How Can I Get Subutex Not Suboxone?

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Fred Says:
I don't know how to go about this as I am shaking and can barely focus, I need help! Please. I fear that my life is going to end from my abuse of opiates. I am currently taking 250 mgs of oxycontin per day. I have a loving fiance and a stepdaughter that I want to be here for. I sit here with cold sweats, and fear going out just because I may make the fearful turn to the meds. Any and all info on how to obtain Subutex would be much appreciated. This wasn't what I wanted my life to be, and I can not let it end this way..Please help me. I am not a religious man but I pray for help as I am at my wits end with this drug.

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Verwon Says:
If you are that desperate for help, then why are you worried about being specific about the thing you use for assistance?

There are not many doctors out there that are going to give an addict Subutex. The whole reason they use Suboxone is keep you from continuing to abuse other opiates, while you are in treatment. This is how they help break the cycle.

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Kaylee Says:
im on subutex 2 8mg a day i was on it when i pregnant and after i had my son i told my dr. that suboxone gives me bad headachs and bad belly achs, he argured but he gave in, also you have to pay cash for my dr apt and many people dont have any insurance and pay for there script so what my dr. does, he'll write you a scrip for generic subutex (same thing just cheaper) because it cuts the cost of your pills in half. Tell your doc you can't afford your script anymore and ask about generics. good luck any questions let me know.

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swiss Says:
friend- getting on subutex is no alternative to oxys. you will be hook on it just the same. sorry. i am speaking from experience. most people could not believe how many mg's i was using a day. they best way to get off is go to rehab and get meds that make u feel less sick. but you will still be shaky and have a few cold sweats. not as bad though. good luck dude.

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Jackie Says:
You should try going to a doctor

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Withdrawn Says:
I must agree w/ Swiss. The best way to get off opiates of any sort is go to a clinical in-patient rehabilitation center. They give you meds to help w/ the withdraw symptoms(although not til atleast the 2nd day you've been there) and they have staff that know how to help you deal with your issue.But, if you really need to get some now Google "suboxone doctors in ***** area code, a list of Drs will appear call one make appt. show up w/ $150 cash and they should get you started

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sunshine Says:
i have been diganosed with hep c and fixing under go treament of interferon witch is loke chemo gonna make me very sick bring white blood cell counts down very low!!!!!....The drs can not figure out why my enzymes in my liver are so high cause i dont drink or do drugs i take suboxine witch i think they believe its one or the other in the suboxine that is affecting my liver the blocker....actually it has to be....does anyone have this same problem and the sub dr changed them to subtex instead and it worked????....And having hep c isnt that good enuff reason to prescribe subtex????...Plzzzzz someone answer me if they know of anything or have a friend sooo i know what to do or switch drs or whatever????

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lil rock Says:
well it does matter when u have s*** wrong with ur liver n u been on boxes so long they just dont help any more

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Chuck Says:
I can help you. Stay off the pills and gets some subutex or bupe/naltrexone .

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Mish Says:
I took subutex for almost 2 years, i was not a fan suboxone either ... and nor was it easy in the state of FL to get subutex but i told my dr that my insurance would not pay for the Subxone ... and IT WORKED! i cant say this will work for you ... & i know the hype about subutex sounds much better but really its nothing but another drug your a slave too ... hope you figure something out

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Ishmael Says:
First off - I am an ex-heroin addict myself - and my habit far exceeded 250mg of oxy/day. Hell, the day I went to rehab, right before I left, I shot 4 oxy 80s at one time, and then drove myself the 150 miles to the rehab center.

The best answer is swiss' - check into rehab, if you don't have insurance, you're cherry, Medicaid will pay for a full 28 day treatment. If you do, you may only be covered for 4 days of detox and 10 days of rehab.

Oxys are like heroin, the W/Ds take a little less than 96 hours. Check out the different places available and find one that will give you benzos (oxezapam or valium), clonidine - and some clinics will give you 3 days worth of Buprenorphine injections (24mg 1st day, 16mg 2nd, 8mg 3rd).

If you got to one of those places, you will be amazed at how easy it actually is to come off and wonder why you dreaded it for all of those years.

However, getting off really isn't the problem - staying off is - especially if you're one of those people who insists that they can do other drugs or still drink - it's just a matter of time before you return to your drug of choice.

I would suggest only getting on suboxone maintenance if AFTER you've come out of rehab and try to work a real, honest program, you find the cravings to be too great. Then it would probably be best if you went in to see an addiction specialist and talked to them about getting on buprenorphine - and I would suggest, Suboxone.

And to all those people that want subutex instead of suboxone, admit it, the only reason that you want it is because you can use it to abuse the tablets. And before you say that it's because there's a generic subutex - well, you're right, there is, but it costs MORE than brand name suboxone at almost every pharmacy in the country.

For the guy with Hep C -I had it, genotype 1a - the hardest to treat and after a year of peg-interferon and ribavirin, I've been 100% virus free for over 4 years.. I don't know about why your liver levels are so high - I wasn't on suboxone - but I don't see how the presence of naltrexone in your system would cause your liver levels to rise. I know my levels were off the chart before I started interferon - like 1100 and 700 or something like that.

Are you sure you're just not looking for a drug you can get a 'high' from' by abusing it? And if you're gonna still abuse drugs, then don't even bother being treated for the Hep C, you know you can get it again - - right?

For anyone without insurance - there is a patient assistance program, if you qualify (your household income has to be less than 250% of the poverty level of the country and you have to provide tax returns to prove it. If you are accepted - and any doctor that is qualified to script bupe's (of either kind) is allowed to have 3 patients in the program at one time. Admittance gives you FREE medication for 1 year.

What you need to do is
- Get you doctor's fax number.
- Call 888-898-4818 and request that the forms for admittance be faxed to your doctor.
- Have you doctor fill out the forms and then gather the required financial documentation and fax it to the number provided (you can either have your doctor fax it or you can do it yourself).
- You will receive determination in less than 10 days on whether or not you qualify.

Many doctors don't even know about this program, but every doctor can up to 3 patients in the program at one time.

Good luck and good bless.

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Corey Says:
If you are having any sort of withdrawal from opiates of any sort... I would be happy to inform you that i have been going to this doctor for the past 3-4 years and it has truly saved my life. I was on heroin for about 7 or 8 years and would still be had it not been for my discovery of subutex. I tried methadone (160 mgs a day) and had to go to the clinic every single day and could never go on vacations with my family or anywhere else because i was reliant on my medicine and needed it dyerly. Then one day i tried subutex and have never went back and have not relapsed but one time in the past almost four years. It truly has saved my life my family life and has made me a better person. Literally one of these pills will keep you good for at least 24-36 hours (depending). So i will pass this along as can you my doctors name is Robert Polite. His practice is called the POLITE CARE. At the corner of Morse Road and Cherry Way Drive In Gahanna (Columbus) Ohio! Also there Number is (614) 476-2273 (and this doctor is the s***... Not corrupt or just in it for the money... Genuinely trying to just help a struggling addict) Plus he helps me with my anxiety as well. He is not a quack and is best in this state... If you want to get well and be normal and functional and just "well" this is where its at. Good Luck and you will not be disappointed. Quite a drive and is a lil pricey... However think about your habit and what that costs compared to one $270 visit a month plus if u got insurance... The meds are covered. I promise you its worth it and you will never look back once you discover this true "miracle drug"!!! You will be able to be the you that you once were... Just without the Heroin/Oxys/Methadone Etc.!!!!

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Sikas Says:
Can doctor make me go back to supervised subutex8mg daily or unsupervised suboxone weekly, I am employed and find it so time consuming if not imPossible gettin out everyday

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Amans Says:
Hello I have 3 beautiful children and went thru the same thing I was possibly the last Paitent my dr was legally able to take on I'd be happy to ask him and if he cannot take u maybe hell know who can. Let me know if ur interested in maybe even just speaking to him alsO if u are pregnant or get pregnant an addiction dr can only put u on subutex because the opiate blocker in in the other is harmful to a fetus

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Ashley Says:

Thanks for all the information for all here. I hope everyone here finds the help they need to keep their lives together, if not for themselves, then for loved ones.

I am thinking about turning to Suboxone. I use to take Percs, Oxy, whatever. Now I have been taking about 20 mg of Methadone. I don't want to stay on this and know withdrawals can be horrendous from the Methadone. I started taking it to even myself out and to not waste money. It has helped, I just want to be free of it all soon.

God bless everyone.

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Ryleigh Says:
I would really like to know what you said to the Dr. you argued with? (to Kaylee) because Suboxone makes me nauseous and does not do anything to curb my cravings for roxys.. i just do subs for my daily activities then do my other stuff at night so im saving a little money but it is doing nothing to get me off pills. I want to go to the Dr. to get Subutex because the same person I used to get subs off of get prego and got Subutex instead so I tried that and it helped so much more I didn't feel sick (which btw when I do those rocys later after doing subs it does not make me sick so the blocker is not the issue I am usually going into withdraws by the next day but doing some roxy a few hours later doesn't bother me so don't say that's why I feel nauseous the blocker doesn't bother me but anyways it's like if I do enough ti stop being sick then I feel dizzy light-headed and like I'm going to puke but other withdraw symptoms gone then after the nausea subsides I feel okay for awhile until I do my pills later or just normal until later when I start feeling withdraws again then I try to do more sub and feel the same stomach issues again?) but I didn't get a buzz off the Subutex or anything (and trust me I don't shoot up or even want to mix these things not that mixing the subs did cause like I said it didn't curb my appetite or stop me at all) but it didn't make me sick and I didn't even think about roxys so if I actually go to the Dr. about this so you think I can really get Subutex instead of Suboxone because I don't want to even bother if not because I just trade withdraws for a different kind of sick. I've just always heard only prego people get Subutex and it's really disheartening and I don't know what to say I'm kind of chicken to argue with him and the withdraws cause me enough anxiety as it is.. Can someone help and I really don't want to hear any judgmental s*** about abusing them because that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid with the subs because again I just do my roxys a couple hours later and with Subutex I don't want to.. okay thanks!

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Miranda Says:
Thank You Corey. I am going to call them tommorrow. I just have been snorting percocet 30mg and they are 30 dollars a piece, and it is ruining my life. I am spending way too much money on them and it is making me struggle with my bills and as an addict to opiates I never have any energy to do anything. I want to get my life back. I have never injected thank god...but all the people I know have started to and They are not the same people anymore. They have ruined their lives. But I am going to try your doctor tomm....they are open. I have the medical card will it cover my medicine?

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Ron Says:
Im taking 750mg of methadone, no rehab or detox facility will help me, i heard subutex works, PLEASE HELP.

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paul reese Says:
i also need help with finding subutex. I am currently taking suboxone and its side effects r awful. i saw some blogs on how subutex doesnt give u the side effects like he headaches etc. If you can help me please. I also read subutex helps pain better also. I have med recs. where i have a bad back L5s1 and live in cronic pain

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Ashley Says:
I'm replying to the post about getting Subutex more specifically Buphernorine (my insurance-Humana will only cover the generic/non formulary), I'm in SD now & very worried because my family is moving to Winter Park, FL in a few months so the hubby can go to the film school there. Are the Dr.s in FL really that strict on prescribing it even if I bring my medical records & forms from my ins company stating the won't cover the Subutex or Suboxone? This is one of my biggest fears of moving to FL. Any help is greatly appreciated :-)

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willywills Says:
You can go to a doctor who carries the suboxone lincense.I went thru what you are dealing with for I had a bunch of surgeries all in all 7 of them and I hated my self and my life.So I went surfing and dived into the net I could not take it anymore it saved my life I found a doctor who came from France and she was a pioneer to this drug I was the first to receive this drug when most everyone wanted it and nobody could find it but now you are very lucky for they are everywhere and they understand your reason to want to change and now insurances may cover it so go for it it will change your life no looking back on it anymore.God bless and pls take care.

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