How To Inject M 30 Oxycodone

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how to inject m 30 oxycodone i did plain water & pill and got no feeling at all

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Verwon Says:

Doing this is actually very dangerous! Oxycodone is a very potent narcotic.

Not only could you end up overdosing on it, but many of these tablets also contain binders and fillers and some of these, especially in time released medications, are not meant to be broken down by the human body, but instead they are normally expelled in your waste.

If you inject them, you are putting these substances into your body in a place where your body cannot dispose of them this creates a serious potential for blockages, which can also be fatal or cause other severe health conditions.

Did you have any other questions?


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same Says:

Did u heat it?

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Pat Says:

Listen to Verwon friend..And also listen to me, a hard core drug addict..If you have never shot up..DONT and if you have STOP NOW. you are in for a world of pain and suffering.. Please believe me, I have lost cars, homes. every piece of jewelery I ever had, My dignaty. self respect, and almost my life..I started at 14 years old, and I am now 55 and I will be on methadone maintenance for as long as I live..Is that what you want for your life?? Amd don't say I wont get hooked, and never ever think you have hit bottom.. The diease of addiction will kill you because it is the only diease that tells you you arent sick. You will wind up in jail, in prison nuthouse, a 12 step program or on methadone..Drug addiction isn't fun, it is a full time job. problem is, you won't know when the party is over and the work starts until its too late..I have Hep C and will probably die from liver cancer, I have sold my body done burgleries, ran with bank robbers and killers. had an old man that beat me to a pulp almost everyday..You will do everything you swore you would never do to get a fix..You will steal from your family first, then sell off your stuff, and when thats gone, you got your body and if you are male, you will give a dirty old man a BJ..You can laugh at this, or hopefully take me seriously..My cousin was murdered over drugs in another country and another cousin is in prison for murder. We all had a blast at first..Please stop


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Linz Says:

i shot up for years. i was the definition of a dope head. anything you could put in a needle, i put in my arms, hands, legs, feet, pretty much anywhere i could poke myself. yea its fun at first. and youll never get that high any other way. but i can promise you its not worth it. thinking back, its disgraceful what i would do just to keep my self well. yea you might think being dope sick is the worst feeling in the world, well... its nothing compared to what shame you will feel after you do actually sober up and realize what youve done to family, friends, and almost anyone around you. and trust me, youll feel that guilt for the rest of your life. so go to the methadone clinic, do saboxin, find whatever you have to in order to quit, before you regret it.

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Willis Says:

Pills really aren't made to be shot up, and taking them orally is what you should be doing if you are abusing them. If you already have a needle you must have at least given heroin a shot... so stick to the h if u wanna i.v. opiates....Or go to a hospital....OR DETOX! You probably will lose anything you care about if you do this s*** for too long so don't be a dummy.......

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Frank Minio Says:

Sorry for your pain,but as a 62 year old,with a 48 year habit,I can say I have maintained my fortune and lived a good life,getting high on dope every now and then.Weak people cannot do this,but do not say EVERYONE cannot handle themselves with propriety where drug usage is an issue.Maybe this is youe excuse for your life and what YOU did,but do not paint us all with this brush

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Ron Says:

Listen to this guy he is telling the truth i am 38 and i have been shooting up for 2 years and it is a great high however its hard as hell to stop i have stopped at least 8 different times i have i quite it jail on the street and in the soboxone clinic its no fun and you will loss everything you own that is a promise!!! DON'T START PLEASE!!!! i am still fighting it everyday !!!

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meow Says:

ive been shooting up tha oc 30 babys for a week now. i can find no way to completely dilute the pill in water so its been frustrating. however tha water turns into a light blue and thats whats been f********* me up the most. ill feel super out of it n start nodding like how u feel when smoking it. {edited for safety} everyone on here doing it is still gonna look for their answers even if on a different sight. no advice will stop us so can we get tha answers we r looking for?? *anyone know how to FULLY dilute an oc30mg???

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Al Says:

Doing drugs will ruin your life. I had to go to rehab and detox from doing oxy 30s everyday for 4 years. If you want to ruin your life or hurt everyone you love the most keep doing it you WILL wind up in jail hospitals or institutions. You will be completely alone and eventuaaly get killed or kill yourself. Get help, die, or go to a f***ing na meeting.

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Cocomo Jo Says:

KEEP YOUR BS SOB STORIES TO YOURSELF! The question was "how to break it down so it can be injected" NOT whether or not you should be using drugs. So if you really want to help someone with this topic, then explain how to do it safely so someone doesn't f*** up and hurt themselves.

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meeshFL Says:


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amoresgirl Says:

WOW! I only came to this site because my 24yr old cousin is shooting the oxy 30's and out of complete curiosity I wanted to find a site to show him the reality of what it does to your body. But I found this site & WOW! Im mind blown at how many people are doing this! & one person posted that we should keep the advice off of here about NOT doing it & I understand, if your gonna do it, your gonna do it regardless. My father was an alcoholic for 35yrs (hes only 54) & I have seen him struggle so much but hes 7 months sober now. Anyways, I guess I just wanna say to please be careful what you do & what you try because you may never be able to stop! God Bless all the addicts! Addiction is a horrible demon that you will fight the rest of your lives! With that being said, PLEASE PLEASE be careful, use CLEAN needles & try to educate yourself as much as possible on the risks, dangers & the proper way to shoot up! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

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amoresgirl Says:

SO glad you didnt try it! I have tried snorting pills & even that scared me to death! & i didnt even get that much higher that much faster! If your gonna do em swallowing is the best way. But I really hope you dont do them at all! :)

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white ox Says:

can you shoot white 30mgs oxycodones one side says 114 ten theres a sreight line under tat with the other side blank ju8st giot them filled today so i know thats mwhat they are any one out there there tha knows i little bit im use two blues

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lisa Says:

how come all you people who know so much about chemicals and getting high can't spell? weird.

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Monsters II Says:

One little thing that helps in preparing your pill to be injected is {edited for safety} I have been shooting up for only 3 or 4 months, but before I started, I diligently researched the safest way to do it, and watched my friends while they shot up. Of course it's a bad thing to do, and of course those of us that do this will be judged and stereotyped, but I myself shoot up because I like the high, and I like the needle. Most people don't realize that after a certain amount of time, the addiction is half the drug and half the needle. (Not exactly HALF and HALF like that, but you get the point.) After {edited for safety} One day I will stop shooting up and get clean, but as long as I'm still on the right track and not homeless or in jail, and my bills are paid, I will continue doing my drugs. What has become frowned upon is the fact that some people don't have the same will power as myself or others like me. That's when they get desperate, dirty, and dangerous. They forget what life was like before the addiction. Once you lose sight of that, it's nothing but a long journey back to freedom, sobriety. Thank you for reading, and I hope my post has helped.

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RelytOkfas Says:

If it's a regular M 30, then all you need to do is crush it into a fine powder, and I mean FINE powder. Add about half a pull of water from the syringe and mix it very well. Use a small piece of cotton rolled between your fingers. And pull it into the rig. Then drop by drop add water to the wash, re stir it, and repeat. If you have a high tolerance, then only one won't do much besides make you not dope sick. Try doing more than one. And a little trick I learned is to snort a whole one, fix up your rig to inject it, then once the high from injecting wears off you'll still have the drip from the one you snorted.

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Memyselfandi Says:

I tried it, didn't feel anything. {edited for safety} I know I have a high tolerance but I thought I would feel something but no. wtf and btw I have 10/325 I know they are the lowest, any suggestions?

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Fletchgordy Says:

You can't shoot tylenol..omg'stop.

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