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i'm a female and i am 28 years old,my doctor prescribed me this medication but when i read the side effects,i got scared and i don't know what to do because i'm planning on having kids,please help me

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meka Says:

started taking this on the 11th of March for 7 days, just started my period today, hopefully after taking the clomad my husband and I will concieve.

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Tashawn Says:

Hi this is my first time taking this my doctor gave me 12 I'm down to my last two and still no signs of my period!!! I been trying to have kids with my ex for 5 years but couldn't so he left me!!! But hey that's on him!!! I'm not giving up!!! But from what my doctor said when taking these pills around the 5th day I should see my period and yet I'm on my tenth day and still no sign do anybody knows why its not here or what to do???

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Carolinagirl965 Says:

People who refer to expecting a baby as "Prego" or "Preggars" make me want to puke. That is the most ignorant and juvenile referance to being pregnant I have ever heard. Anyone who refers to expecting a child as lightly at that has no business being pregnant or having intercourse at all.

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morgan Says:

I would go to the doctor and get a pap, and blood work done. ASAP. I haven't had mine either in 2 years and I went yesterday and they prescribed me the same thing. I'm worried to take it because of the side effects but what I don't understand is how I'm supposed to be able to get pregnant and carry a child if I can't have my period on my own without help from a medicine. I don't know...but I would go to the doctor asap.

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Angelina Says:

I just took medroxypr for my ten dayz and I'm on my 4th day and I haven't started either so I'm also waiting I have taken this before and started the very next day so I'm kinda trippen out about it this page helped

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Melanie Says:

I have bean on this Med be for .I have a littile girl that is now 18mouths old . and she is good . And I an triying agan I am 40 years old and had triyed for 15 years the Med works it takes time have fun and relax Good luck to you the best .

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Angelina Says:

Really that gives me a little hope to have anthor child see my sutuation is differnt I used to be fine I had my period every month but it took at turn after my second child and me and my husband wanted to try for #3 but been haveing problems I think it may have to do with the fact I gained a lot of weight to but I just finish my first month of medroxypr and had my period for a week and I feel better :)

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Melanie Says:

I am a plus size woman Dont let bing biger get in the way of a famliy I have allwes had mix up P and plamed that on may wait . And that was not the problam at all I wish you the best . have fun that is the key to haveing a baby not a job good luke have fun.

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Christina Says:

I have taken this pill many times. I didnt have a period for almost2 years and I was put on this pill. After the 5days of taking it no period came but a week later it came. I have been trying to get pregnant and without this pill I have no period. Hang in and your "p" will start. Good Luck to all.

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Jessi Says:

lol its just a slang term dont have to be so anal.... Its childish and juvenille that your sooooo upset because of a slang term.... maybe one should look in the mirror and see who the childish one is..

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Kla Says:

I'm 17 Yrs Old my dr gave me these pills to regulate my perido but I had sex while I was taking them....will the still work the way they suppose to?

Plz Help!!!

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Steph Says:

I was on the medication for 10 days and got my
Period (after not having one for almost 7 months) about 5 days after I finished the first round. Just have to be patient :-)

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ilj58 Says:

im having the same problem. i havent had a period since febuary 7th. im only 19. they said my ovulation was off. so they gave me medroxypro 10mg to take once a day for only five days. on my bottle and papers it says to become pregnant wait atleast two months. i askd my doctor and she said it is only to confirm that i will ovulate correctly. i hope this helps you.

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Diana Says:

Well the doctor had told me that since you haven't had your periods in such a long while it will bleed a lot due to the lining that is built up and this pull gets rid of ask the old stuff and makes it better for the egg to attach.

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juicy 83 Says:

This is my first time taking the meds. I have three kids and got my tubes tied almost two years ago. My period had not been the same since and now I have been on for two Weeks. My doctor have me this saying it will stop my period but i hear all of you take it to start. Now I'm confused as to what the pills does. Please explain if you can

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juicy 83 Says:

Lol sorry for the errors but I used Swype on my phone and didn't pre read my message but you all know what I mean

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mechi Says:

This oily s used to bring down your period.

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beauty30 Says:

I'm 30 and going thru the same thing now and wondering the same thing

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Shavonne Says:

Hello everyone i have been on Medroxyprogesterone10mg for about a month my dr told me to take them for 14 days every month i had a period back in feb the 16th but it was a brown period and ever since i got off the depo shot its been all out of wack my periods use to be every 28 days not they are every 35 days but for some reason i started taking this medication and at first only had spotting and after that i have nothing im already 6 days late i have taken pregnancy test but all come back negative. i thought or to my understanding this medication was regulate your cycle im so confused cause i myself is ttc.

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mr right Says:

I been on my cycle like three weeks maybe four I went to the doctor tried birth control that didn't work so I went to the doctor again and was given medroxypr ac 10mg I been breaking into clots lately when will I stop bleeding

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