Sulfamethoxazole Trimethoprim Ds Tablet

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White oval shaped tablet imprinted with ip 272 on the front

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Verwon Says:

This is a combination antibiotic, generic for Bactrim.

Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea and rash.


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lace1990 Says:

taking this pill for a bad UTI. Very sick to my stomach but can not vomit, very shaky, hot, and dizzy. I hope its worth it in the end.

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Peanut Says:

I took 1.... yes 1! I had no pain w/ my uti but I sure did after taking the 1 pill. Its HUGE 20 min later I thought I took 50 asprin. My stomach was rolling I was shaking, sweating and felt sick to my stomach, dizzy and SCARED! 20 min into it I took an advil. My lower back and lower stomach area hurt terribly. Felt like labor pains! Advil kicked in and an hr & 1/2 later I felt almost normal!! No pain in the morning urinating! Called dr said Just discontinue, your done ???? What the heck was that? Wow. I guess I'm cured?

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JeanieBean Says:

taking it for a bladder infection.

i was given enough for 5 days

the doctor who prescribed it said it is meant to target ecoli, which is most often the cause of UTI's/bladder infection.

it's day 4 and i still have UTI-like symptoms (i.e. still need to pee a lot and slight burning)

side effects i felt were an upset stomach, bad headaches, and some lower back pain

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I am taking it for celluloiditis
for 10 days 5th day my lower back started to give me pain,I didnt know whether to continue it or not I was also prescribed along with it Ibuprofen,which I didnt take due to there was no pain up until now.I guess it'd be a good idea to take one now.

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-p-a-i-g-e- Says:

I'm taking the Sulfamethoxazole and it's making me shaky, hot, confused and tired all the time, but i'm also having nightmares?? I've had nightmares for the past 3 nights. i've been taking the pills for about 4 days now and i just want to stop taking them because i can't sleep and i'm falling behind on my school work because i'm always tired, shaky and confused.

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David G. Says:

I'm taking this for pharyngitis and bronchitis been taking it 2 days now see no real change does this stuff even work? Only side effect i have is i'm hot all the time and kinda out of it !!! Hard to do when your a DJ this Is Not Good ! I'd rather had amoxicillin it seems to work quicker Any Suggestions Or Comments ?

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flowerrosejane Says:

What is the daily dosage for this medication?

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David Says:

Start ed taking this med yesterday, 1 twice a day for possible phlebitis. After 3rd pill I have been weak, nauseated and my esophagus fills like a furnace. Any positive reports?

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David G. Says:

Last Time I heard That The Person Found Out They Were Allergic To Sulfa Which Is The Main Ingrediaent Int Sulfamethoxazole Might Wanna Get That Checked Out

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Amber Says:

This is my second day taking it and I was prescribed to take it twice a day for 7 days. The doctor really doesn't know what is wrong with me, she gave me this medicine on a hunch of what I may have: a kidney infection. I have had more lower back and lower abdominal than before I started taking the medication. When I started to take a z-pack for a sinus infection, I began to shake, feel nauseous, and have extremely rapid heart beat with a slight rash. I don't know what these doctors are thinking and I have no idea what's happening to my body. HELP. Ugh. This is horrible.

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Jordan Armstrong Says:

I have taken Sulfamethoxazole Tmp SS Tabitp for acne for over a year now and have had no adverse side affects. It has done wonders for my acne and has brought it down to only a few bumps here and there; mostly when I skip a pill on accident.

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Bryan Says:

Jordan Armstrong ....... I am also taking the pill for acne. How long did it take for the pill to start working and clearing up the skin? I have been on it for only a day but im still curious.

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Emily Breeden Says:

I am taking sulfameth/tmp ds tab for staph infection.I started to take it on wensday, and it being now monday, I am feeling shaking in my whole body, confused and unable to focus, hot, and sick to my stomache. I also feel a lot of pressure in my nose.

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Robin Says:

I am also taking this medication for staph. On day 2, I began having vivid nightmares, confusion, inability to focus. Now, on day 5, I have started having hallucinations. It is working for the staph, however. Guess I will see what happens.

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Ebony Robinson Says:

I started taken sulfamethoxazole-tmp ds tabitp for about 20 days for acne, but on the 20th day when i woke up I had a rash that spread over 70% of my body in one hour. I now take prednisone 20mgs to clear the rash caused by the sulfamethoxazole. I can't even shower without my skin burning, and swelling ihope this goes away soon. I wonder how this accured?

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Allergic to sulfa Says:

To the person who developed a rash - you are allergic to sulfa drugs. Same thing happened to me many years ago.

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dont know much about this! Says:

i have a staph infection that i am taking sulfamethoxazole tmp for and i also have some pain...... Does anyone have any idea what i can take as far as a pain med with a sulfa antibiotic? Also would there be a chemical reaction if any?

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Murf Says:

I started taking this yesterday for a sinus infection. Today, when I'm standing, there is horrible pain in my calves, unless I move my weight from one foot to the other, providing a little relief. It's scary!

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Kat Says:

I was perscribed this for a Lyme co-infection...anyone else taking this for bartinella?

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