Medroxypr Ac 10mg And Bleeding A Lot

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I am taking Medroxypr AC 10mg. I have a thick line in the uterus, but lately I have had stomach cramps and lots of bleeding. Could it be from Medroxypr AC 10mg?

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Sadie Bruce Says:

what is medroxpr ac 10 used for 14 a day for 3 months

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susieque Says:

I started taking the medication last year because I don't have a regular period and yes it makes me have a heavy period but I have not had any side effect from it.

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farmgirl Says:

Starting taking this on 15th day of cycle...for perimentalpause.....have been getting it every two I still start on day 15 if I have a period that day...counting forward from last one...

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Verwon Says:

To everyone taking this medication for various reasons, unless you're pregnant, you should consider using the natural bio-identical hormone supplements that are available over the counter.

They are generally much safer and risk far fewer side effects and complications than these synthetic ones do.

Additionally, the tend to help lessen the period flow and normalize it again, in perimenopausal women.

Of course you should check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to do so and if you're pregnant, you should definitely use what your doctor has told you to use.

Are there any comments or questions?

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Sylvie Says:

I am 46 yrs old and have heavy bleeding .I had my periid for 7 weeks and I was taking tranexemic acid .I stop bleeding for 10 days but now again I have very bad bleeding with big clots.Went to the dr and prescribed me again tranexemic acid and medroxyprogest 40 mg for 7 days and 20 mg for another 7 days.I am afraid to combine these 2 medication together.I would like to know if it's safe to do that also I find that 40 mg of medroxyprogest is very high.I want to take 20 mg of medroxyprogest instead .

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