Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication For Valid Injury. Preferably Something In Acworth Kennesaw Marietta Or North Of Atlanta


I've been suffering from chronic back pain for years due to fractured vertebrae's a compressed disc and a herniated disc I'm simply looking for a doctor who is willing to prescribe me pain medication to help me sleep through the night because my life is been hell. I've gone without painkillers cold turkey for months I don't have an addict addictive personality however when I'm without any pain medication I can always sleep a couple hours of night I'm losing money because I cannot work and my entire well-being and lifestyle as taken a turn for the worse. If anyone could recommend me to an understanding doctor who will simply help me not forever but just in the next few months get through the worst part of my injuries so that I can sleep tonight and someone maintain a normal life I would really appreciate it please email me: {edited for privacy}

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Hello, Rob Dog! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain.

Unfortunately, there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you.

Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone? If so, that would likely be the quickest and easiest way to get the help you need.

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I'm in Woodstock, GA, I can give you a couple of names, do you have your paperwork together, (X-Rays, Mri's etc) You would without a doubt need all this. I will make a point to return to this website tomorrow morning hoping I can help you.

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I'm on tramadol for pain I live in Smyrna ga

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I would go to the ER with your info and doc papers. If you need it that quickly.

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I know it has been a long time since you made this post however I am going to send this reply in hopes that you will get this message and can help me. I live about an hour and a half from Atlanta and desperately need to find a doctor that is willing to help me with my pain medication any help would be greatly appreciated thank you Eric

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I also failed to mention in this last post that I do have all of my records which include x-rays MRIs and cat scans. I have been taking 13 30 milligram oxycodone per day for many years now but having now move to Georgia I am in need of a doctor that is willing to prescribe the same medication I have been on for years. And I have all the records to back up why I need it. Thanks for your help.

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Hello Jan I was just going to see and hope and pray that you will get this post since it has been so long since you last posted on this bored. I live in Milledgeville Georgia and I have all of my records for the last 32 years with the same doctor. Unfortunately this past October he retired leaving me in limbo trying to find someone that can help me. I have all my x-rays MRIS cat-scans excetera that show why I need the amount of medication that I take. My doctor wrote a letter of referral before he retired and it is in my file. Please help me if you can because I am having a horrible time trying to find a doctor that will help me.

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Eric I also live in Milledgeville Ga but I go to Pain Institute Of Ga or Ga pain institute in Macon I get my pain med there . In Milledgeville there is a Dr Spivey pain Dr. Maybe that will help and you will need all your records of what you took and why?

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Hello, I know this is from March but I know that Pain Solutions is great for valid injuries only of course. You will have drug panels randomly and possible pill counts too. You sign a pain contract and if you break it you can be dropped immediately and be sent to addiction specialist. Just wanted to cover the basics there :) Just look up pain management on Google. Also Dr Brownlow in Newnan was great when he was at Pain Solutions so if you are anywhere near that you could see him but I'm not sure of his rules and such. I am in Atlanta area. Sorry for your pain and I hope u get to feeling better asap!! Sending good thoughts your way. I am in a very bad situation myself and I know what it's like to legitimately need meds and be treated as a drug seeker by trusted drs. They have to do this to us due to the abusers and dealers out there. I understand it but I resent it too! Bad thoughts being sent to those people that mess things up for chronic pain patients. Maybe they will be put in our type of situation one day..though I can't REALLY wish this pain on anyone..even those who might kinda deserve it. Sorry for rambling..hope u feel better :)

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9 years of Oxycontin and my teeth are toast...not to mention the withdrawal symptoms. No more...... Look into an epidermal injection. My first year had 4. Now I get 1 per year and drug free. Wish they would have figured it out sooner. ..I wouldn't be shopping for dentures. Good luck.
Pain Sucks !!

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I would also be interested in any help you could provide me. I've been trying to find someone that's not afraid to write a pain script but most docs just won't do it. I have ALL of my records films x-rays MRIs CT scans and all files. I'm always on time with my refills I've never failed a drug panel and I just need help. I have DDD, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, FIBROMYALGIA, fusions on L4-L5 L5-S1, and now they want to fuse L3-L4 and S1-S2. I'm in constant pain and I have an incredible resistance to meds so I take a rather large dose but EVERYTHING is backed up by multiple Drs and numerous reports and paperwork.

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Hey Angel tears,
I wanted to check in and see if you by chance have seen any posts lately about a pain prescriber near Milledgeville, GA? I still have not found anyone to help me. I am with a PCP that cut my script in half and is planning on cutting it more soon. Therefore I am now desperately in search of someone that is willing to help me. Like. I said before I have ALL supporting documentation for my need for pain killers, it's just that doctors are really running scared. I need help NOW. If anyone out there reading this can help me I AM BEGGING YOU FOR HELP. There is no "QUALITY OF LIFE" when all you do is lay in bed tossing and turning and begging God to take the pain away. So please if anyone can help me PLEASE help me.

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Dr. Spivey was of no help. He wanted me to start taking Suboxone and to stop taking my Oxycodone. He didn't seem too sympathetic and was rushing in and out. I never went back to see him. I also tried Oconee Urgent Health Care and it was a joke. Dr. Richardson was my pain Dr. however I only saw him one time, on my initial visit to his office. After that I only saw his PA. Also the wait there was incredible. I have literally had an appointment for 10am and I was even 10 minutes early and I sat in that waiting room for OVER 5 1/2 hours. NO EXAGGERATION!!! And to top it off when I went to him to start with he cut my script almost in HALF of what I'd been taking for years before I moved to GA, so be warned. I honestly think HE is "all about the ??". But that's just my opinion. Anyway have you found a Dr. down here that is willing to help someone that truly needs his pain meds? I have absolutely no qualms about U/A's or pill counts. I'll jump through whatever hoops they want me to. Hopefully you can respond to this message. Good luck.

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I don't mean to sound harsh, but you really sound like a drug seeker. If I read correctly you were on TEN 30mg oxycodone a day?! That's 300mg of oxycodone which is absolutely insane and I don't know ANY Dr that would prescribe that amount! You're upset because a pain management Dr wanted to try a different drug (which I'm assuming you've never tried) and you wouldn't even try it to see how it works?? If you found a Dr willing to write you a script for half of what you were getting, five 30mg oxycodone a day, keep going there because that's the best it's going to get! You're the kind of patient who makes it hard for people like me who are willing to try anything to not be in pain because you want specific drugs and that's all you're willing to settle for. You're basically on here for almost a year now asking people to refer you to drug pushers. Well good luck because they don't exist anymore! They've all been shut down. It sounds like you were going to a pill mill wherever you came from and now you can't find one in GA. Don't you think that's for a good reason?? It surely isn't that all these doctors aren't willing to help. It's that you were on an insane amount that's been known to kill people. My advice is to find a pain management Dr who is willing to see and treat you (and if you keep going to different ones for only 1 visit and not returning cuz you didn't get the drugs you wanted eventually nobody will see you because that is drug seeking behavior) and TRY whatever they suggest! I know cancer patients that aren't getting 300mg of oxycodone a day so being weaned down I am positive you can manage on a lower dose. Good luck!

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Live in the Sandy Springs GA area and am looking for a doctor who will prescribe Fentanyl patch 25 mcg per hour for 3 days. That is what I was on previously living in AL. I have severe disc issues and am seeking a surgeon who will do the TDR. Can't get in until Jan. 2018. Any help is appreciated. I have the MRI to back up what I am saying.

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