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I had the same problem with a so called friend of mine. Unfortunately, if this "friend" is stealing your pain meds all she has to do is look up the imprint code online before she takes any to know that whatever other pill you replace them with is not really hydrocodone. Trust me, if she's got an addiction problem that's exactly what she will do if the pills don't look legit. In my case, I had to break off the friendship. It had been happening for quite a while and she denied it when confronted, and then I caught her red handed.

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I would do the same,that's not right if they are really your friend they want do that to you it's time to find another friend

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