Medroxypr Ac Tab 10mg

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Given this medicine to help start period. Hasn't worked in the past seven days
now what

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Dana Says:

want to know any info re this drug before taking it

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Shantay Walker Says:

I got my tubes tied a year ago and since this my menstural flow has increased greatly. My doctor prescribed the generis version of provera but it seem to me that it is used to start the cycle not lessen it??

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Crystal Says:

In females, the most common uses of Medroxyprogesterone (brand name Provera) are as an oral or depot-injected contraceptive and also as the progestin component of menopausal hormone replacement therapy. Medroxyprogesterone is also used as a treatment for endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea.

In females, the most common side effects are acne, changes in menstrual flow, and drowsiness. In males, Medroxyprogesterone can reduce sex drive. Medroxyprogesterone can cause birth defects and should not be used by pregnant women. Medroxyprogesterone is secreted in breast milk.

To learn more click on the link below...

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cj Says:

i'm 17 my doctor precribed me Medroxyprogesterone because i don't have regular periode i've taken them for 4 days now i was only precribed to take 5 tablets should i be afraid they don't work

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norma Says:

my doctor gave it to me to stop my perido cause i have periods that last more they 2 weeks some times more

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latrica Says:

will medroxypr ac help me get pregnanat

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Muriel Manns Says:

I have been taking these pills for over three months because my doctor said I have a in-hormonial inbalance. My cycle comes and never leaves. My bottle consist of 30. I am to take them daily. I have and my bleeding slows down and maybe stop for two to three days then the bleeding returns even heavier with extremly large clots. Is this normal? What should I do?

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brendahall Says:

i use provera iam 27 never had a period and have p.o.s takeing provera is reall hurting my belly

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Angela Says:

I have been giving this medicine to stop my period and it haven't stop yet

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