Cymbalta 150 Off To Viibryd Pack On 10 Mg For First Weeki

Ariel Says:

I have been on effexor started the ususal dose and went up to 150 for depression and anxiety, worked at first actually on the 37.5 I was vey happy euphoric I lost 12 poounds in two weeks added plus! but then I was told to double that to 75 mg and then to 150 was doing good but my anxiety creeping up. Doctor switched me to cymbalta 60 mg first 3 days cleaned house felt good then next few days I was very short tempered and angry on the third week I went back for follow up I was starting to sleep better but was tired and kind of out of it all day but anxiety coming back worse, just went back for follow up on that and blood pressure was high so now he switched me to Viibryd started taking the first week dosage of 10 mg today is third day. I am feeling ok but today the head dizziness gettting more often and the worst is the hot flashes and sweating. Is this 10 mg too low compared to the 60 mg of cymbalta? I want to be able to not get depressed for winter and not have the anxiety is this a good medication and I don't want to be a zombie I want this one to work I don't want to be on the higher dosage like the 20 mg and then the last dosage is 40 mg. I am having a lot of nightmares all ready and this is the third day. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Ariel! How are you feeling?

Viibryd is a very good medication that has effectively helped many people, but it is normal to experience side effects for the first month or so and anytime your dosage is raised, once you're on a steady dose for a month or so, they should start to taper off and improve.

As to the ones you're experiencing, it's hard to say if it's withdrawal, new side effects, or a combination of both.

The nightmares are due to the fact that almost all antidepressants causing REM onset latency and vivid dreaming. It takes longer for you to enter the REM sleep stage and you are in it for a shorter period of time, so you may also feel more tired and fatigued for a few weeks. Other common side effects may include drowsiness, dry mouth and weight changes.

Has your blood pressure improved, since you switched?

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Ariel Says:

Hi, thank you for responding. Today my blood pressure after I worked out was 117/70!!!!! I ended calling the doctor that weekend and told him how I was feeling and he told me to take one pill of cymblata along with the new one and to do that every other day. I didnt take yesterday and today still getting small brain zaps and still breaking out with sweats, I''m gonna not take the cymbalta and tomorrow will be the last day on 10 mg and I start one week of the 20 mg of the Viibryd. I would like to stay at the lower dosage of this medication since with the other two effexor and cymbalta my anxiety will come back the higher the dosage. What is your opinion on this. Thank you :)

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Verwon Says:

That's an excellent blood pressure reading for having worked out, so I guess that answers that question.

You may get some increased anxiety, but in many cases it means the medication is actually working for you and it will ease up after about 3 to 4 weeks of taking the same dosage, once your body gets used to it.

Going up to the next dose is up to you, but it's very common for such medications to seem to worsen things, for a few weeks, then to have a sudden improvement.


How are you feeling?

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Ariel Says:

Hi, yes have had some withdrawal symtoms brain zaps, I can't believe my doctor told me to just go ahead and start Viibryd on 10 from cymbalta 60 I asked him will I have withdrawals, and boy did I I had to take one time 60 cymbalta with the 10 Viibryd worked out that day so I went a few days ok about 4 days on that day felt terrible bad headache, brain zaps, crying for no reason, very imotional, took another 60 cymbalta along with the 10 Vibryd, in the afternoon I felt heart palpatiations, which brought on my anxiety of being scared, 3 days later felt the brain zaps and this time I took half the 60 cymbalta, was ok and then yesterday I went to doctor for the feelings I have been having, he said to stay on 20 mg of the Viibrid which I had started and to take half cymbalta as needed, today I feel brain zaps but trying to get through the day and don't want to take cymbalta. Here is what I am feeling on 20 mg of Viibrid very jittery a within a half hour then I eat a 20 gram protein bar that is 220 calories but still continue to feel jittery, it gets worse by 2:00 in afternoon and when I get home after doing my workouts and errands thats when I can't stop the cravings of eating :( I have put on 8 pounds since I took cymbalta and now the viibrid :( so upset and I have like water retention in mid section and chest hands and face I also told that to my doctor and he would not give me anything for that, I am upset about this but he said this will get better as soon as I get used to medication, what is that with feeling jittery you think that will make me lose weight????!!!!!! on the plus side I felt like cleaning house upon waking that is a plus since I have not cared to clean. Oh I forgot I feel water retention on inner part of legs by my knees too!!!! I have also read that with my ADD I am not a good candidate of higher dosage of antidepressant for anxiety I don't take medication for ADDH. Please some feedback on my symptoms is this medication going to work for me????? Also I asked doctor I would like to stay at 10 mg he said that wont do anything for me 20 is best, I have been thinking of taking 10 one day and gradually add 20 every so often days what do you think, anyone???? I just want to feel happy and energetic and not hungry and want to lose my weight I work out a lot, but I don't know if my seasonal depression making me a little lazy because even yoga takes too much of effort but I still do it and I do my spin class which i love and cardio five days a week. Thanks ahead for any feedback

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