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whte capsule

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Verwon Says:

This is 150mgs of Pregabalin, a generic for Lyrica.

It is an antiseizure medication that is also used to treat certain types of nerve pain.

Some of the most common side effects include: dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision and constipation.


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cindy smith Says:

what is pgn 150 used for and what are the side effects

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Karen Says:

I found this pfizer pgn 200 pills in my teens bedroom is he using this to feel high? Are they dangerous? Does the drug effect heart rhythm?

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java Says:

You FOUND in your son's room. 200 pills? Is this a minor? Were they prescribed? If he has 200 pills, it sounds to me like this is a seller more than anything else. 200 @4 a pill (I have no idea) adds up 800.00.

This does not sound right, your post. I hope you took these pills out of your sons room. If he is a user (I am assuming this is not a prescription, as you added a detailed image of the pill)

If he is using them to feel high, kids are doing scary things with pills. 200 pills is a lot, of course there is chance of accidental overdose which is an issue for all people who have legitimate pain.

Turn them into your pharmacy.

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java Says:

I would like to add OF COURSE its dangerous. How can you even ask that. I read your post again. He is a teen and you found 200 pills. You can't figure out that he is either selling or using. Either way, why are you on this site? You should have taken your son to the school counselor, taken the medications to the pharmacy or get rid of them safely. How? I don't know, don't' flush them down the toilette though, please. If you want to turn them anonymously put in a bag, add a note, leave with a pharmacy.

Get your son help if he is using, or get him help if he is selling. If he sells, and someone overdoses he will be responsible, you will be responsible, considering you posted on line.

You need to dispose of these pills. Seek treatment for your son, and maybe yourself or maybe together.

I am sorry but if you could not put two and two together. You could have called a pharmacy and asked about this pill. Yet you post on line? The person that answered the question, really should not have. ALL prescriptions are dangerous! Especially if they are NOT in your name.

I am absolutely floored by this post. WOW.

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Karen Says:

No not 200 pills. The pill said 'pfizer pgn 200' on it. there were 3 of them. Yes i took them from his room. I want to know if he is using them to feel high? When i look it up it just says what they are prescribed for and side effects. Im asking are these pills making him high like vicodin or xanax or are they a legitimate medication that a friend may have left there?

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java Says:

Look. Kids are doing scary things with pills. For instance, I heard that they are taking Tylenol out of a medication and drinking the opiate. How? I have no clue. But with youtube, basically the internet itself. These kids are doing dangerous things with pills. If it was 3, yes he is using to feel high. But is he taking? Is he insufflating? Is he using it intravenously? Is he separating? These are the dangers you need to be aware of.

If you found three, don't assume it is the first time nor the first pill. Your son needs help.

There is free help. If you have caught him in the early stages of taking medications he is getting on the street, great. There is hope he is not addicted. If this has been going on for a long while, then you are going to need help to get him help.

Some medications, if your addicted have VERY SERIOUS side affects if you stop cold turkey. Seizures for one. You would not know, if your son was having a epilepsy attack or if he was having a seizure from not getting what he's on, or by doing something incredibly stupid with these pills.

The hospital will not know how to treat, will assume the same.

You really need to take action. I would not get into a screaming yelling match. I would approach this topic very gingerly because you don't know how deep he is in at this point.

You do need to approach him. If he flips out and tries to fight you to get his stash back could be dangerous for you if he is going into withdrawals.

Call the pharmacy. Since you took these pills today. Call the pharmacy and ask them what YOU should WATCH for in case he is addicted.

Then tomorrow, find help. Today, call the pharmacy, talk to your son, calmly. Then seek help together...

I wish the very best of luck, sometimes like I. You will lose contact with your son due to the problem. I had blinders on for years. Although my son, was hit head on by a car, he needed meds. Then it turned to something else. He has accidently overdosed twice. I just hope someone is always there. If it happens again to him. I cut him out. He is 30. A father. Addicted. Just when he was going to college, he was struck by a car. It changed his life, physically forever, and for years, with pills. The shame is, he does have legitimate pain. If only he followed what the Dr. prescribed and not do what he is doing...

Good luck, it's not easy. Please don't fall for "there not mine" it's always theirs. I do wish you luck. It is heart breaking when its your child... I know.

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Karen Says:

Wow, i didnt ever even get into what i did or didn't do. I asked what would be the reason. Do not assume im clueless. I am a little floored by all your asumptions. You didnt ask and i ddnt say because that wasn't my question. We are already in therapy and he is getting help...for many reasons. Its offensive that you take so much liberty to make such or any asumptions based on such a simple question. But no one seems to know that im asking a straight forward question, NOT asking for advice

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Momz0r Says:

Hi Karen, yes the pills can make you feel euphoric. I will not rule out the use of the pills to get on a high. God bless you.

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MommyToo Says:

I will apologize for the behavior of the obviously very bored man that has done anything but help answer your question. They can be prescribed for seizures, nerve pain and other things. It is possible they were left, but of course I understand the concern. I have a son of my own and I'd be freaking out. I have been prescribed these before and if you take one, you feel good. I could only imagine how you would feel taking 2 or 3. I would assume you would feel pretty high. Anyway, God bless you and your family and I hope everything turns out okay.

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angel2 Says:

Wow!! First off people she did not find 200 pills!! And if y'all would of read it again she is clearly saying that she found a phzer pgn 200 pill in his room!!!! Its 200 mg not 200 pills!!!! She made a mistake!!! It was one dam pill and she was just asking a question and y'all wanna act stupid on her!!! Get y'all a life dude!!!!

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Monique Says:

Think she found 200mg not 200 pills

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Kent Says:

The pill is 200 milligrams fool!
Read the message and stop freaking this poor woman out.

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Jeannie Says:

WOW Java! The way you come off here I have to question your personal pill use. What will a pharmacist do for you? Tell you what to look for in case he is an addict? Really? You say to give them to the pharmacist rather than flush them, why? What will he do differently? You never answered Karen's question. So please if you are not going to do what your suppose to on this site don't do anything at all. Get a grip.

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Amy Says:

Wth that's ride read it before putting your 2 cent in jeez really

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Justin Says:

Re: java (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

She was just asking a question it's a shame people can't ask without being down graded

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SomePeople Says:

Re: java (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I believe she meant 200mg pills not 200 pills. Read first Dr Phil second

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