Medroxypr Ac 10 Mg Tab

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i'm a female and i am 28 years old,my doctor prescribed me this medication but when i read the side effects,i got scared and i don't know what to do because i'm planning on having kids,please help me

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Domonique Says:

I am trying to have kids as well. I have not yet started taking this medicine but I hope it will help in the areas where is it need but don't stop my goals of a family with my dear husband. I am praying for the both of us.

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Verwon Says:

As long as you aren't using it while pregnant, you should be okay. It says not to be used during the first 4 months.

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mrodriguez Says:

I was prescribed medroxypr ac tab and it has been a week since i finished them and i still havent gotten a period. Could i be pregnant. I have gotten pregnancy tests and they are negative. my last period was on feb 09. should i get a blood test. What do i do?

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dresen Says:

i have been off my birth control for 2 months and have not had a period. I have been on the medicine for 5 days and still no period.

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Toni Nicole Says:

I have been on this in the past and am on it again now. It is used for several things but mainlu for women that do not have a period and are trying to get prego. You take it for ten days and then wait up to 2 weeks for your period to start. It is used to strip the lining of your uterus causing your period to start and your cycle to regualte once you start the clomid on days 3-7. If you guys are on this med bc of trying to get prego then you what I am talking about with the clomid.

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VickiR Says:

Hi I just started taking this medicine cause I haven't had a actual period since 07 and plus My guy and I want to kids so I really hope this works and helps me have my periods again.

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Stepahnie Says:

I was also given this and clomid so my husband and i could get pregnant. I finished my 10 days of pills a little over a week ago. I have been bleeding so bad it hurts. I have been getting large blood clots and I go thru a super tampon and pad every hour and a half. Does any one know how long this will go on? I dont think I can take much more of this.

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Kaylynn Says:

I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago when I was put on YAZ I bleed horribly for 32 days, changing pads every couple of hours. Then one day it stopped and now I've been put on Medroxypr and my doctor said it would happen again. Its been 4 days since I stopped the pills, so I'm waiting.

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nisha Says:

hi, I have been getting my periods for more than 25 days and my doctor suggested this medicine, and now it has stopped(except for some drops) can i get pregnant next month or will it cause any side effects to my baby...

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ovenaD Says:

my name is ovena, and I got married recently. I had menstrual problems right after my eighteen birthday. I'm 22 now. sometimes my period comes for this month and then comes 3 to 5 months. When it comes, it stays for 8to10days. the doctor prescribed medroxypr ac 10mg i got really scared when I read what it can do(the effects). especially because my mom died of breast cancer. There are 10 pills in the bottle. it came at the end of the month but not the next month so now I'm on sec dose

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shanee Says:

i been bleedin for 3 or 3and half m my doc told me to take this med it would help put it back in control this was my first day taken it

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rosenda Says:

i was diagnosed with endo back in may and my doctor gave me medroxypr ac 150mg and its been two months since i took the shot and i started my period three days last but am not prego and i have been on my period for three weeks now is that normal because of the shot

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Tia W Says:

I was prescribed medroxypr ac 10 mg tablets by my doctor i took them for the first 10 days of my period and i am still having vaginal bleeding please explain why is this possible

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nichole Says:

hey my name is nichole and im 23 i had my lil gilr 18 months ago and every since i got preg, i did not have a period then when they finillay came i had it for a month somtimes long then that at a time the doc said that my hormons are off and he gave me medroxypr generic for provera 10 mg and i was a heavy smoker but after he said that i could have a bigger chance of gettin a blood clot i slowed donw to like 2 a day maybe 3 im only on this for 2 weeks! could anyone help me out i am quit a bit of a hypercondract and my annizity is bad could someone help me to tell me if they think im going to get a blood clot or what would be the chance of gettin one thanks!!!

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Ann Says:

My doctor prescribed this medicine because my cycle was so heavy, because I am pre-menopausal. She said it would make my period lighter. I had the opposite to happen. I bled for 8 straight days with a very heavy flow. I had to change pads every 2 hours and experienced very large clots. I will not be taking this medicine again

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Kim Says:

My period came 4 days after I finished takin the pills for 10 days. i normally have my period for 4 days but its been a week now and I'm still bleeding :(

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susieque Says:

Wow that's a long time to go without a period. I use to skip 9 months but no kids. I want kids but have some cys on my ovaries and this medication just help me to have a period although I don't take it every month. I hope this helps you to become pregnant. Good luck

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Ericka Says:

Hi im 24 years old.My doctor prescribed this for. Me
.I bleed two weeks straight and it stopped for a week then started back the next following week.and is still on now. After I read the side effects I got scared.what should I do?

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Keharr Says:

My doc jus prescribe me with medroxypc to start my cycle. I was on depo in 2006 and only was on it for 3months and its 2011 and i never had a cycle since. and after all tha doc visits asking y i cant get pregnant, this is what my doc put me on to start my cycle. hopefully it works. Today is my first day taking it.

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melissa Says:

Hi im 28 and i only had two periods last year, the doctor told me to take medroxypr ac 10mg. I havent started it yet cause i started my period 8 days ago. I still havent stopped bleeding and i was going to start this pill but im scared of the side effects. Breast cancer runs in my family. Am i better of chancing not taking the pill?

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